Chapter 60 – White Tiger Divine Fist

The Yao Family had a lot of people, but when compared to the Chen Family’s six 8th level Mortal Martial Realm Experts and their three hundred or so elites, their overall strength was weaker. The Yao Family members were slowly losing their ground as they were forced inside the Yao Family estate, but that strong giant door of the Yao Family was blasted to smithereens by Chen Tianhu as the Chen Family forced their way through.

Meanwhile, that giant field outside had been turned into Chen Xiang and Chen Furong’s personal battlefield.

Chen Furong’s hands and feet were wrapped in that red True Qi. Moreover, a wild and savage breath could be sensed emanating from them. The red True Qi covering both his hands slowly started to take shape, resembling a beast’s. With two strong and thick arms with sharp claws, it looked very frightening.

His legs were also the same, all his limbs were also wrapped in the red True Qi and surprisingly, all of them had been transformed into that of a beast’s, which looked extremely tough. Waves of strong and fierce True Qi flew towards Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang retreated a few steps while frowning. He looked at Chen Furong and noticed that both of his eyes had completely turned red, resembling that of a fierce wolf.

“Is this the True From of the 9th level of Mortal Martial Realm?” Chen Xiang said in his heart.

The 9th level of Mortal Martial Realm was the True Form Realm. Depending on the individual’s cultivating exercise, a form was congealed from True Qi in their dantian. Ordinarily, these can be divided into two common types. One is the bird or beast form while the other was a weapon form. Of course there are other types of forms, such as lotus, star, or lightning form. Every single one of these are determined according to their cultivation exercise.

If the True Qi congealed out a bird or beast form, then you could use the special power of that anima. If one congealed out a weapon, then they could form a very powerful ‘Weapon Apparition’. If at that time, they were also using a weapon, then the ‘Weapon Apparition’ and the one they were holding would fuse together, becoming even more powerful.

Right in front of Chen Xiang, Chen Furong had actually congealed a wolf type from his True Qi!

“[Angry Wolf Fist]!” Chen Furong blasted a fist in air. Immediately after, the place where he stood was unable to withstand the sudden release of powerful and violent True Qi. His feet formed two craters as he punched out. A red light also broke out, this red light burst open in blink of an eye into countless wolf heads with their jaws wide open, forming a makeshift wall as they closed in on Chen Xiang.

These wolf heads created from True Qi contained tyrannical force. Chen Xiang was sure if he was hit directly, he would still suffer heavily despite his powerful body. Chen Xiang sent out a shove of his hand and gathered the Universal True Qi from his dantian and released outwards. That Qi Aura cemented a wall which stood firmly in front of him.

The Universal True Qi was created by fusing the five elements of True Qi, yet it was colorless and invisible. It could be consider to be transparent, but people could still sense it’s peculiar vibe.

The numerous wolf heads created from True Qi came flying towards Chen Xiang releasing waves after waves of Qi. After the ground came in contact with the Qi waves, it was blasted into many pieces.

Those numerous True Qi filled violent wolf heads struck the Qi Aura wall that was protecting Chen Xiang’s body. The strength of both True Qis were quite similar as their clash resulted in a thunderous roar. Due to the collision, a Qi shockwave was created, it was similar to a undulated wave that spread all four directions. The bricks within the wide field shook along with the Qi wave, which in turn, were smashed into powder one after another.

The original field, which was entirely covered with bricks, had now become an uneven ground of mud. In front of Chen Xiang, an even deeper crater had been formed.

When Chen Furong saw that his initial attack failed to do anything, he immediately flew over. Those giant wolf like legs of his treaded on the ground, along his path, many small craters appeared. With each step he took, it shook the ground along with thunderous sounds. It was as if a giant angry elephant was madly rushing through the field.

Chen Furong was shocked by the fact that Chen Xiang was capable of even releasing a bizarre and powerful True Qi that could even withstand such an attack. But Chen Furong still believed that no matter what happened, Chen Xiang was still just a 8th level of Mortal Martial Realm teenager. Whether it was Chen Xiang’s combat experience, or how vibrant his True Qi, was, neither of those could even be compare with Chen Furong’s. He was completely confident in his victory.

