Chapter 56 – Tit For Tat

The crowd was unable to clearly see the quick blows from Song Nanming. Each of them was covered in a very powerful Qi Aura, but Chen Xiang was able to keep up his opponent’s speed. In fact, it seemed as if he was precisely judging the end location of each blow, and then accurately retaliated with his own!

Chen Xiang was using the [Azure Dragon True Qi], violent lightning was flashing in between the two figures, rumbling as they moved from place to place. With each counter blow, a roar could be heard, each producing its own Qi Aura Storm. This was far more imposing and stronger than the so called [Dragon Aura Fist] from Song Nanming.

The site above the tournament stage was a dazzling sight to behold, it was as if two people were responsible for a giant parade of fireworks! Except, instead of countless sparks, they were deadly explosions caused from the two’s fists colliding against each other!

It was Song Nanming who had first initiated the fight, but now he was gradually retreating, yet somehow he remained dignified. Both of his fists were now numb, he could sense Chen Xiang’s vigorous True Qi from each counterattack. But it was more than that, Song Nanming had also thought that he would be able to quickly defeat Chen Xiang by casting the [Dragon Aura Fist] so Song Nanming had desperately consumed a vast amount of True Qi for the martial skill. Yet it just ended up being easily repulsed by Chen Xiang.

“This lost ancient martial skill is not something the likes of you can use. You are simply unworthy of the [Dragon Martial Technique].” Chen Xiang suddenly sneered as his blows became even more fierce. Suddenly he retreated a few steps as golden Qi started to emanate from his whole body.

On both of his fists, golden True Qi was flowing inside his meridians, similar to what happened when Song Nanming used the [Dragon Martial Technique]. But compared to the previous scene, this one seemed much more formidable.

The Golden Aura valiantly surged, reflecting even in Chen Xiang’s eyes. His hands looked like they were covered in solid gold, vaguely giving off the illusion that they had turned into vigorous and powerful eagle claws! In fact, golden scales started appearing one by one, piece by piece. Their aura valiantly surged, combining and fusing with the Slaughter Qi which made it capable of shaking people’s very soul.

The [Dragon Martial Technique] was suitable for someone who used the Metal Attributed True Qi. Chen Xiang’s Metal Attributed True Qi corresponded to the White Tiger. As his Metal Attributed True Qi carried killing intent, when he casted the [Dragon Martial Technique] his imposing manner not only combined with his threatening Slaughter Qi, but rather multiplied it’s strength! His imposing aura was not only that of slaughter and fear, but also the aura of someone who disdained the entire world! Arrogant, conceited, ignoring all world powers and influences, he stood there alone!

In that distance tower, the Emperor fiercely rose up from his throne. His eyes were wide open and a clear look of astonishment could be seen in them. Looking at Chen Xiang, the Emperor muttered, “Impossible… IMPOSSIBLE! Only we of the imperial family posses the [The Dragon Martial Technique]. How in the world would a brat like him learn it!?”

Suddenly, pure raw murderous intent appeared on the Emperor’s face. “Inside the entire Southern Martial Empire, we must never allow others to grasp the [Dragon Martial Technique]. Only we, of the imperial family, can be considered the true descendants of the dragon race!”

Chen Xiang had never thought the [Dragon Martial Technique] was profound or hard to master. After all, he simply followed and recreated the exact same things he saw in Song Nanming when he had operated his True Qi for this technique. Albeit, it was a little bit complicated, but Chen Xiang had an extremely powerful and keen divine sense. He easily perfectly memorized it and branded it onto his mind. Now that he had finally cast his new skill, an amazingly powerful aura was emitted throughout his entire body.

“You……You……How could you? Where in the world did you learn this!? Only those of us who have the dragon blood inheritance are able to learn it! A mere mortal like you…”

His words weren’t even completely finished before Chen Xiang took a step, which erupted into a loud explosion! In fact, even the tournament stage that had been made of thick wood was suddenly crushed, completely collapsing under the tyrannical might of this single step. Smoke and dust scattered in all directions, shocking the hell out of everybody watching.

This level of frightening power caused everyone close to the stage to retreat, they feared their lives would be in danger if they stayed too close.

“Hmmm, although it consumes a lot of True Qi, it’s power if equally great! Indeed, it is truly worthy of the title of a lost ancient martial skill!” Chen Xiang could not help but marvel at the strength he now possessed. He had not expected to learn this mighty martial skill, Chen Xiang had gotten a very large harvest!

Song Nanming was shocked by this, but there was also hate and envy at how Chen Xiang could display the very same [Dragon Martial Technique], yet at such a more profound and powerful level. It also gave Song Nanming insight into the techniques frightening depths, yet he simply could not reach the same level of force as Chen Xiang.

