Chapter 51 – Bloody Methods

From the start of the match, Chen Xiang fell under the wind. It was out of everyone’s expectations that Yao Chong’s true strength was at the 7th level of the Mortal Martial Realm which surprised all of them. Now they all understood why the Yao Family had matched up Yao Chong against Chen Xiang.

“Chen Xiang, are you only this strong? I’m very disappointed!” Leng Youlan stood nearby hugging her bosom, her cold eyes filled with disappointment. At this time, Chen Xiang was already pushed to the edge of the stage and was going to be hit again by Yao Chong.

The Yao Family’s methods were very clever and even caught Chen Xiang off guard. The Yao Family considered nearly everything, but didn’t know about the invisible ring on Chen Xiang’s finger, or the two peerless beauties inside it. One of which, was a grand master of alchemy.

“This is a strong poisonous gas that has a strong attribute of paralysis, but after the refinement of your body in the Immortal and Devil Pool, your meridians are extremely tough. You only need to operate the [Tai Chi Divine Exercise] and let the Tai Chi Diagram in your dantian rotate and the poisonous gas will be refined.” Su Meiyao said.

Operating the [Tai Chi Divine Exercise] at once, the Spirit Qi all around Chen Xiang madly rushed into his body. Surging into the meridians along with the paralysis poisonous gas, they both flowed into his dantian and was refined by the five element True Qi inside.

Yao Chong originally wanted to seriously wound Chen Xiang and then toss him off the stage, but no matter what Yao Chong did, Chen Xiang’s eyes were filled with a deadly killing intent. Nothing close to resembling humanity could be seen in his eyes.

Chen Xiang was already able to move. Meanwhile, without knowing this, the crowd was watching as Yao Chong pulled out a short knife that was shrouded in a cold aura, heading straight for Chen Xiang’s chest!

[TLN: The actual translation for the short knife was Snickersnee, which looked like this]

“Go die!” Yao Chong shouted.

Everyone was shocked as the whole field bursted into commotion. One could hear curses being shouted one after another.

Just as Yao Chong’s short knife was about to pierce his opponents chest, Chen Xiang, who had not moved until now, suddenly stirred. Every single bone in Chen Xiang’s body was ringing, emitting a “crackling” sound. He stretched out his left hand and grabbed the edge of the short knife between his two fingers. Then viciously pinched the weapon turning it into small shards.

“BASTARD! First you paralyze me with underhanded poisonous gas, and now you want to kill me so desperately. You Yao Family scum are ruthless!” Chen Xiang cursed extremely angrily. Violent azure aura surged into both of his hands, filling to the brim with a lighting aura True Qi, which was extremely scary.

“ GO DIE!” Chen Xiang shouted angrily as both of his fists shot forward like two violent storms, striking directly on Yao Chong’s body. In just a blink of an eye, a rain of fists containing violent lighting Qi pounded Yao Chong’s body.

Yao Chong could only emit a series of pitiful screams as the Yao Family members in the audiences quickly leapt towards the stage. After seeing this, Chen Xiang’s palm suddenly transformed into a huge Azure Dragon Claw. Azure True Qi was valiantly soaring from the dragon claw and swiftly pierced through Yao Chong body as blood soon sprayed out like a neverending fountain.

The instant Yao Chong was hit by the Azure Dragon Claw, True Qi easily pierced into his fragile body and left five gaping holes. He fell like a rag doll onto the ground but was still not dead yet.

“Chen Xiang stop!” A Yao Family Elder blasted a fist towards Chen Xiang, who easily side stepped it. A sudden burst of True Qi flashing with lightning aura could be seen on Chen Xiang’s legs. Fiercely lifting his leg up, he spun like he was wielding a giant axe wrapped in azure lighting and sent a devastating chop towards Yao Chong’s waist.

“Stop—-” That Yao Family Elder roared again, but Yao Chong had already been split in two by Chen Xiang’s violent spinning kick. Yao Chong died instantly on the stage, the sight was extremely bloody and disgusting, while everyone watching suddenly had shivers running down their spines.

The whole wide field was dead silent, the only noise that could be heard was a large group of people gulping. Chen Xiang’s action made everyone astonished. Someone had actually, right in front of the Yao Family Gate, in front of an Yao Family Elder, beheaded one of the Yao Family’s esteemed juniors. Not only that, but he had also done so in such a bloody and gruesome fashion.