“Arrogant little brat! Today I’ll send you off to heaven!” Chen Furong grinned ferociously as he fiercely jumped out. Both of his legs stuck close together as they emitted a red light. Quick as lightning, he diagonally slammed down from high above.

“You’re just a wolf, nothing more than a mangy mutt! What’s so impressive about that?” Chen Xiang sneered. Watching Chen Furong falling down from the sky, the Universal True Qi gathered around Chen Xiang’s fists as he simultaneously released Slaughter Qi. He punched out his fists lighting fast. As his attack cut through the air, a thunderous tiger roar resounded.

“[White Tiger Divine Fist]!” Chen Xiang welcomed Chen Furong’s slam attack, which was similar to an immense mountain falling down. As the attack desended, Chen Xiang fist struck on the dead center of Chen Furong’s soles. Suddenly, a tiger’s roar soared into the sky. As the Qi waves swept forth in all directions, the sand was blown away from the blast, and a few cracks could also be seen on the ground.

Chen Furong thought that his attack would simply destroy all of Chen Xiang’s defense and plunge him into a dead end. Who could have thought that in a blink of an eye, Chen Furong’s foot would suddenly be struck by an immense and unfathomable amount of force that smashed into his whole thigh!

His leg had already been utterly decimated under Chen Xiang’s [White Tiger Divine Fist]! The entire crowd was horrified, and to their shock, Chen Furong’s leg appeared withered as if all its vital essence had been extracted.

This was [White Tiger Divine Fist]’s formidability. This was also the first time Chen Xiang had used this skill. After using it, not only did a frightening power burst out, but it released an seemingly endless amount of Slaughter Qi, engulfing all of the vitality from the opposite party.

“Old mutt! This is the consequence of underestimating an enemy!” Chen Xiang coldly said before he suddenly appeared right in front of Chen Furong.

Chen Furong felt a mix of surprise, anger and hate, all at the same time. He still did not know what type of True Qi Chen Xiang had used just a moment ago. Chen Furong had never seen or even heard of such a thing. This True Qi appeared to be without any attribute similar to a physical force, yet at the same time it wasn’t.

“Do not be complacent, now you’re also burned out!” Chen Furong blasted his fist, countering Chen Xiang’s blow. He believed that Chen Xiang had completely exhausted his True Qi for that attack from just a moment ago. After all, Chen Xiang was only at 8th level of Mortal Martial Realm, and his True Qi was bound to not be as vigorous as Chen Furong’s.

But Chen Furong was completely, horribly, wrong. His fist rumbled as he punched out, but Chen Xiang just counter attacked Chen Furong with yet another [White Tiger Divine Fist], and just like before, a tiger roar could be heard again as an immense power burst out and surged into Chen Furong’s arm, completely destroying it!

“You…” Due to the impact force, Chen Furong flew back and spat out a mouthful of blood. He had not only he lost a leg and an arm, but also, just a moment ago, Chen Xiang had violently shook Chen Furong’s Five Zhang and Six Fu with the help of [White Tiger Divine Fist] .

[TLN: Five Zhang and Six Fu in nothing more than the internal organs, in chinese medicine Five Zhang are Heart, Liver, Spleen, Lung and Kidney while Six Fu are Small Intestine, Large Intestine, Gall Bladder, Urinary Bladder, Stomach and Sanjiao. San Jiao is the meridians connecting the major organs. In future I will continue to use Five Zhang and Six Fu, it just basically means internal organs.]

The crowd watching was shocked, that [White Tiger Divine Fist] from Chen Xiang was not only completely overbearing but the Slaughter Qi gave off an oppressive pressure. Everyone assumed that this level of attack should consume a large amount of True Qi and could be cast out once was already formidable enough. However, no one thought that Chen Xiang could still cast it again with such ease.

Once again a sandstorm was created in the field as Chen Xiang slowly walked towards Chen Furong. In an unemotional, yet angry tone, he said, “You wounded my father, sent people to trash Dan King Hall, and also collaborated with the Yao Family to destroy our Chen Family. I will not let such a traitor die so easily!”


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