Chapter 55 – Dragon Martial Technique

The weather was sunny in the mornings, as usual King City was very lively. Many people learned that there was only the final round left of the King City Martial Art Tournament. However, even after that, there was one more hurdle to pass. One of the martial art sect’s disciple was also going to compete. Only after winning against that disciple, could someone be considered the victor of the entire tournament.

Hearing this new piece of information, Chen Xiang secretly cursed in his heart. He guessed that it must have been because of Chen Furong. He must have disappeared from King City to recruit someone for this specific purpose, just so that Chen Xiang could not be considered the true winner of the King City Martial Art Tournament.

“Rest assured, it is impossible for an Inner Disciple to participate, they don’t have that much spare time. If I have to guess, it will probably be a relatively strong Outer Sect Disciple. Most likely it will be someone around the 8th level of Mortal Martial Realm.” Su Mei Yao said. She and Bai Youyou were very clear about the inner proceedings of sects.

“That’s good, I hope that they are not too disappointing.” Chen Xiang’s fighting spirit soared in his heart.

At the Yao Family’s main entrance, tens of thousands of people had already gathered. This was the finals of the tournament, besides, it was the competition between two young juniors, both of which very prestigious and strong young men.

Among the crowd, Chen Tianhu, Chen Yihan, Chen Haohai and others had already hidden themselves. They each commanded fifty Chen Family Elite Juniors. As soon as there was any sign of trouble, they were ready to take action.

As Chen Xiang came over to the middle of the tournament stage, the crowd suddenly burst into an uproar.

“Surprisingly, he actually dared to come! I heard that the Yao Family will take him away right after he wins the finals.” One man said with a surprise.

“It is said that he has something to do with the disappearance of the Yao Family Elder and their young genius! The Yao Family will probably pin that crime on him as an excuse to deal with him.” Another middle-aged man said.

“He already has so much courage at such young age. Two days before, he faced the Yao Family Elders after massacring Yao Chong! Chen Xiang’s strength is also good and he also dares to fearlessly threaten others regardless of their background.” One teenager said full of envy.

“Of course, in this world, strength has always have been revered! As long you have strength, you can have everything!”


Listening to the arguments and conversations from the audience, Chen Xiang knew that the Yao Family had deliberately released some information. This gave off the message that they were prepared to deal with the Chen Family, which also signified the start of the war between the two families. This was a very common method, other forces would often release such information to warn and threaten their opponents.

Not far away from the tournament stage, there was a tower. On the top of that tower, there were many luxuriously dressed people residing in a room. Many maids and guards were present around them, from this alone, one could tell that their status was definitely out of the ordinary.

“The Southern Martial Empire’s Emperor is also watching the finals. I heard he is here to boost the morale of his son, and that he has also bought many Imperial Palace Experts. In fact, even all of the Imperial Concubines have come here to watch the finals!”

Chen Xiang’s eyesight was very formidable. Among the people seated in the tower he could see a person wearing the dragon robe *. He had a majestic expression, that middle-aged man with the extraordinary bearing was no doubt the Emperor of the Southern Martial Empire.

For the common populace, the Imperial Power was way above them. But for the powerful families, they were simply not worth mentioning. In the eyes of those families, the Emperor was just someone who manages the Empire, so that it can develop in an orderly fashion. There was not any kind of disarray among the populace, so these families could smoothly gain benefits from the common masses.

The Crown Prince arrived as he flew from that distant tower. He was wearing a fiery red and magnificent dress, displaying the elegant Qing Gong skill he had. Softly, he landed on the tournament stage, his arrival alone caused many girls present to scream out.

Chen Xiang was secretly belittling him in his heart, thinking “Look at you, seeming so imposing. Just wait, I will beat you so hard that even your father, the Emperor, will not recognize you afterwards.”

Song Nanming looked at Chen Xiang with disdain in his eyes, and calmly said, “If you want to relieve yourself from physical suffering, there is still some time.”

Song Nanming knew how strong Chen Xiang was, but Song Nanming was also very confident about his victory.

Chen Xiang, looking at that arrogant and sinister face of Song Nanming, guessed that he definitely had another despicable trick up his sleeve. This time, Chen Xiang was cautious and ready, otherwise he would be on the back foot again.