“When he was trying to kill me, why didn’t you try to stop him? If he tries to kill me, what in the world made you think I wouldn’t kill him? Moreover, I still followed the rules imposed.” Chen Xiang’s voice was freezing yet fully of fiery anger. If he wasn’t able to disperse the poisonous gas in time, he would have been killed.

Just a moment ago, Yao Chong tried to stab Chen Xiang with a short knife. Everybody saw this clear violation of the rules. As such, Chen Xiang violating the rule of no killing did not mean anything.

“Do you want to fight me?” Chen Xiang looked coldly at that Yao Family Elder as Slaughter Qi soared out from his whole body.

The Yao Family Elder saw the split in half body lying on the ground, still dripping with blood. His old face was full of anger, with a gaze that was also filled with killing intent. At this time, several other Yao Family Elders arrived.

“Ha Ha Ha….. So funny, The Yao Family Brat decided to go against the rules to try and kill someone, but still couldn’t do anything. Instead he was butchered and now, you old Yao Family men are looking for revenge?” One extremely bold individual stood up and suddenly started laughing loudly and openly mocking the Yao Family.

It was extremely loud and open. The ridicule from an audience member made those Yao Family Elders complexions extremely ugly. They really hated Chen Xiang so they had arranged Yao Chong to fight against Chen Xiang. They allowed Yao Chong to take the antidote before he filled his mouth with the poisonous gas, and they Yao Chong spoke with Chen Xiang. This way, Chen Xian was poisoned.

But despite all this, the Yao Family underestimated Chen Xiang’s strength. Yao Chong wasn’t able to seriously injure Chen Xiang, but Yao Chong did not want to waste this golden opportunity. So he took out a short knife and tried to stab Chen Xiang. In Yao Chong’s opinion, the Yao Family was extremely powerful in the Southern Martial Empire and would be able to easily sweep this matter under the rug, additionally, he would have killed Chen Xiang.

“Chen Xiang. We, the Yao Family, will not let you off!” One Elder vengefully stated, his voice full of resentment.

Chen Xiang sneered at him and said “The dignified Yao Family has actually declined to such a point. Don’t worry, I will not let off your Yao Family either.

Chen Xiang walked down the tournament stage. The Yao Family Elder didn’t dare resort to violence because if he did so, the Yao Family would be ridiculed in the entire Southern Martial Empire. Although this King City Martial Art Tournament was managed by the Yao Family, they still had to follow the rules. Yao Chong had violated the rules first, so Chen Xiang killing Yao Chong is a matter of course, even if the rules had stated against it.

The Yao Family wanted to stop Chen Xiang from leaving. They were reluctant to give way, but they all had a really good understanding of Yao Chong’s strength. If Chen Xiang had easily executed Yao Chong in such a way, it was certain that Chen Xiang was, at the very least, encroaching the 8th level of the Mortal Martial Realm strength!

“Chen Xiang, don’t be so proud. Yao Chong’s teacher will soon come and deal with you.” One of the Elders coldly snorted before giving way and sending orders to clean up the tournament stage.

Both of the participants were thought to be at the 7th level of the Mortal Martial Realm. Yet Yao Chong was so vulnerable in front of Chen Xiang. Beforehand, Yao Chong had madly attacked Chen Xiang with all his might, yet failed to cause any harm to Chen Xiang. It was visible to anyone that Chen Xiang’s strength was extraordinary. He was definitely not an ordinary martial artist in the 7th level of the Mortal Martial Realm.

Leng Youlan’s beautiful curved eyebrows slightly knitted together. Watching Chen Xiang’s back, she nibbled on her rosy red lips. She was also in the 7th level of the Mortal Martial Realm, but the True Qi she could cast out wasn’t nearly as tough as Chen Xiang’s. In both making True Qi erupt instantly or transforming it into a Qi Aura attack, it was extremely difficult to achieve it in such a arbitrary way. Even she could just barely do so.

The grudge and hatred between Chen Xiang and the Yao Family deepened again. Moreover, this time, the other major forces were also tangled in it. This was because the relationship between them and the Yao Family was very good. Now that the war between the two were inevitable, they were unsettled. This was because if the Yao Family lost the battle, then the Chen Family would have annexed the Yao Family, firmly grasping all of their properties. Plus, the Chen Family was now also one of the strongest dan forces. If these families helped the Yao Family, they would only suffer a loss.


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