Chapter 59 – Finally The Battle Starts

Yao Hong was furious, he shouted “Chen Xiang, in the end, what strange demonic technique did you use to control our Yao Family Elder!?”

“Chen Xiang, you killed our Yao Family’s peerless genius and now you even want to slander our Yao Family. We, the Yao Family, must eradicate your Chen Family!”

Chen Xiang coldly laughed and replied “Yao Tianhua a peerless genius? Is that why he lost to me? Also, I acted all alone. Why must you pull in my Chen Family? It seems that your Yao family is really worried about our Chen Family affecting your dan business.”

At this time, every single person in the crowd had already cursed the Yao Family multiple times. When the Dan King Hall had just been opened, it was immediately trashed before it could even do business. A lot of people knew about this, and now listening to Chen Xiang say it, they felt what the Yao Family did was truly very insidious.

“Chen Xiang, release him! You’re a martial artist, so let us fight it out fair and square!” Chen Furong had a new outlook on Chen Xiang’s strength. Even one of the Yao Family Elders was unable to resist one of Chen Xiang’s moves and was instantly held hostage.

Chen Xiang coldly said, “Chen Furong, you’re no longer a Chen Family member. You were already expelled from our Chen Family. You’re just a traitor to the Chen Family, and according to our rules, any traitor must die!”

After he finished speaking, Chen Xiang’s palm struck the Yao Family Elder’s head, which was like chipping a watermelon. It instantly got torn apart and the grey matter of his brain splashed in all directions. Watching this scene, everyone was stunned. Committing such an action, was nothing short of a declaration of war from Chen Xiang to the Yao Family!

“Humph, anyway I’ve already killed two of the Yao Family members. Scrapping one more is nothing!” Chen Xiang calmly stated.

The Yao Family was very strong, yet Chen Xiang was now standing alone in front of the Yao Family! With how Chen Xiang was acting, he was simply seeking death!

As expected, Yao Hong roared, “Surround him, I want him hacked into pieces!”

“Chen Xiang, this is what you asked for!” Chen Furong knew that he had committed a grave crime and was damned as a traitor, but he was not afraid of it. He believed in the regular world, only a few people in the Chen Family could overpower him.

Chen Xiang was suddenly surrounded by several old men. These old men were the Yao Family Elders, two of which were in the 8th level of Mortal Martial Realm. Yao Hong was also at the 8th level of Mortal Martial Realm. However, Chen Xiang was still just calmly standing there.

A lot of people on the field quickly retreated, but around three hundred or so did not move.

Yao Hong calmly gazed over these three hundred or so people, the True Qi emanating from some of those people were not weak at all, these people were not pushovers.

“Chen Tianhu!” Chen Furong recognized one of them and immediately shouted. When he saw several other experts from the 8th level of the Mortal Martial Realm, his heart could not help but beat like crazy. Before, when he went back to the Chen Family, he did not find such experts present.

“Traitor! Today is the day you die!” Chen Tianhu took out a broadsword with a tiger-head shaped hilt while walking towards Chen Xiang’s location.

The Chen Family had actually arrived at the Yao Family entrance, no one expected this, and even more so that they would bring along with three hundred people!

Nonetheless, the Yao Family Experts were now feeling a lot of pressure, because the other side had six experts in 8th level of the Mortal Martial Realm, while they only had four!

“Mister Chen, this…” Yao Hong glanced at Chen Furong. Chen Furong was in the 9th level of the Mortal Martial Realm and he was backing up the Yao Family, this was why they dared to go to war with the Chen Family.

“Leave it to me.” Chen Furong sneered and immediately floated, flying towards Chen Tianhu.

At this time, Chen Xiang suddenly disappeared from his location as he leapt fiercely up into the air, arriving in front of Chen Furong. Chen Xiang proceeded to roar, as a large amount of lightning and wind aura Azure True Qi surged out from his mouth. Accompanied by a terrifying roar of an angry dragon, this aura drowned Chen Furong!

“Kill all the Chen Family members! Leave no one alive!” Yao Hong shouted. At this time, Chen Tianhu, along with his tiger-head broadsword and fifty other strong Chen Family members, rushed towards Yao Hong. Everyone’s Slaughter Qi soared as True Qi exploded from within their bodies.

Watching their Patriarch personally take action, every other Chen Family member was reluctant to fall behind. Everyone madly roared, facing the sky and took out their broadswords. In front of thousands of Yao Family members, all the Chen Family members marched forward with a steady pace.

The roar of three hundred Chen Family members resounded throughout King City. With each step, the entire field also shook. They were the elites of Chen Family and were completely unafraid of death. They were selected to protect the Chen Family and they would never hesitate to defend their own family!

Three hundred people against thousands, the Yao Family had far more people, the distant crowd could not help but get roused and cheer for the Chen Family from the side.

Chen Xiang and Chen Furong fought, as the three hundred Chen Family members and thousands of Yao Family members also start fighting. Both battles broke out at the same time, and various roars were mixed together. The entire battlefield was confusing and chaotic, only an instant had passed after the battle started, yet more than half of the bricks in entire field had already been destroyed.

As long as Chen Furong was occupied with him, Chen Xiang was not worried about Chen Tianhu and others, because they were in the 8th level of the Mortal Martial Realm.

Chen Furong, after suffering the [Azure Dragon Roar] in the sky, had a dignified complexion. This was because, he was absolutely sure that Chen Xiang’s strength was at the 8th level of the Mortal Martial Realm. Chen Xiang was only sixteen years old, having lived in the regular world with very scarce resources, yet has still managed to reach such a level. Not to mention, that he was also an alchemist.

“Chen Xiang, I have to admit you are very talented. But this is your matter, the Chen Family’s matter, and no longer has anything to do with me! I am only doing this to gain benefits in the sect. If I help the Yao Family here, I’ll obtain various advantages in the True Martial Sect, therefore I must kill you! I already do no have any sense of belonging and I hate the Chen Family!” Chen Furong sternly shouted with a smile.

Chen Xiang maintained total silence as he fused his internal five elements of True Qi. Facing a 9th level of the Mortal Martial Realm Expert, who came from a martial arts sect, he could only rely on the Universal True Qi to defeat this opponent.

Everyone knew that people from the martial art sets came to watch the King City Martial Art Tournament to select a disciple. Those people were all at least in the 9th level of the Mortal Martial Realm. This kind of strength, in the Southern Martial Empire, was extremely rare and their level of strength was also very terrifying.

At such a young age, Chen Xiang was going to face one of these experts. A lot of people were also looking forward to this as Chen Xiang’s strength was also unfathomable. Just a moment ago, he had killed a Martial Art Sect’s disciple who was in the 8th level of the Mortal Martial Realm with a single punch!

“Humph, I did not expect the Chen Family members to be such idiots. You are sending a mere brat to contain me! If it were those six experts in the 8th level of the Mortal Martial Realm, then perhaps you would have had an opportunity to escape! But now you can only die along with them! The Chen Family is finished!” From Chen Furong’s body, a red True Qi emerged, covering his hands and feet as his eyes gradually reddened up.

Seeing this, Chen Xiang retreated a few steps. For the first time, he was going to fight with a 9th level of the Mortal Martial Realm Expert. This was one of the strongest enemies he had ever faced, sensing the level of True Qi, Chen Xiang gradually became more and more dignified.


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