Chapter 64 – Poisonous Needle

The more Chen Xiang delved into the mysteries of alchemy and experimented with the higher rank dans, the more he understood why powerful alchemists were so scarce. This was because most people could not afford to consume spirit herbs. Even Chen Xiang, who was talented in comparison to others and also had the Flame Dragon’s Brilliant Furnace as support, still continuously failed when trying to refine this High-Grade Mortal Level! Let alone others.

“Sister Meiyao, give me a kiss, then I’ll have some courage again. Failing again and again, I’ve become fearful.” Chen Xiang timidly said, but after he finished saying those words out loud, he laughed foolishly.

Su Meiyao spat, “You little rascal, to even try to play me for a fool! It was good that you chose me to joke with, don’t even think of speaking such things with senior sister. Otherwise your face will be swollen for at least several days.

Chen Xiang mischievously laughed and said, “Of course I know, Sister Meiyao, it’s not like you are going to be kissing me for the first time. Kissing again is next to nothing.”

This had occurred when Chen Xiang won the Flame Dragon’s Brilliant Furnace, Su Meiyao had, in momentary excitement, kissed Chen Xiang on the cheek. However, she had not expected Chen Xiang to still be thinking about that moment.

“Nice try. If you mention this again I am gonna ignore you later.” Su Meiyao softly scoffed. Thinking of the day when she kissed Chen Xiang’s cheek, her pretty face could not help but feel slightly hot as two intoxicating flushes emerged. This made her even more enchanting and charming, seeing this, Chen Xiang was stunned.

“Humph, hurry up and refine the dans!” Su Meiyao’s face gradually turned even more red as she stomped her feet. Her voice was seductive yet full of anger. She turned into a white light, and then disappeared into the ring.

Chen Xiang was somewhat disappointed, but he knew that in order to get the beauty’s heart he first needed to become strong. He rested a moment before seriously trying to refine the dan again. If he fails this time around, he would have to buy more herbs.

More than half an hour passed before Chen Xiang’s evil laughter resounded in the private room. “Hahaha! Your Father has finally succeeded! In just half a day I learned how to successfully refine a Grand Elemental Dan! Haha!”

After Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou heard that disgusting laugher, they immediately came out from the ring.

“Do not ever laugh again in such a nasty way or I’ll knock all your teeth out.” Bai Youyou’s ice cold voice resounded. This immediately made the formerly joyous Chen Xiang look as if he had just eaten dog shit. He quickly stopped laughing, and shut his mouth. He was worried that Bai Youyou would actually knock his teeth out.

After Su Meiyao saw this, she giggled.

As the Flame Dragon’s Brilliant Furnace opened, five dragon eye-sized white dans appeared into view, with quite a bit of spirit Qi wafting from them. However, each dans costed eighty thousand large spirit coins!

“This brat, always hurting other people’s pride. I thought that he would at least fail a dozen times but it seems that only after two or three failures, he succeeded like always.” Su Meiyao, who was very happy in her heart, said while pouting. It was a rather seductive scene to behold.

Although Chen Xiang was proud, he still managed to say with a straight face, “This is all thanks to Sister Meiyao’s guidance and Sister Youyou’s….”

“It’s none of my fart?” Bai Youyou interrupted him in the middle.

“Of course… This has everything to do with Sister Youyou, because in my heart I’m always thinking how I can help restore both fairy sister’s strength.” Chen Xiang grinningly said.

Although Bai Youyou knows that Chen Xiang was just flattering her, she couldn’t help but be slightly touched because Chen Xiang said this in consideration of her.

“In the future, put in a little more effort. When you learn a Devil Skill from me, I’ll start teaching you seriously.” said Bai Youyou. Right after she finished speaking, she quickly returned to the the ring.

“Brat, quickly swallow and refine the dan so that you can enter the 9th level of the Mortal Martial Realm a bit earlier!” Su Meiyao helped him wipe off a bit of sweat before returning to the ring.

However, Chen Xiang did not eat it immediately, but instead took a short break. Afterwards, he called Su Meiyao out and requested to learn the refinement process for both the Transforming Essence Dan and the Cultivating Qi Dan. Seeing such a passionate Chen Xiang, Su Meiyao gave in and patiently guided him.

The Transforming Essence Dan was arguably the hardest to refine among High-Grade Mortal Level Dans. The herbs were also the most expensive, so it was also the most expensive dan to refine. This was because it can quickly boost divine sense growth. It was important to know that divine sense was incomparably harder to cultivate than True Qi. Also, many powerful exercises need a certain level of divine sense as part of their basic requirements!

But even when he was refining the difficult Transforming Essence Dan, Chen Xiang only failed his first attempt before successfully refining it, additionally, he also produced six dans at once! This made even the two beauties, Bai Youyou’s and Su Meiyao’s, pretty faces turn pale. But they were also very excited as they were sure that in the future, Chen Xiang would become an alchemy genius and would definitely reach the apex in alchemy!

There were four sets of Transforming Essence Dan materials, because Chen Xiang only failed once, he managed to get a total of eighteen dans. In accordance with each dan, the price was 100,000 large spirit coins, which in total, was 1,800,000 large spirit coins! Each set of herbs only costed 150,000 large spirit coins and he was able to refine six dans with one set. Chen Xiang was definitely blessed with fortune, however, he was not going to make that fortune in the regular world, but rather in the cultivator’s world!

“Brat, you’re quite relaxed now huh? We are waiting for you to successfully refine Spirit Level Dans, don’t complain to high heavens!” Su Meiyao said. She was shocked and happy for Chen Xiang’s alchemy talent but she didn’t want him to be overly proud because of this success.

Chen Xiang nodded his head in response. In the evening, Chen Xiang ate the dans and went outside the city to cultivate. He was not only cultivating True Qi, but also using various methods to refine his internal and external body. This would not only make his body even more powerful but also allow him to quickly transform True Qi into spiritual power, with which he could then cultivate into divine sense.

One month past as Chen Xiang became familiar with the refining process of all three of the most useful High-Grade Mortal Level Dans. He also tried to refine some of the less famous dans in order to improve his alchemy techniques. Of course, to not become overly reliant, he also used other alchemical furnaces for refining. With only small failures at the start before managing to be successful in refinement with other furnaces, it just took a longer.

For example, the Grand Elemental Dan only took half an hour to successfully refine in the Flame Dragon’s Brilliant Furnace took about a day in an ordinary alchemical furnace!

In just one month, the Chen Family’s position in King City had also stabilized. Their dan business expanded, although the dans they sold were cheap, the quantity sold were extremely vast, so the Chen Family earned a lot of revenue.

In the morning, Chen Xiang returned to the Chen Family Palace from the outside city. After just coming out from the bath, he saw Steward Lao Ma anxiously rushing over.

“Young Master! Something major has happened!” Lao Ma hastily shouted.

“What happened? Speak.” Chen Xiang quickly asked.

“Ten days ago, the Patriarch went out to solve some issues but came back poisoned. Right now, several elders along with Meng Lao are using their True Qi to suppress the toxin. The Patriarch’s life is in danger!” The instant Lao Ma finished his last sentence, Chen Xiang turned into a blur and left.

Chen Xiang’s complexion was dignified as he came into the private room. Several Elders and Meng Bo were pressing their hands against Chen Tianhu’s upper body while administering their True Qi to suppress the poison in his body.

Chen Tianhu’s entire strong and muscular body was pitch black. His face seemed devoid of blood and there were faint traces of Black Qi showing that he was poisoned.

Nearby, Chen Luzhong’s eyebrows twitched as he looked at a very small needle.


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