Chapter 53 – Vicious Hidden Weapon

On one side, above the tournament stage, a handsome man wearing a golden huafu stood. While on the other side, a mature girl wearing black tights that sketched out her charming and hot figure. Although she was only a young girl, she was already peerless beauty and had remarkable grace. Furthermore, she had beautiful yet bizarre white hairs, nonetheless she was very attractive.

As Chen Xiang watched, he fell into disbelief. In the eyes of the Crown Prince, Song Nanming, pure unhidden resentment could be seen. Chen Xiang was sure that there must be some deep grudge between the two.

“Have you heard? This Crown Prince once proposed to Leng Youlan but she actually refused. Furthermore the Crown Prince then tried to take liberties with her and was slapped as a result” A man said.

“I also heard that Leng Youlan kicked him in between his legs, wasting him. Later, he had to spend a large amount of spirit coins to buy an extremely good spirit herb.” Laughed a middle-aged man.

“Hahaha, this is definitely going to be fun to watch.”

Chen Xiang didn’t expect Leng Youlan had such courage to deal with Song Naming in such a peculiar way. As the contest started, Leng Youlan once again transformed into a black shadow, treading above the stage. After all, this excellent Qing Gong was her speciality. She was moving in hyper speed above the tournament stage, from time to time sending a slap or a kick towards Song Naming. Each time he either dodged or parried her attack.

Song Nanming’s strength was also quite good, but still it was a bit lacking compared to Leng Youlan’s. After all, she had the Fire and Ice Dual Vein, and was able to fuse fire True Qi together with ice, resulting in a powerful and strange fusion of True Qi.

Although Song Nanming was able to parry her attacks, the True Qi had a considerable effect on him, making his body feel as if it was sometimes hot and others cold. Additionally, he wasn’t able to hit Leng Youlan because she was moving too quickly.

“Certainly Leng Youlan doesn’t just have good martial skills, she only has this Qing Gong for high-speed movement.” Su Mei Yao said. “Because of her fire and ice True Qi, only a few martial skills are suitable for her. As such, she can only battle this way. In the end, she doesn’t get hit by any attack, not even allowing an opportunity for the opponent to touch her. This girl is fairly clever.”

What Chen Xiang cultivated was a multiple type True Qi, and was also able to direct single or multiple attributes of True Qi at the same time. However Leng Youlan couldn’t, she could only use the fusion of fire and ice True Qi. Only a few martial art skills utilize both Qis at the same time, this was very troubling for Leng Youlan. Although her True Qi was terrifying, she lacked a truly suitable martial skill to demonstrate her full power.

Song Nanming was still unable to hit Leng Youlan and could not help but grow irritated. He knew that if things were to continue unchanged, he would definitely lose.

At this moment, Chen Xiang saw faint flashes of light suddenly flicker above the contest stage. His eyesight was extremely good, he could even see the ant’s leg on the tournament stage. What he saw was a few nearly transparent needles that were protruding from Song Naming’s sleeves.

“Ice Needles!”

Chen Xiang silently cursed at Song Naming. Soon, he heard Leng Youlan’s cold and beautiful shout. He saw that she was suddenly covering her abdomen, staring at Song Naming with a face full of anger.

Song Nanming only grinned in response and in a single step, arrived in front of Leng Youlan. Emitting True Qi from his legs, he fiercely kicked Leng Youlan’s covered abdomen. The violent and powerful kick struck firmly on her body.

Leng Youlan screamed as she flew off the tournament stage, to everyone’s surprise she managed to steadily stop herself. But her hands covering her abdomen were soaked with blood.

“You… You despicable fellow!” Leng Youlan bit her lips, her eyes were filled with resentment and hate towards Song Nanming who was still on the tournament stage.

“You are merely incompetent, yet you dare call me despicable?” Song Nanming sneered.

Leng Youlan removed her palm, her abdomen was still bleeding but there was nothing to see, she could only feel a trace of coldness. She quickly guessed it was due to an ice needle, but it had already melted.

