Chapter 66 – Exterminating Dragon Divine Martial Skill

Song Nanming, who was being escorted by the four Imperial Palace Experts behind him, vanished in the blink of an eye inside the forest.

A chilly wind came, and Chen Xiang saw large amounts of black mist suddenly appear around him. He immediately guarded his body with vibrant True Qi, transforming it into a Qi cover enveloping his body. He held his breath at the same time, because he knew that this was definitely a poisonous mist.

The poisonous mist had just arrived, enshrouding the place where Chen Xiang stood, covering him completely. Even under the broad daylight, it was pitch black around him. Suddenly, Chen Xiang’s eyebrows twitched as he sensed numerous things quickly flying towards him from all four directions.

Those were countless arrows as well as needles of varying length and thickness…

A variety of hidden weapons simultaneously flew over from all four directions. The previously dusky forest was now tightly covered and became even darker. This was similar to a rainstorm of poisonous hidden weapons that were currently flying towards Chen Xiang.

Previously, Chen Xiang had perceived many people around him, but he hadn’t expected them to simultaneously release this many hidden weapons in such a spectacular way! However, despite this being the case, Chen Xiang was still not the least bit afraid!

“No wonder Song Nanming is so certain of my death. If I was an ordinary 8th level or 9th level Mortal Martial Realm Expert, I’m afraid I would surely suffer!” Chen Xiang said in his heart. As the countless flying needles and arrows stabbed him, a large amount of invisible True Qi immediately burst out from his body.

This was the Universal Force created from the fusion of the five elements. This deep and terrifying power pervaded through a radius of several zhang. Those flying hidden weapons were now caught by this power, none of them were able to move an inch forward, entirely suspended in the air.

Countless flying needles and arrows were stopped by the Universal Force released by Chen Xiang. They were suspended in the air and pilled up of top of each other. It was as if a black wall was erected all around Chen Xiang.

“Hei Hei, no more huh! But this could still be counted as enough!” Chen Xiang laughed. He used [Tai Chi Divine Exercise] with both hard and soft characteristics, and released the Universal Force that held all of the hidden weapons suspended in place within the air.

At this time, Chen Xiang sensed that all the hidden people around him started to run away into the forest. A ruthless idea came to Chen Xiang… BOOM! The Universal True Qi surged out like tsunami from his body. Due to the sudden force, those hidden weapons, which were previously suspended in air, got blasted away along with the poisonous mist and flew out in all four directions.

In the blink of an eye, Chen Xiang’s location was now restored to the previous luminous forest. However, now there were waves after waves of pitiful screams emitted from the forest as if a devil was demanding for hundreds of lives.

“Truly reaping what you sowed!” Chen Xiang shook his head and sighed. He had extremely vibrant and powerful True Qi, as long as he could use it’s power properly, nothing was impossible for him. He simply didn’t need to pay any attention to hidden weapons.

Two group of flames appeared on Chen Xiang’s back, these intense flames soon transformed into a pair of giant wings!

In order to prevent Song Nanming from escaping, Chen Xiang had used the [Vermillion Bird Fire Wings]. These fire wings instantly pushed Chen Xiang upwards, like an eagle soaring in the sky.

Chen Xiang’s vision was like an eagle, even while flying high in the air, he could still clearly see everything on the ground. He soon was able to reach the road outside the forest where he previously left his horse, which was also the path back to the King City.

Chen Xiang, with his divine sense, flapped and controlled the [Vermillion Bird Fire-­Wings] and flew extremely quickly. It didn’t take long for him to catch up with Song Nanming!

Galloping on the horseback and speeding away, Song Nanming looked very excited because he finally was able to remove his greatest enemy. As long as his father, the Emperor, passed his throne to Song Nanming, he could carry out his plan. But at this time, he suddenly heard someone calling out his name!

“Song Nanming!” Chen Xiang shouted while up in air, .

Song Nanming thought he heard it wrong, but he once again heard a clear sound coming from high above. He, along with the four Imperial Palace Experts, raised their heads and looked up, they immediately saw a pair of fiery red wings appear up in the sky. Those pair of wings were extending from a person’s body, and that person was Chen Xiang.

Watching the wings formed from True Qi behind Chen Xiang, a shiver suddenly ran down along Song Nanming’s entire body, from the top of his head to the sole of his feet. Chen Xiang was still alive! Moreover, he was using a priceless True Qi wing martial skill!

