Chapter 50 – Plot

As Chen Xiang stepped onto the stage, his facial expression was completely relaxed. He was in no way anxious because of his four powerful opponents. This calm and confident attitude made others admire him.

Chen Xiang stood with the other four on stage, and even though they were twenty years old, they were still shorter, their statures were not as robust as the seventeen year old Chen Xiang’s. He actually looked more healthy and energetic compared to them!

Leng Youlan, who was in the audience, seriously watched Chen Xiang. Her cold and beautiful eyes carefully observed Chen Xiang, wanting to see through him. But it was like clouds had covered more clouds, she wasn’t even able to sense Chen Xiang breath.


The instant the signal was given, all four of the other participants rushed towards Chen Xiang extremely quickly. At the same time, they simultaneously blasted out a fist wrapped in vigorous True Qi. Everyone could clearly tell that the four fists emitted a frightening amount of True Qi, it seemed like they could even blast giant mountains into tiny rocks.

Chen Xiang simply stood still with both hands behind his back. The four fists fiercely landed on his chest, and bursted into Qi waves which lead to a gust of fierce winds. The whole tournament stage wildly shook and nearly collapsed. At this moment, everyone’s heart seemed to stop. The four fists were so frightening, and had all landed on a single target. Let alone people, even solid iron bars would easily break under such pressure.

But Chen Xiang was not an ordinary man. When the four fists struck his chest, his expression did not change in the slightest. In fact, if anything, his face was more relaxed as he stood there, which bathed the entire crowd in silence. Everyone stood dumbly like wooden chickens. Astonishment was clearly visible on every single face in the crowd.

Leng Youlan’s brow wrinkled, she was tightly watching Chen Xiang. Her mature, proud and cold face was painted with surprise. Even if she completely exhausted all of her True Qi, she could only barely resist those four fists. Yet not only did Chen Xiang not use any True Qi, he didn’t even prepare himself to defend. This was how casually he received those four blows.


Chen Xiang didn’t use True Qi because he had already entered the 8th level of the Mortal Marital Realm. Furthermore, his body was naturally a lot stronger due to the refinement in the Immortal and Devil Pool. For him, opponents in the 6th level and the 1st level of the Mortal Marital Realm were the same, their attacks were merely superficial.

Of course, out of everyone present, the most shocked were the four men who attacked Chen Xiang. As their frightening attacks struck Chen Xiang’s body, it felt like everything went down the drain. The enormous strength they had put in their strikes just quietly disappeared, making them all question their own power because of how easily the other side had resisted their combined attacks with nothing but his body.

They all openly retreated, if Chen Xiang can casually resist their simultaneous attack and not even flinch, one could only imagine his strength. It was dead certain that he was extremely powerful. Chen Xiang fully opened his eyes fully as the invisible Slaughter Qi emerged from his body. All the four men were bathed in extreme bloodlust as their whole bodies froze. It was as if they had fallen into hell at the height of it’s slaughter, and Chen Xiang was the God of Slaughter, and the four men were nothing but lambs lead to the slaughterhouse.

“Do you want get down and forfeit, or do you want me to act?” Chen Xiang voice was full of killing intent. This was truly terrifying, this Slaughter Qi resulted from him practicing the [Slaughtering Heart] from the [White Tiger Divine Exercise], which added a spiritual pressure.

Chen Xiang’s voice resounded as the four people standing immediately backed off. Under the sweep of his frightening and almost divine killing sense, their spirits had collapsed long ago. With the help of his divine sense, not a single one of them had any intention left of fighting against him.

From start to finish, Chen Xiang did not even move. He simply scared away the other four and entered into the quarter finals! This result was outside anyone’s expectations, those who had entered into the quarterfinals experienced a large amount of pressure from facing this monster, Chen Xiang. Their chances of winning just diminished greatly.

Next was to create four groups of individual one and one fights. This was also managed by the Yao Family, but the match ups had not been announced for quite sometime. Chen Xiang said nothing, in his eyes whoever he had to fight was the same. Even if the Yao Family tried to play dirty tricks, they would all amount to nothing like their attempt just now.