Chen Xiang arrived beside her as he took out some herbal powder and a Dispelling Poison Dan. Speaking in a serious tone he said “Be careful, Ice Needles are often poisonous.”

Leng Youlan looked at the objects in Chen Xiang hands and could not help but be surprised. She nibbled her lips and whispered: “Thank You!”

“Don’t worry. I’ll make him pay for what he did to you.” Chen Xiang slightly smiled towards her.

Leng Youlan sighed and said “My hopes for entering a martial sect is now shattered. Many thanks Young Master Chen for giving me these dans.”

Chen Xiang understood that in order to learn appropriate martial skills, Leng Youlan had to enter a sect and search, but now she had lost that opportunity.

“Brat, give her the Metal Spirit Fruit and make her go to the Extreme Martial Sect. She has the rare Ice and Fire Dual Vein, the Extreme Martial Sect will eagerly accept her.” Su Mei Yao said.

Chen Xiang was surprised to hear this while looking at Leng Youlan’s slightly angry face.

“Tell her that if the Extreme Martial Sect does not accept her, she could give the Metal Spirit Fruit in exchange for an assessment.” This time it was Bai Youyou’s voice. They were all girls and Leng Youlan is a good seedling, they would naturally want her to have good achievements in the future.

Chen Xiang whispered “Miss Leng, this poison contained within the Ice Needles may be serious. Could you accompany me to the Dan King Hall for further examination?”

Song Nanming, who was on the tournament stage, he grounded his teeth as he watched Chen Xiang and Leng Youlan interact . Song Nanming could not hear what Chen Xiang said, but he hated the fact that the two were talking to each other.

Chen Xiang and Leng Youlan acted fairly nice towards each other. One is a prestigious and talented teenager while the other was a 7th level Mortal Martial Realm beauty, mutual admiration was a normal thing to occur.

Leng Youlan nodded her head and left with Chen Xiang. She was also worried about the poison in the Ice Needles as she could possibly die from it.

On the third floor of the Dan King Hall, Meng Bo’s face was full of anger declaring “Very good ruthless poison. This thing could remain hidden in someone’s body for a very long time. The majority of this poison could even remain inside an individual for several months, possibly even after a year!”

“Little girl, don’t worry too much. Although this position is formidable, once it’s found it’s actually quite simple to remove.” Meng Bo chuckled and pulled out a dan. “This is a High-Grade Mortal Level Dan, the Cleansing Core Dan, it can easily detoxify this poison.”

When Leng Youlan found out that Song Nanming had used such deceitful and devious means to deal with her after the competition, her face was full of hatred.

She looked at the dan in Meng Bo’s hand and asked in a low voice “How many spirit coins?”

“Just eat it, there is no need to pay.” Chen Xiang then took the dan and handed it to her.

Meng Bo chuckled as he left on his own cognisance.

Leng Youlan had a complex expression that could be seen in her eyes as she looked at Chen Xiang. “Why are you helping me?” Although she had brought up the matter, she guessed that Chen Xiang might have been attracted to her beautiful face. But she also knew that Chen Xiang had a fiancee, one who was currently away in one of those martial sects. A very talented and beautiful girl.

Chen Xiang laughed and said, “No big reason, I just wanted to become friends.”

Leng Youlan swallowed the dan and then smiled towards Chen Xiang, it was similar to a peony flower blossoming. Chen Xiang could not help but stare at her.

“I never thought that I would become friends with you, a genius alchemist. It’s my pleasure to be friends with you.” Leng Youlan’s complexion became much better as she softly said “Many thanks Young Master Chen.”

Chen Xiang shook his head in response and said “Don’t mention it. Here, this is a Metal Spirit Fruit, keep it.

Although Leng Youlan was not proficient in herbs, even she had heard about the Metal Spirit Fruit. She also knew that it was this fruit that the Dan King Hall had used to recruit alchemists, but had not expected Chen Xiang to give one to her.


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