“Chen Xiang, do not blame me. Blame yourself for showing off your ability!”Song Nanming’s eyes suddenly flashed with a hint of a ferocious and ruthless aura. He fiercely waved his hand as ten very fine, and small needles penetrated the dense smoke of dust, flying straight towards Chen Xiang.

Although smoke was flying around everywhere, Chen Xiang’s divine sense was still extremely formidable. He was able to completely grasp all the movement of objects around him. Including those tiny needles that were currently flying straight at him.

As the needles flew towards Chen Xiang, he shouted as a sudden wall of fire appeared in front of him. This was alchemical True Qi fire, which was capable of refining even the most heat resistant materials that were harder than iron! Those tiny needles never stood a chance.

Those needles instantly melted when they struck that wall of fire. The fire wall also soon vanished, shortly after the smoke started to disperse as well. With that powerful and mighty Dragon Qi Aura surging in both his fists, Chen Xiang walked step by step towards Song Nanming.

“Dragon Aura Fist!” Chen Xiang coldly shouted. Both of his fists crazily smashed towards his opponent, it was as if thousands of golden meteors were raining down on Song Nanming.

Song Nanming was still in daze due to the fact that Chen Xiang could evade even those tiny hidden needles. Song Nanming didn’t even see it coming when those Dragon Aura Fists rained down him. In just the blink of an eye, his whole body had been struck hundreds of times by those hard golden fists. The sound of impact on his flesh was like a thunderbolt capable of shaking the heavens, yet also resembled fierce firecrackers that were successively bursting one after another.

Song Nanming’s whole body was attacked so fiercely and madly that every piece of his flesh, bones, and even meridians had ruptured and broken. His entire body looked liked it had been squeezed together into paste. He lay there on the ground, like a large piece of meat pie, somehow still alive. Technically, since he did not die, this brutal beating was not counted as a violation of the rules.

However, Song Nanming could be considered to be among the living dead! From where does he resemble anything like human? There only remained a putty of rotten meat!

Everyone in the field vomited, some people were even more frightened and were also shrieking while they were vomiting. That thing did not resemble the previous arrogant, handsome and terrifying Crown Prince even the slightest bit!

“You asked for it!” Chen Xiang thought that he was in the right and simply taught a very simple lesson to the arrogant Crown Prince. Originally, he simply wanted to defeat Song Nanming, but when he had attacked with those vicious needles, Chen Xiang erupted with fury and was unable to hold back his power as he exploded with eighty percent of his full strength.

“Nanming!” A roar came from the far off distance, yet it still shook the ears of the audience in the wide field. A very angry middle-aged man wearing Long Pao suddenly appeared at the side of Song Nanming, whose very condition of whether he was still alive or not was very hard to determine.

This was the Southern Martial Empire’s Emperor, Song Wu!

Everyone present on the wide field were still in a daze from the previous incident. Chen Xiang had crippled the emperor’s son, and emperor is in no way weak. Maybe a big battle would erupt soon.

“Take the Crown Prince back to the Imperial Palace!” Song Wu shouted at the two people behind him. They were the Imperial Palace Experts, who had arrived right after Song Wu. They had previously come along with him to watch the tournament, moreover they were also very strong.

Chen Xiang didn’t violate any sort of rules, and as Song Nanming’s father, he was also very well aware of the petty means Song Nanming used in the tournament. The Emperor guessed that Chen Xiang must have found out and was annoyed. In order prevent everyone here from discovering the petty tricks of Crown Prince, the Emperor made the others to take Song Nanming back to Imperial Palace, rather than sending him to the Yao Family.

The Emperor’s reputation was more important than anything else! If the general population came to learn about how the Crown Prince resorted to deceitful tricks, then the days of ruling over the Southern Martial Empire would soon come to an end. Furthermore, if this sort of thing was found out by the Yao Family, then they would use it as blackmail and threaten the Emperor into doing things he did not want to do.

Chen Xiang soon saw through the hidden reason in Song Wu’s act. Chen Xiang simply smiled and said, “Indeed you are the monarch of a country. That decision you just made, to not keep your son in the Yao Family was brilliant! Soon you will realize that the action you just took gave you a big benefit and also saved you from a larger predicament.”

Song Wu coldly snorted, “It is normal to get injured while participating in the Martial Art Tournament, but you were too heavy-handed! You better hope the Crown Prince is alright, otherwise…”

After saying his threat, Song Wu quickly sped away. The Emperor had not taken into account that Chen Xiang was responsible for this incident. Everyone let out a deep breath, at the same time they admired Song Wu’s mind.


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