Chapter 67 – Martial Spirit

Chen Xiang set fire to Song Nanming and the others to incinerate their bodies. What made him surprised was, that although the fire reduced them to ash, two Chi long golden bands of light remained.

[TLN: 1 Chi= ⅓ m]

“What is that?” Chen Xiang asked with uncertainty, and then consulted Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao.

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, who were both wearing black hoods, came out of the storage ring. They wore these outfits so no one would be able to see their appearances.

”It that a Martial Spirit?” In Bai Youyou’s ice cold voice, a sliver of surprise could be heard.

Su Meiyao leaned down and stroked it with her head, saying with certainty, “Yes, those are Martial Spirits!”

“What’s a Martial Spirit? Chen Xiang had never heard of such a thing.

“This thing has a unique property, what it is specifically is unclear. Anyway, it is bred out from True Qi, shaped by heaven and earth. If it is an ice martial spirit and fuses with your arm, even fire attributed True Qi, after passing through the ice martial spirit, will become ice cold True Qi.” said Su Meiyao.

Chen Xiang was surprised, “So you’re saying if someone who cannot release fire True Qi integrates a fire Marital Spirit into their arm, then they could release fire True Qi?”

Bai Youyou said, “Yes. So every Martial Spirit is very valuable and it is also why we cannot tell what attribute this Martial Spirit has.”

Chen Xiang just heard about this extremely precious treasure for the first time, which showed just how rare it was. But then why would Song Nanming have it?

“Having a Martial Spirit might not make much sense to you because you are able to freely release the five elements of True Qi, but you should keep for selling it later. You should be able to exchange it for a lot of good resources.” Su Meiyao took out a small jade bottle and using the [Tai Chi Divine Exercise], sucked in the Martial Spirit.

Chen Xiang flew up towards Freewind Mountain. Killing Song Nanming not only gave him the [Exterminating Dragon Divine Exercise], but also Martial Spirit. This harvest could be considered to be very big.

Using his divine sense, Chen Xiang asked Su Meiyao, “Sister Meiyao, can you tell me more about these Martial Spirit things? Is it really irrelevant and useless for me?”

Su Meiyao replied from the ring, “Of course not, there are many different kinds of Martial Spirits. In addition to the primary elemental Martial Spirits, there are also Beast Martial Spirits which have been congealed out by demon beasts, which is equally rare. The kind which is most useful to you would be a Fire Martial Spirit! It is able to change the very nature of the flames, allowing them to have a wide variety of properties, which is extremely helpful to alchemists.”

“However, Fire Spirits are very rare. I only know that my teacher has one and have never seen anyone else have one, I’ve only heard rumors that several strong individuals have one.”

Chen Xiang was secretly shocked. He heard from Su Meiyao’s mouth that people who have this Fire Martial Spirit were one of those extremely strong experts!

Freewind Mountain, although it was not very high, it was still a very big rock mountain. At the highest point, many houses were constructed, and at the hilltop there was a majestic palace hall. Chen Xiang had not expected that, such a place was actually the gathering place for the majority of dark forces.

Chen Xiang admired his father, who, with only the cultivation of the 8th level of the Mortal Martial Realm, dared to rush alone into such dark organization and also kill a lot of their important members.

Due to the pervious rush by Chen Tianhu, many people were patrolling at the foot of the mountain. This Freewind Mountain was way more heavily guarded than usual, but that wouldn’t matter to Chen Xiang. His father had previously beheaded many high-level members, so he was much more relaxed.

Chen Xiang already knew that the Jiudu Gang was very formidable and that they used all kinds of hidden weapons laced with poison. As long as he took the proper precautions against them, he simply had nothing to fear from this Jiudu Gang.

Before, Chen Xiang was attacked from all sides by thousands of hidden weapons. Yet none of them even mattered to him, those hidden weapons were not even slightly effective against him.

One Jiudu Gang member saw Chen Xiang coming out from inside the mountain forest. He immediately unsheathed the sword on his waist, shouting, “Who is it!?”

“Chen Xiang!”

When the Jiudu Gang members saw this handsome teenager burst out a oppressive Slaughter Qi while he spoke, they could not help but be alarmed. They had no doubt that this teenage was the rumoured Chen Xiang!

Chen Xiang’s eyes, containing immense Slaughter Qi, swept through the group. Suddenly, those Jiudu Gang Members waved both of their arms quickly, as numerous steel needles of varying sizes flew out from their hands. Under the illumination of the sunlight, they all flashed with an intermittent cold aura.

Just as Chen Xiang expected, most of the Jiudu Gang members used hidden weapons. If it was any ordinary martial artist, they would have difficulty guarding against these attacks and would be easily killed by these people.

But for Chen Xiang, they simply did not pose that much of a threat. His eyebrows just simply rose while hot aura Qi surged out from his body, forming a shield that wrapped around his body. Those steel needles were stopped in their tracks by the shield.

Watching the sharp steel needles, Chen Xiang coldly smiled and emitted a powerful divine sense. He controlled those countless steel needles, making them turn around, pointing directly onto those Jiudu Gang members.

“Creating all these steel needles shouldn’t be that easy right? Here, I’ll return them all back to you!” Chen Xiang sneered, as the countless steel needles fell like a rainstorm towards the Jiudu Gang members.

The Jiudu Gang members weren’t able to react properly in time, and easily got pierced by the countless different steel needles, all of them resembling a human hedgehog.

Afterwards, what Chen Xiang saw made his scalp tingle. Not far from him, those 40 to 50 people, after they were pierced by their steel needles, suddenly turned black. These people emitted the most miserable screams he had ever heard as their bodies slowly melted turning into a black pool of blood.

This blood was full of poison, not only their bodies, but even their clothes weren’t spared as they melted. Slowly, the stones beside them and even those steel needles disappeared, showing just how terribly powerful this poison was.

“This Jiudu Gang cannot be allowed to remain!” Chen Xiang said with a frown. He released a large amount of flames, incinerating the poisonous blood, before he flew towards the hilltop.

Just a moment ago, when Chen Xiang and the Jiudu Gang members acted, the intermittent ring of bells came from the hilltop. Chen Xiang knew that he had been discovered, but still headed towards the hilltop.

Arriving at the top of the hill, surprisingly, there was no one there. When he entered the majestic palace hall, he saw a person covered in a full black robe inside the luxurious large hall. But suddenly behind this figure, a large crowd appeared that surrounded him. Their numbers could be counted in thousands.

“Is your father dead!?” One white haired, dwarf, ugly old man came out, and asked in a very ugly voice.

“Nope, alive and well!” Chen Xiang calmly replied. This reply made the ugly dwarf old man’s eye fiercely shoot open. Chen Xiang determined this old man should be the Jiudu Gang Chief.

“Humph, in that case, did you come here to court death?” The Jiudu Gang Chief coldly said. When he looked at Chen Xiang, the expression in his eyes seemed to be looking at a dead man.

“I did not come here to die. I came here to collect your life.” Chen Xiang solemnly stated, his complexion and tone were completely serious.


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