Chapter 62 – True Elemental Dan

The [White Tiger Divine Fist] shoveled out a deep canyon in the ground, therein covering all of the Yao Family’s experts. Tyrannical Qi Aura ravaged their body and the instant the divine fist struck them, they could clearly feel the muscle and bones in their body exploding. Furthermore, this blow completely dispersed the True Qi in their body!

“All of you, stop! Your Yao Family Patriarch and Elders have been defeated!” Chen Xiang’s thunderous voice resounded through the entire Yao Family courtyard. Every Yao family member, whether they were high or low, clearly heard his declaration. The people outside the courtyard in the field were also surprised. Chen Xiang had only entered a moment ago, but had already defeated the Yao Family.

Rumor had it, that a single powerful martial artist could easily destroy an entire city. Now Chen Xiang had easily defeated all of a family’s elite martial artists, including three 8th level of the Mortal Martial Realm Experts! Moreover, they were all defeated by a single blow from Chen Xiang, this proves that the rumors were definitely not false!

Yao Hong’s and all the Yao Family Elder’s bones were completely crushed. Despite this, they were still not dead, merely in excrutiating and gruesome pain. They were all glaring at Chen Xiang with eyes full of hatred.

The Yao Family Patriarch and Elders had all been defeated. Other Yao Family members did not dare to resist, their elites had long been defeated. If they tried to resume the battle, it would completely futile and meaningless.

“Chen Xiang… You… Just wait for our Yao Family seniors to seek revenge!” Yao Hong knew he was definitely going to die today, but also knew that the Yao Family seniors would not sit idly by.

Chen Xiang laughed, “That’s good, it would better if they come. I’ll send them off so you can have a good long talk with them!” While speaking, Chen Xiang created a short knife purely from Qi Aura. Soon, the small dagger was sent flying straight into Yao Gong’s head.

That Qi aura dagger pierced Yao Hong’s head which immediately exploded right after. Yao Hong’s head was completely blasted into smithereens. Watching this gruesome spectacle, everyone felt nauseous as fear seeped into their hearts. They worried what they could possibly do to resist if Chen Xiang were to act the same way against them.

Once the other members of the Yao Family saw such gruesome methods of execution, they all became obedient and surrendered themselves while begging for mercy.

At this moment, the dan aristocratic family which had stood proudly for eons had, in such a short period of time, been completely decimated. Moreover, this disaster was something they brought upon themselves. Yet, the part which is the most unbelievable and overshadowed all of this, was not the fact they lost, but the fact that the one responsible for such heavy destruction and damage to the Yao Family was from a single person who was not yet even seventeen years old!

Chen Tianhu and the rest never expected such a final outcome!

“Xiang Er, you lead the injured to leave first. You are also no doubt tired, leave the aftermath to us!” Chen Tianhu shouted loudly. His eyes were majestic as he glanced at the Yao Family members, all of them could not help but tremble in response.

Chen Xiang nodded his head, and left with hundreds of injured Chen Family members, returning to Dan King Hall. He received the dans he needed to heal himself, he had completely consumed all his Azure Dragon and White Tiger True Qi today, it could be said he had consumed a little less than half of his True Qi, and the other three True Qis he had were also nearly empty due to his usage of the Universal Force. It is the first time he has expended his True Qi to such a degree.

Inside Dan King Hall, Chen Luzhong and Dan King Meng Bo had just learned the outcome of the battle. The result had stunned the two old men as they repeatedly shook their heads again and again. Even they could not believe that Chen Xiang had such a terrifying strength, not to mention his strong talent in alchemy!

“This guy, it would be good if he entered a Martial Art Sect as soon as possible. This place would definitely be unable to withstand his meteoric rise!” Chen Luzhong sighed. It was very difficult to find any suitable rivals for Chen Xiang here, but if he were to enter one of those Martial Art Sects, he would be near the bottom of the pack.

This was also why, once a martial artist reached a certain level of strength, they were unwilling to stay in the regular world. Even if they were very powerful there, if they did not move on, their strength would come to a standstill. As long as a martial artist arrived at that step, all of them would want to go further.

The Yao Family was fully annexed by the Chen Family. Every property across the entire Southern Martial Empire that formerly belonged to the Yao Family was now owned by the Chen Family. Without a doubt, this made them one of the most formidable forces. Also, the Chen Family was now the undisputed number one dan family in the Southern Martial Empire.

