Chapter 65 – Jiudu Gang

At this time, several elders and Meng Bo, their complexions were somewhat haggard, all of them were sweating profusely. From their appearance, one could clearly see that they had consumed a lot of their True Qi.

“Many thanks seniors, for helping my dad in expelling the poison! How is he now?” Asked Chen Xiang. Although his voice was calm, he was extremely worried in his mind. Chen Tianhu was Chen Xiang’s father and his only family. Since his childhood, his father had taken care of him, which made him afraid at the thought of losing his father.

Meng Bo said, “Rest assured, the poison has been temporarily suppressed, but it has not been completely expelled. The poison has completely seeped into the bones and meridians, even entered into his Five Zhang and Six Fu. Fortunately, we were able to suppress the poison, or else….”

Chen Xiang closed his eyes and took a deep breath, he then clinched both his fists, in his heart, he was completely furious. An invisible yet heavy Slaughter Qi suddenly surged out from his body.

Chen Tianhu slightly opened his eyes, although his voice was very frail, it was full of anger, “Jiudu Gang… those bastards! They plotted against our Chen family members multiple times, so I personally went to settle all accounts. In the end, a fight broke out. After I managed to kill two managers of Jiudu Gang and five of their elders, their chief plotted against me! I decided to not continue fighting and rushed back!”

Chen Xiang was shocked, even those elders and Meng Bo glanced at Chen Tianhu with an unbelievable look.

“Dad…you really rushed alone into Jiudu Gang!?” Chen Xiang sucked a cold long deep breath. The Jiudu gang was a very vicious organization, specializing in poison. Many martial artists feared this dark organization. Ten years ago, two families sent their top experts to deal with them, but not a single one returned.

Later, the two Family Patriarchs also went, but they too also didn’t return.

“Humph, What is there to fear? Ever since our Chen Family annexed the Yao family, the Jiudu gang has been opposing our Chen Family! Always snatching our goods, even ten of our Chen family members were secretly poisoned. If Jiudu Gang is not eliminated, they’ll only kill more of our Chen Family members.” Chen Tianhu angrily said.

“Calm down.” Meng Bo appealed.

What Chen Tianhu did, could actually be considered earth shattering. Killing two managers and five elders of Jiudu Gang, was definitely a great loss for them. He had shaken the whole foundation of the gang by himself!

Chen Luzhong arrived, and he gave everyone the needle wrapped in a thick cloth he held in his hand for everyone to look at, and said, “This needle was removed from Tianhu’s arm was responsible for poison we just suppressed a moment ago. Anybody pricked by this needle will experience a paralysis, which is rather hard to detect. However, as Chen Tianhu’s divine sense is quite powerful, he was able to sense his body condition and didn’t continued the battle. Otherwise, the poison diffusion would have intensified.”

Seeing the needle, Chen Xiang’s eyes fiercely opened, his complexion turned more solemn!

“I’ve seen this needle before!” Chen Xiang clenched his fists. He remembered when he fought against Crown Prince Song Nanming, he had also used a similar needle. Moreover, Leng Youlan was also stabbed by it, but the poison on it was not this strong.

“Yes, the Crown Prince, during the battle with Leng Youlan released ice needles and poisoned Leng Youlan! During the match with me, he released similar needles but it was burned down by my fire.” Chen Xiang’s eyebrows twitched as he spoke.

He was constantly pondering about how the Crown Prince obtained this sort of thing, but now that the Jiudu Gang was revealed to also have the same thing, everyone could not help but think there was definitely some association between the two.

“The Emperor, Song Wu, is leisurely and carefree. Joining hands with Jiudu Gang doesn’t have even the tiniest bit of advantage for him, but it is quite possible that the Crown Prince is secretly in contact with Jiudu Gang.” Said Meng Bo, not so long ago it was him who drove out the poison from Leng Youlan, so he was also suspicious.

“I must clearly check! Dad, where is the Jiudu Gang’s base?” Chen Xiang asked, his eyes were filled with a thick killing intent.