Chen Xiang dived down from the sky, a large amount of terrifying azure True Qi suddenly appeared on his palm. Soon, a giant palm from True Qi was formed. Although Song Nanming and others were running, they were nothing more than rabbits struggling in a falcon’s grip.

Chen Xiang released the giant palm and fiercely struck down, pressing down on Song Nanming and all of the Imperial Palace Experts. This was the True Qi from someone in the 8th level Mortal Martial Realm, and it also contained azure lightning and aura wind. Under its terrifying power and momentum, Song Nanming and the others were seriously injured in blink of an eye. Man and horse were both pressed against the ground, the horses were instantly killed, while their riders were vomiting blood, struggling on the ground.

Chen Xiang arrived next to them while holding a long blade. Right in front of Song Nanming, Chen Xiang began beheading those Imperial Palace Experts one by one. Watching this horrific scene unfold in front of him, Song Nanming trembled from fear and even wet his pants.

Chen Xiang could kill Song Nanming unscrupulously, and he knew it. Death was right around the corner, and the air was filled with the strong stench of blood. Four heads were placed in front of Song Nanming, but in spite of the gory sight in front of him, what made him more frightened was that smile on Chen Xiang’s face combined with the thick Slaughter Qi emanating from his body.

“I didn’t even intend to pursue the matter from the previous Martial Art Tournament, but I also did not think you would plot to kill me! This is what you asked for!” Chen Xiang coldly said.

Song Nanming’s handsome face was twisted. He was seriously injured and didn’t have an ounce of strength to resist, but he still said with difficulty, “Young Master Chen, I…”

Before he even finished his sentence, Chen Xiang’s blade fell, separating Song Nanming’s head from his body. The Crown Prince had just been beheaded by Chen Xiang!

“Presumptuous guy, always making other people waste their energy!” Chen Xiang said with disdain. He took Song Nanming’s storage pouch and looked inside. In additions to tens of thousands of spirit coins, there was also a brand-new book.

Chen Xiang quickly took out the book and opened it. When he saw the words, (龙武), [Dragon Martial Technique], he was immediately delighted in his heart. He did not think that Song Nanming would actually carry around the [Dragon Martial Technique]!

Chen Xiang quickly put the [Dragon Martial Technique] inside the invisible ring so that Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou could study it.

The ancient [Dragon Martial Technique] could be considered a type of divine exercise. It was so powerful that even Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou were very interested in it.

“It’s just a part of the complete [Dragon Martial Technique]. It’s main portion is to guide the user in how to transform their True Qi transforming into Dragon’s Aura. Afterwards, with this Dragon Aura the user can cast out martial skills, it was exactly the same as the Dragon Aura Fist that you used before, that so called [Dragon Aura Fist] you previously stole from and used against Song Nanming was actually still not quite perfect. Furthermore, it could also be said that Song Nanming had not practised enough and was not proficient in this skill!” Su Meiyao said excitedly.

“There’s such a good martial skill and yet he didn’t practice enough. This Crown Price is simply a waste.” Those ice cold eyes of Bai Youyou was calmly staring at that book. Although it was handwritten, it was very detailed.

Chen Xiang was already missing some suitable martial techniques, as there weren’t many inside the [Divine Exercise of Four Symbols]. Furthermore, the few in there often required extremely vibrant True Qi to properly display their effects. Although the Chen Family may have a few decent martial techniques, Chen Xiang was not satisfied with them. Besides, the majority were not suited for his cultivation.

“Sister Meiyao, is there any difference between the [Dragon Martial Technique] and the [Azure Dragon Divine Exercise]?” Chen Xiang asked.

“They are completely different! The [Dragon Martial Technique] was personally created by a dragon! Meanwhile, the [Azure Dragon Divine Exercise] was created by a human in accordance with a dragon. According to ancient legends, it has been mentioned that the [Dragon Martial Technique] created by a dragon can fully display a dragon’s formidable power, even to the point where it is capable of killing other dragons! As such, it is also known as the [Exterminating Dragon Divine Martial Skill].” Su Meiyao said.

[Exterminating Dragon Divine Martial Skill]! Just from the name itself, Chen Xiang knew it was very formidable.

“So, the fragments of the [Dragon Martial Technique] should be scattered throughout the world, but if all of them were to be collected, that would mean that…” As Chen Xiang thought about this, he suddenly became very excited. However, he knew in his heart this would be very difficult to achieve.


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