Several days past as this event spread over the entire Southern Martial Empire! Other families knew that war between the Chen and Yao Families was inevitable, but had never expected it to end so soon. Moreover, Chen Xiang’s name also became widespread as it was heard again and again due his astonishing performance in this major conflict.

Inside the Imperial Palace, a handsome man with an extremely pale complexion said to a middle aged man with a majestic air, “Father Emperor, are we really going to forget that Chen Xiang stole our [Dragon Martial Technique]!? And the fact that he seriously injured me?”

Song Wu loudly scolded “What should we do then? Lead troops to try and destroy the Chen Family? They have six 8th level Mortal Martial Realm experts, as well as Chen Xiang whose strength is comparable to that of the 10th level of the Mortal Martial Realm!? Chen Xiang did not actually kill you, that’s already quite benevolent! You think you are clever, but those things are only petty tricks!”

Song Wu was the Emperor, but facing the Chen Family, even he must concede his prestige. Furthermore, he and the Chen Family held no grudges between them. That day at the tournament when he decided to not stay there with the seriously injured Song Nanming was truly a wise decision. Had he stayed with the Yao Family that day, perhaps both he and Song Nanming would have been massacred along with the Yao Family!

“I…I…I cannot reconcile with him!” Song Nanming grinded his teeth and spat out. During this period of time, he had been beaten until his body was decimated. If not for the aid of the good healing dans, he simply would not have the slightest chance of recovering.

“Humph. So what if you cannot reconcile? The Yao Family is now history while the Chen Family will not do anything to threaten us. They do not care about being the Emperor, after all they want to manage the aftermath of their war! You are going to obedient for this period of time.” Song Wu coldly said as he left.

The Yao Family courtyard had become the new Chen Family residence. The destroyed entrance and front area from the battle would soon be repaired as all of the Chen Family members migrated from Wohu City to reside in King City!

The forces who previously had very good relationships with the Yao Family had quickly abandoned them and showed good will towards the Chen Family. These days, many people brought gifts to Dan King Hall, all of them being very high in quality. From these gifts, Chen Xiang only picked a few herbs and left the rest for the Chen Family.

After killing Chen Furong, Chen Xiang found the [True Elemental Dan] in his victim’s storage pouch. This was a High-Grade Spirit Level Dan, extremely rare. Even for Meng Bo, the Dan King of the Southern Martial Empire, it would be extremely difficult to refine this dan successfully!

“It has a vast amount of pure True Qi! After eating it, the True Qi within it can instantly be refined. Indeed a great dan! I wonder when I will be able to personally refine it?

Chen Xiang looked at the dan, which had an appearance similar to a transparent shell. At the center, a ball of pure white Qi was present.

Su Meiyao was appreciatively holding Chen Xiang’s Flame Dragon’s Brilliant Furnace. Bai Youyou was also looking on from the side. After the Flame Dragon’s Brilliant Furnace recognized Chen Xiang as it’s master, Bai Youyou was no longer afraid of it’s scorching Qi.

Su Meiyao said, “Those Martial Art Sect’s alchemists can be considered to quite good if they can refine a High-Grade Spirit Level Dan. That’s quite hard, although it did not mean much. After all, only those alchemists who can refine Profound Grade Dans are considered to be of great importance.”

Currently, Chen Xiang was only able to refine Middle-Grade Mortal Level Dans and intended to learn how to refine High-Grade Mortal Level Dans, or possibly even Low-Grade Spirit Level Dans. Only after achieving this objective, would he head towards those big martial sects.

“Two sisters, is it possible for the Yao Family seniors who are in those Martial Art Sects to come back and retaliate against the Chen Family?” Chen Xiang asked. He was worried that after he left, the Yao Family seniors would come for revenge.

“You do not need to worry about the Martial Art Sects learning about what happened here. This time, Chen Furong and Zhang Long broke the rules first and acted against the regular world’s people. Even if they were killed, no investigation will be launched. Not to mention, the fact is, they were simply nothing in the eyes of the True Martial Sect. There is no way they would break the rules simply for their deaths. If they did, the True Martial Sect would be targeted by all the other sects”, explained Su Meiyao.


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