“Freewind Mountain, be careful!” Chen Tianhu was very clear on his son’s, Chen Xiang’s, strength also reassured him, as even the powerful Yao Family was defeated by him.

“Rest assured, we only need some more time to completely expel Tianhu’s poison.” Chen Luzhong patted Chen Xiang’s shoulder.

Chen Xiang left the private room, and rode out of the city toward eastern part of King City. Freewind Mountain had always been the gathering place for bandits, and rumour had it that various scattered groups of bandits and robbers had gathered and formed one gang, which was now known as the Jiudu Gang.

After leaving the city, Chen Xiang found out that someone was following him. He pretended that he hadn’t noticed, and continued on his way. After eliminating the Yao Family, it was quite possible that some of their remnants were looking for revenge. However, with his current strength, Chen Xiang didn’t need to worry about revenge from these sorts of people .

Entering the forest ,Chen Xiang got off the horse, and bolted into the forest. He also intentionally slowed down a bit, so that those following him might be able to catch up. However, what made him think something strange was going on was the fact that the person following him didn’t take any actions and seemed to only be responsible for monitoring him.

“Could it be someone from Freewind Mountain guessed that I’ll arrive?” Suddenly, this thought sprung up in Chen Xiang’s mind, he speculated there might be an ambush ahead.

After entering deep into the forest, he suddenly found out that the one who was following him went around him and was now in front. This made Chen Xiang even more certain about an ambush ahead.

Sure enough, after running for a bit into the forest, he saw a man sitting in front him!

Not a single tree was planted nearby, and the spacious ground was littered with fallen leaves! However, there was a luxurious chair was placed, on which sat a handsome fellow.

“Song Nanming!” Chen Xiang coldly looked at the Crown Prince, who was once crippled by Chen Xiang. If not for a large number of good spirit herbs, the Crown Prince wouldn’t have been able to recover so fast.

Song Nanming appearing here only had one explanation, and that was Song Nanming and Jiudu Gang did indeed have a close relationship. Just after Chen Tianhu left Jiudu Gang, they had immediately sent a messaging eagle, so Song Nanming had time to come here.

According to Chen Xiang’s demeanour, after the poisoned Chen Tianhu fled, Chen Xiang would surely come for revenge. Because Song Nanming hated Chen Xiang, intercepting him halfway was also normal.

Once Chen Xiang thought about this, he knew he had been surrounded by many Jiudu Gang members who were prepared to use many hidden weapons laced with poison, however, he was still calm.

As an alchemist, he already had the ability to negate poison. Furthermore, he was in the 8th level of Mortal Martial Realm, so he had strong insight. Lastly, Song Nanming would not use the very same needle to plot against him.

Behind Song Nanming stood four robust man, their whole bodies exuding pure True Qi. From this, one could determine they were the Imperial Palace experts.

“Song Nanming, I didn’t expect you to team up with the Jiudu Gang! For the dignified Southern Martial Empire Crown Prince to actually have relations with this wicked force, if this is spread out, humph!” Chen Xiang sneered.

“Chen Xiang, your death is imminent , yet why are you so spirited? You’ll die, and then who will know about me and Jiudu Gang? Hahahaha…as long as I deal with you, when I become Emperor, I will definitely destroy your Chen Family! This is because I want to become the one true Emperor!” Song Nanming said with a maddening look.

The Southern Martial Empire’s Emperor was an Emperor in name only, although he managed the whole country, when the Chen and Yao Family matter occurred, he had no right to interfere, nor did had he the strength to do so. Therefore his authority was actually very limited.

Song Nanming was the Crown Prince, the next Emperor. With his extreme desire for power, he didn’t want to supressed by those martial arts families, so he had form relations with Jiudu Gang like forces. When the time was right, he planned to use these forces to secretly annihilate these families.

“Attack, we cannot allow him to make it alive out of here.” With Song Nanming yelling, a cold wind suddenly blew in the forest!


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