Chapter 61 – Forgone Conclusion

Chen Xiang was in the beginner stage of the Immortal and Devil body. He also had the heaven defying Yin and Yang Divine Vein, and an immensely powerful divine exercise. Due to all these factors, at the 8th level of the Mortal Martial Realm, he had the strength to defeat a 9th level of the Mortal Martial Realm Expert!

Even Chen Xiang didn’t expect that the Universal True Qi, created from fusing the five elements of True Qi, would be so frightening. He was also shocked speechless by the power released when using the Divine Exercise Of The Four Symbols.

“What… What are you going to do? I’m a True Martial Sect’s disciple, if you………”

When Chen Furong saw the Slaughter Qi soaring from Chen Xiang, Chen Furong finally realized that death was in front of him. Despite Chen Xiang destroying both an arm and a leg, Chen Furong could still not accept the fact that Chen Xiang was stronger than him!

“Impossible….Impossible! I am in the 9th level of the Moral Martial Realm. Only a 10th level of Mortal Martial Realm Expert can beat me! You’re only sixteen years old, you can’t possibly be in the 10th level of Mortal Martial Realm…” Chen Furong panicked while speaking, at the same time struggling to crawl away on the ground.

Chen Xiang coldly said “If I was in 10th level of Mortal Martial Realm, you would have just become meat putty on the sidewalk. GO TO HELL!”

After he finished speaking, Chen Xiang roared as True Qi burst out of his mouth accompanied by azure lightning. It was madly flashing within the storm and accompanied by a strong wind aura. It was as if the powerful True Qi was a waterfall falling from the ninth heaven as it struck Chen Furong’s body. Thunderclap sounds rang throughout the whole field, but not alone, as it was also accompanied by Chen Furong’s equally loud and blood-curdling screams.

Chen Xiang’s complexion was extremely cold and hard. Ever since he saw his father wounded, he swore that he would kill Chen Furong!

“You are a 9th level of Mortal Martial Realm martial artist, but in my eyes, you are nothing but an ant. Enjoy a few things before dying!” Chen Xiang ruthlessly roared.

Again, he casted the [Azure Dragon Roar], followed by the [Azure Dragon Claw], [Storm Killing Fist], [Heavenly Tiger Storm Killing Fist], and the [Fire King Fist]. He casted these several martial techniques he had grasped and was proficient in, one after the other, striking Chen Furong ruthlessly.

Watching the scene that was occurring in front of them, a shiver ran down everybody’s spine outside the field. They all had a frightened face, they had an extremely hard time believing that a not yet seventeen year old teenager had such a vibrant True Qi, and also defeated a 9th level of the Mortal Martial Realm Expert! No, not defeated, madly battered and completely dominated!

Chen Furong was now resembling a mud ball, his whole body, from head to toe, was struck and broken by Chen Xiang’s top-grade martial techniques. Chen Furong soon died in agony as Chen Xiang removed the storage pouch from Chen Furong’s waist and then incinerated the corpse into ashes. Afterwards, Chen Xiang stepped past the Yao Family’s broken main door.

“Dead! He just died like this!? This child is simply a monster!” An old martial artist said. If he had not seen Chen Xiang’s strength a moment ago with his very own eyes, he would simply be unable to believe that Chen Furong, a 9th level of the Mortal Martial Realm Expert, had been brutally bashed into the ground and killed by a teenaged martial artist.

Of course, just a moment ago, the strength shown by Chen Xiang was almost unbelievable!

Everyone looking at the now tranquil but messy field could hear the sound of fighting that was occurring past the Yao Family gate, it was similar to a daydream for them!

This was the might of a powerful martial artist! With just a single battle, an entire field which could accommodate tens of thousands of people had become completely messed up. Extremely strong martial artists could definitely possess such an overwhelming force, this was definitely no legend!

Chen Xiang arrived inside the Yao Family Estate, he saw many scattered body parts on the ground. He yelled out “Dad! I’ve come to lend you a hand!”

Chen Xiang had actually arrived! Even those on his side like Chen Tianhu, and Chen Haohai could not help but shudder. The fact that Chen Xiang arrived here meant that Chen Furong was no longer a threat. This was only possible if Chen Furong had been defeated by Chen Xiang!

