Chapter 58 – Prelude Of War

Seeing Chen Xiang come towards him, moreover, not even releasing any type of breath fluctuations, Zhang Long pursed his lips and showed a contemptuous sneer.

Chen Xiang’s speed was not fast, after all he was going to attack a standing target, but upon his fist was the universal force from the fusion of Five Elements True Qis.

“[Heavenly Tiger Storm Killing Fist]!” Chen Xiang arrived in front of Zhang Long. Chen Xiang’s fists rumbled as they moved. Suddenly, above his two fists, a translucent tiger head appeared. The tiger head opened it’s big jaws and directly penetrated Zhang Long’s proud Qi aura shield, striking unhindered on his chest.

The Qi shield was broken in an instant, both Chen Furong and Zhang Long were fiercely startled in their hearts, but before either of them could react, the fist had already arrived in front of Zhang Long. Chen Xiang’s fist, which contained that mysterious power, struck flatly on Zhang Long’s chest.

As the fist landed on Zhang Long’s chest, he felt an endless amount of power madly gushing into his body and decimating every inch of his body as quickly as possible. In that very moment, he felt various kinds of pain exploding throughout his body, and then lost his consciousness, lost forever from this world.

The entire crowd was petrified like statues, but they also could not help but continuously replay the scene from just a moment ago in their minds . Chen Xiang blasted his fist, penetrating that formidable Qi shield, as it struck unhindered on Zhang Long’s chest. Instantly, a blood mist burst out from where his body used to be, exploding from within. It was like his body was a tomato that had just been ruthlessly squashed on the ground, flattened into a red mush!

Just one fist from Chen Xiang, and Zhang Long, who was in the 8th level of the Mortal Martial Realm, became meat putty! That blood mist was still floating within the wide field, drifting with the wind, intermittently exuding a fishy smell. This caused a feeling of nausea to rise within everyone’s throat. The crowd watching were shocked to their very core, this scene had forever etched itself into their minds!

Chen Xiang looked indifferent, ‘Humph’ he snorted in low voice, waving his hand and releasing his true Qi fire, burning that meat putty on the ground. Afterwards, he picked up Zhang Long’s storage pouch and threw it into his.

“I defeated the Sect disciple, now give me the True Elemental Dan!”

Chen Xiang looked coldly at Chen Furong, although he had killed Zhang Long, Chen Xiang knew in his heart that he would not be punished. In his opinion, such a proud, arrogant and supercilious guy would never be acknowledged by any of the Martial Art Sects! Not to mention the fact that Zhang Long had violated their rules and abused his powers in the regular world.

Chen Furong’s white eyebrows were madly twitching, with bloodshot eyes, he looked grim and terrifying. He was furious, he had not expected Chen Xiang to be so strong. Only one punch, and Zhang Long had exploded from within. Even for Chen Furong, this feat would be very difficult to achieve.

“I can not give it to you!” Chen Furong yelled.

“Why?” Chen Xiang coldly and forcefully asked.

“It is because you killed Yao Tianhua and also a Yao Family Elder! Due to killing members from the Martial Art Tournament managing family, you cannot be rewarded.” Chen Furong loudly shouted, sending the audience into an uproar. Previously, they had not thought Yao Tianhua was killed by Chen Xiang. Yet now, everyone did not doubt a single bit of it, because Chen Xiang’s strength explained everything.

“You have no evidence, do not speak irresponsibly!” Chen Xiang indifferently said. Considering just the relationship between him and the Yao Family, even if nothing had been revealed, the Chen and Yao Family would still go to war, it was just a matter of time.

Chen Furong sneered, “By using an ancient secret method, we have collected Yao Tianhua’s residual spirit. He told us himself, do you want to hear?”

After speaking, Chen Furong showed a palm-sized yellow paper with various patterns on it. Upon seeing it, Chen Xiang was very surprised because he knew this was a ‘Talisman”. It was a very rare, mystical and frightening thing, only a few people knew how to make such a thing.

‘Talisman Experts’, he had often heard Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou mentioning them, even those two mysterious beauties constantly longed for this vocation.