Chen Xiang’s next opponent turned out to be a Yao Family member. In fact, it seems like he was the brother of Yao Tianhua. His name was Yao Chong and was only of the 6th level of the Mortal Martial Realm.

This actually made Chen Xiang surprised for a moment. But he quickly guessed things were not as they seemed as he was the most clear on the Yao Family’s strength. Not to mention that the Yao Family had arranged for someone from their own family to fight, there was no doubt some form of trickery involved.

The Yao Family disciples usually either planted spirit herbs or learned alchemy techniques. From the very start, their strength was way behind others. Yao Tianhua was an exception as he could practice alchemy and have a good amount of power, however he was currently missing. The Yao Family simply did not have any other outstanding disciples.

The Yao Family mainly used their dans to attract other families and a large number of wandering martial artists to settle down under their authority.

Once again, Chen Xiang was in the last round of the day. Starting tomorrow, there would be two fights each day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Chen Xiang wasn’t concerned about anyone, so he didn’t go watch the earlier matches. He felt that the time would be better spent practicing alchemy.

Once two days had gone past, and Chen Xiang was walking towards the Yao Family after eating lunch. Although he didn’t go watch the three matches, two yesterday and one in this morning, he still learned who won. The Crown Prince and Leng Youlan both won their respective matches and would fight each other tomorrow morning.

“This match between the Crown Prince and the great general’s daughter should be very interesting. Perhaps I’ll go and watch tomorrow.” Chen Xiang made a quick mental note as he stepped on the tournament stage, waiting for Yao Chong to arrive.

As for Chen Xiang’s and Yao Chong’s fight, everyone thought that Chen Xiang would easily win. However, they were uncertain why the Yao Family would allow Chen Xiang to face Yao Chong, it was like sending him to do a thankless and pointless job.

“You display of strength clearly shows your worth as someone who defeated Tianhua. I hope Brother Chen will show some leniency.” Yao Chong approached Chen Xiang and said with a smile.

Yao Chen and Yao Tianhua looked somewhat similar. A sliver of pride could be easily seen on either of their faces, but it seemed more subdued on Yao Chen’s.

Chen Xiang did not actually care about this Yao Family junior or his courtesy. Chen Xiang smiled and said “Then we can compare notes on our martial arts.”

The two quickly separated from each other.


The instant the signal was given, Chen Xiang saw a hint of ruthlessness and cunningness appear in Yao Chong’s eyes. Chen Xiang was slightly surprised in his heart, but knew that there was some dirty trickery ahead. Yao Chong took the initiative as he leapt towards Chen Xiang. Both of Yao Chong’s fists were cloaked in hot flames, surging with a vigorous and scorching hot True Qi.

Watching the punch come towards him, Chen Xiang immediately moved to dodge. But in that instant, his whole body suddenly became slax, and he was unable to put forth even a tiny bit of strength. He was even unable to move his True Qi which made his heart jump with shock.

Yao Chong’s face suddenly turned ferocious as he said in a heavy voice, “Chen Xiang, you are finished.” Both of his flaming fists landed on Chen Xiang’s body, madly striking him. In just a blink of an eye, his chest and head have all been smashed by those violent fists.

“This bastard, he’s actually at the 7th level of the Mortal Martial Realm!” Chen Xiang had not expected that Yao Chong had hidden his strength so deeply. Yet what Chen Xiang was most angry about was the despicable trick that Yao Chong has used that resulted in Chen Xiang’s body turning weak and made him unable to mobilize his True Qi.

Unfortunately, Chen Xiang’s body could be considered tougher than stone. Despite being struck by a 7th Mortal Martial Realm expert with no defense, he was still not seriously injured which scared the living daylights out of Yao Chong.

“When you were talking to me, you released an odorless and colorless poison from you mouth, paralyzing my meridians so that I can’t move my True Qi right?” Chen Xiang whispered, as his clear and calm eyes looked straight at Yao Chong.

Yao Chong did not expect for his opponent to find out what method used so soon, but did not confirm or deny Chen Xiang’s statement, instead he attempted to strike him with even more ferocity and madness.


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