All of the Yao Family members knew that Chen Xiang and Chen Furong were fighting, but now Chen Xiang had won. In other words, Chen Xiang’s strength was comparable, no, even above a 9th level of Mortal Martial Realm expert! Now the Yao Family’s doom was forgone conclusion and simply inevitable!

“This is not possible, you cannot defeat someone from 9th level of Mortal Martial Realm! Only someone who is in the 10th level of Mortal Martial Realm could do it so fast!” Yao Hong shouted. He was the Yao Family Patriarch, the current predicament of the Yao Family was all because of him. It was his decision to eradicate the Chen Family.

Chen Xiang jumped several dozen zhang high into the air. An azure light emitted from his palm as he slammed it downwards. Endless True Qi surged out from his palm along with the azure light. A huge azure palm that was immense as a mountain appeared in the sky, moreover it was pressing down below onto the Yao Family!

That palm was made purely from the Qi aura, it was dozens of zhang wide and covered the entire garden, yet still with such a strong True Qi gushing out from it. With just a glance, everyone there could tell how vigorous Chen Xiang’s True Qi was.

That giant azure palm in the sky fell, as a large number of houses and hundreds of Yao Family also fell under its immense pressure. Not only did all the houses under the palm get smashed into pieces, it also resulted in the bones of everyone under it to be cracked, blood gushing out from their mouths. The strength was so horrifying that everyone’s flesh and blood simply flew off, pressed on the ground, turning it into human meat paste.

A huge palm imprint was left in the ground. Everyone watching was deeply shocked by this, and many could not help but retch. Some even threw their weapons onto the ground, other emitted terrified shrieks, while many even fled the Yao Family courtyard! All of the people running were Yao Family members!

Chen Tianhu’s mouth twitched, he had not expected that in just few months his son would have such frightening power! With just a move, Chen Xiang could kill hundreds of people.

Just a moment ago, Chen Xiang had released all of his Azure Dragon True Qi. Releasing such a soul shaking strike, everyone watched as his complexion turned pale and he started falling from the sky. They all guessed that he must have over consumed his True Qi.

“Kill all of them! The Chen Family members have consumed too much of their True Qi! We cannot miss this opportunity!” Yao Hong roared, wielding a longsword as he flew up.

Just a moment ago, around three hundred Chen Family members were fighting against thousands of Yao Family members, it really was very consuming. Chen Tianhu and the others in the 8th level Mortal Martial Realm were up against many 6th or 7th level of Mortal Martial Realm Experts. Moreover, in order to prevent the casualties of their Chen Family members, they had to help the injured retreat, increasing their burdens. The fact that they were all alive and standing was nothing short of a miracle.

“Chen Family Members! All of you, get behind me!” Chen Xiang loudly shouted. All the Chen Family Elites in the courtyard soon flew behind him. Just from the spectacle before, they were all filled with admiration for Chen Xiang.

“Dad, just leave these old men to me, you deal with those other minions!” Said Chen Xiang as he rushed towards Yao Hong and the other high level Yao Family members.

Chen Xiang and the others were originally worried, but when they saw the vigorous and vibrant True Qi suddenly surge out from Chen Xiang’s body, they all felt relieved. Yet in their hearts, they were still shocked. It was still wasn’t clear to them how much True Qi Chen Xiang’s body actually possessed.

“[White Tiger Divine Fist]!” Chen Xiang flew above the opposing party and suddenly punched out a thunderous fist. A large amount of golden True Qi surged out from his fist, In blink of an eye, cementing into a giant golden fist, tens of zhang wide, which was exuding an extremely large amount of Slaughter Qi.

Just a moment ago, a huge azure palm appeared, and now a huge golden fist! It was also transformed from a frightening Qi aura, but was of a more destructive metal attribute True Qi!

This White Tiger True Qi also contained an engulfing Slaughter Qi!

The huge golden fist flew, as the Qi waves bursting out like a typhoon sweeping away the clouds. A large and thick slice of the earth had been lifted up and was currently flying towards that crowd of Yao Family experts. As the golden fist passed over the ground, it started shaking from the violent True Qi undulations, as the earth eventually cracked into numerous deep fissures.

This power was absolutely comparable to a falling mountain!

Yao Hong, who was watching this thunderous and powerful fist advancing towards them, could not help but be utterly shocked. At this time, every member of the opposing party facing this terrifying blow wanted to run away. But as they moved to do so, they found that the Qi waves had intertwined with their bodies and they were unable to escape!


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