“Rest assured, I’m very thick skinned. I’m afraid your hand will hurt if you hit me.” Chen Xiang replied, it sounded sarcastic, but what he said was the truth.

“Humph, you don’t know the immensity of the heavens!” Song Nanming coldly snorted. He intentionally raised his voice, making it so that everyone on the whole field could hear it.

Seeing Song Nanming putting on a high and mighty act, Chen Xiang secretly smiled in his heart. If you don’t have necessary strength, everything said and done was all completely useless.

“Start! If someone violates the rules, you can already figure out the consequences!” One old-man wearing a gray robe shouted. He was not a member of the Yao Family but rather one of oldest martial artists. It is said that he was the descendant of the founder of the Martial Art Tournament


Song Nanming had already violated the rules before, but there was no evidence, so Chen Xiang could not do anything or point it out.

At the start, Song Nanming faced the audience as he took off his golden red dress. Inside, he was wearing golden tights, and golden boots. It looked as if a wealthy nobleman had appeared on stage.

“Today, I’ll show you a bit of the martial skills from our Southern Martial Empire’s Imperial Family. I’ll let you experience the formidability of the [Dragon Martial Technique]!” Shouted Song Nanming. An unusual fierce breath emanated from his body, it was similar to Chen Xiang’s [Azure Dragon True Qi], but was lacking in it’s ancient and majestic imposing aura.

“[Dragon Martial Technique]!” This was one of the ancient martial techniques. Legend had it, the technique was handed down by someone who later transformed into a divine dragon. After casting it, one would gain the same imposing manner and power as a real dragon.

That said legend was certainly formidable, however, to be as formidable as dragon was very hard to believe. Watching the visible golden essence flowing in the blue veins of Song Nanming’s fists, everyone could not help but gasp! They had not expected that they would be able to witness the mystical [Dragon Martial Technique] in their lifetime.

Chen Xiang narrowed his eyes, released his powerful and invisible divine sense. He enveloped Song Nanming’s whole body, and could clearly see Song Nanming’s internal organs and was also able to observe how his True Qi was circulating. Simultaneously, Chen Xiang secretly stored the whole process in his mind, and then also made his True Qi flow in accordance with the previous method.

“I did not expect the [Dragon Martial Technique] to appear in this secular world. Make sure to remember every bit of it.” Su Mei Yao transmitted this order to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang had already learned the entire technique. At this time, Song Nanming, because of the profound method of circulating his Qi, had made all of his internal True Qi change in order to produce a stronger and more powerful force.

“[Dragon Aura Fist]!”

Song Nanming fiercely leapt into the air. As if a golden aura was shot towards Chen Xiang. Song Nanming’s fists quickly transformed which had an uncanny resemblance to the eagle claws. Constantly rumbling, one after another, Golden Qi Aura flew towards Chen Xiang. Sending shock waves in the air as they flew past, followed by burst of sonic booms one after another, as they violently struck on Chen Xiang’s chest.

After the Golden Qi Aura stuck Chen Xiang’s chest, Song Nanming soon appeared in front of Chen Xiang. Both of their fists flew towards each other, as the two moved, only explosions followed them. Fist met fist at an extremely fast pace. From afar, it appeared as if both of them had thousands of arms. In the mere blink of an eye, a few hundred punches had already been exchanged. Each filled with True Qi resulting in numerous explosions.

Song Nanming threw out Qi Aura with each fist, and also produced a Qi Explosion. As such, the huge tournament stage started shaking, while the frightening sonic booms made more and more people shudder.

But what made everyone dumbfounded was not the fact that Song Nanming had casted the [Dragon Martial Technique], but rather the fact that Chen Xiang’s fists had met evenly with Song Nanming’s blows. Furthermore, the speed of Chen Xiang’s fists were exactly the same as Song Nanming’s punches. Additionally, all of this was done with a relaxed expression on Chen Xiang’s face.

*TLN: Long Pao(龙袍) or the Dragon robe are the gowns wore by the Emperor in China. It is just a robe with a dragon or many dragons on it. If you are interested how it looks you can check it out here. All of the robe shown there are Long Pao.


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