Chen Furong read a spell and poured his True Qi into the talisman. Immediately after, the pattern above the talisman suddenly lit up, and everyone heard a very terrifying voice “Chen Xiang killed us, Chen Xiang killed us!”

The voice sounded like it originated from hell, extremely terrifying and full of resentment. Hearing it, everyone felt a cold shiver running down their spines!

“What do you have to say now?” Chen Furong coldly said, he finally revealed his trump card, which can intensify the conflict between the Chen and Yao Family, urging the two families into a full scale war! As long as he helped the Yao Family eliminate the Chen Family, then the Yao Family would no doubt be very grateful to him.

With such irrefutable evidence confirming Chen Xiang killed Yao Tianhua, everyone was very shocked. Originally, a few people were still uncertain, but now that uncertainty had vanished in puff of smoke.

“Correct, I killed Yao Tianhua and that Yao family elder.” Chen Xiang calmly said, everyone admired the fact that he can be so calm even at this moment.

“WE…WE, THE YAO FAMILY WILL FIGHT WITH THE CHEN FAMILY UNTIL ONE OF US HAS BEEN EXTERMINATED!!!” A middle-aged man with a striking resemblance to Yao Tianhua jumped out and yelled.

This was the Yao Family Patriarch, Yao Hong!

“They were the ones who first tried to kill me, they even sent assassins! On that day, we of the Chen Family hosted a banquet and invited many major families. You, Yao Family wanted to create trouble, and sent various assassins to kill the other family’s children. Through this method, you wanted the other families to become hostile to our Chen family.” Chen Xiang gloomily said. Although he had no conclusive evidence, every single word he said was the truth.

“Slanderous accusations! We, the Yao Family, would never do such a thing!” Yao Hong shouted. He knew that Chen Xiang didn’t have any evidence. The Yao Family’s assassins worked very discretely and made sure to cover up their tracks.

Chen Xiang smiled coldly before his body suddenly disappeared and reappeared in front of an old man. This old man was one of the Yao Family Elders. Although this elder could feel somebody coming near him, he failed to act in time. Chen Xiang’s actions were far faster, with a single move he scatter his opponents True Qi.

“Do not come near me or I’ll kill him!” Chen Xiang said, his palm struck the head of that Yao Family Elder and stunned him.

The Yao Family Elders were the source of the Yao Family’s strength, so the Yao Family Members did not dare act rashly.

“Chen Xiang, you are definitely dead today. If you surrender yourself, I’ll make sure to leave your corpse intact.” Chen Furong threatened. However, he could not act, otherwise Chen Xiang may very well kill the Yao Family Elder and then Chen Furong would be held responsible for it.

Everyone thought that Chen Xiang grabbed the Yao Family Elder as a hostage, but it was far from the truth! He just wanted to use Bai Youyou’s strange martial skill on the Yao Family Elder, which could control the consciousness of the other party and make them speak the truth!

Chen Xiang poured his divine sense into the Yao Family Elder’s head, and operated the Qi according to that peculiar exercise. The Yao Family Elder then fell into a sluggish state.

“I ask you. Was it your Yao Family who had sent assassins to kill the major family’s children?” Chen Xiang asked.

“Yes!” That Yao Family Elder replied. Hearing the answer, Yao Hong’s complexion suddenly became very ugly as the entire field burst into clamor. Before, when they heard Chen Xiang, they didn’t believe a single bit of it. But now, when a Yao Family Elder admitted to the fact, it was very hard not to believe.

“Why?” Chen Xiang continued with his interrogation.

“Because the Chen Family forces were slowly but steadily growing, once the Chen family stepped into the dan business, it would threaten our Yao Family. So we took the advantage of major families participating in the Chen Family banquet and tried to kill those families children, making them hostile towards the Chen Family. By doing this, it will be beneficial to our Yao family.” That Yao Family Elder replied.

Chen Xiang sneered and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, the Yao Family has done many despicable things. Our Chen Family, in order for the general population to get low costing dans, founded the Dan King Hall. Yet the Yao Family vigorously tried to stop us from opening Dan King Hall. Their purpose is evidently clear, and very simple. They want to continue gaining everybody’s hard earned spirit coins, making sure you select their Yao family’s high-priced dan shop!”


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