Chapter 69 – Surprise

The other party was at the 10th level of the Mortal Martial Realm, which would be Chen Xiang’s first time facing an expert of this level. Moreover, the expert was a disciple of a Martial Arts Sect. Yet there was not an ounce of fear in his heart, on the contrary he was rather excited because he hadn’t met a decent opponent for quite awhile now.

“What do you want me to do, surrender?” Chen Xiang asked and, though he looked serious, he still gave off a very calm feeling, which made even Jiu Duzi slightly surprised.

“The Thousand Vein Fruit, the Thousand Year Beast Dan, the Hell Spirit Grass, your cultivating martial skill, as well as all of your pills… Give them all to me.” Jiu Duzi’s eyes were filled with greed, because these things, even inside a Martial Arts Sect, were very precious and he believed that he wouldn’t be able to get them anytime soon.

“Come and collect it yourself.” Chen Xiang pursed his lips, as a sliver of a smile could be found on his face and his previously grim face was suddenly full of soaring war intention, as Slaughter Qi valiantly soared from his robust body.

Seeing the change in Chen Xiang’s appearance, Jiu Duzi was startled, because, mere moments ago, Chen Xiang had looked like someone whose True Qi was almost depleted!

“Humph, callow brat! A youngling like you dares to try and run rampant in front of me.” Jiu Duzi waved his hand and a blackish poisonous powder immediately surged out from his sleeve. It transformed into a fierce wind and blew towards Chen Xiang. At such a close range, Chen Xiang was simply unable to react in time and he was, in the blink of an eye, drowned by the billowing black poisonous wind.

“Brat, the Hundred Poison Sect is one of the five Devil Sects and specializes in poisons, they don’t have any powerful martial skills. Even though he is in the 10th level of the Mortal Martial Realm, he cannot even utilize half of the usual strength of a 10th level Mortal Martial Realm practitioner. As long as you can deal with the poison they use on you, it is easy to deal with them.” In Chen Xiang’s mind Bai Youyou’s voice appeared.

Previously, Chen Xiang had learnt several methods of resisting poison from the two beauties beforehand. At this point, the vibrant wood attribute True Qi wrapped Chen Xiang’s entire body like a cocoon, however, the poisonous powder was still able to seep in. If his True Qi was not vibrant enough and wasn’t resisting the poisonous air internally and externally, he would’ve been poisoned. This shows how fearsome the Hundred Poison Sect are when using their poisons.

Chen Xiang’s body suddenly shook as the poisonous mist shrouding his body was dispersed. It was even blown away towards Jiu Duzi, while at the same time Chen Xiang took one step and arrived in front of Jiu Duzi. He opened his mouth and roared, casting [Azure Dragon Roar] which started spewing Lightning Qi Aura, and accompanied the poisonous mist to attack Jiu Duzi.

After he finished casting [Azure Dragon Roar], Chen Xiang then cast [Dragon Aura Fist]. His True Qi transformed into a Dragon Aura. Using this Dragon Aura, he punched out a [Heavenly Tiger Storm Killing Fist]. After this frightening Dragon Qi Aura was released, it generated fearsome Qi Aura explosions, one after another.

Jiu Duzi simply didn’t expect Chen Xiang to resist his poison and even more, to counter attack him at lightning speed, furthermore with such a fearsome True Qi. In the blink of an eye, together with his own poisonous mist, dozen or so blows from Cheng Xiang had struck his body. Each fist that was struck on Jiu Duzi’s body, produced a fearsome Qi explosion, which made even the ground tremble. Leaves started to fall from the nearby trees due to the aftershock, while Jiu Duzi vomited a mouthful of blood.

At any rate, Jiu Duzi was also a 10th level Mortal Martial Realm martial practitioner. Though he often used poison, his True Qi was still very vibrant, so he still had a certain level control over his True Qi. He was capable of quickly resisting Chen Xiang’s violent and fearsome punches with his vibrant True Qi.

“Well brat, I underestimated you! But do not look down on me quite yet!” While Jiu Duzi spoke, he released dozens of pitch black snickersnees, which pierced through the air and flew towards Chen Xiang.

[TLN: Snickersnee: A large sword-like knife.]

Chen Xiang quickly moved his True Qi and released an Aura Wall in front of him, blocking the pitch black snickersnees. But a snickersnee is unlike the previous poisonous needles and weren’t so easy to deal with. Surprisingly, these snickersnees, that contained poison, slowly penetrated his Aura Wall. Not far away Jiu Duzi was controlling these snickersnees with his divine sense.

“Brat, you’re still too tender! Explode!” Jiu Duzi sneered and at that exact moment the snickersnees exploded. A powerful Qi aura burst out from them, while these snickersnees turned out to be somewhat special. Unexpectedly, compressed Qi Aura could be poured into them, so when they exploded, Chen Xiang’s Aura Wall was taken along with them, moreover a black poisonous mist burst out.

This Jiu Duzi had endless means and it was virtually impossible to guard against all of them. If it was any other 10th level Mortal Martial Realm expert, they certainly would have been killed.

“The people we both have previously encountered are very different. The people you met, though you can easily defeat them, they’re still nothing in my eyes.” Jiu Duzi gradually walked towards Chen Xiang. The power generated by the explosion of those snickersnees caused Chen Xiang to fly before he was smashed into the ground.

Jiu Duzi thought Chen Xiang had been seriously injured and also poisoned. He didn’t expect at all that Chen Xiang would suddenly bounce back from the ground and rush towards him like a bolt of lightning. Chen Xiang’s right hand transformed into a dragon claw, this incredibly sharp claw was congealed out by using his Azure Dragon Aura Qi, which was capable of destroying even the strongest of defences.

Like a lightning bolt, Chen Xiang suddenly swooped towards him. Jiu Duzi was simply defenseless, all he could do in time, was to mobilize his true Qi to reduce the damage as much as possible. Yet, he still underestimated Chen Xiang’s Azure Dragon Claw, which, to his surprise, directly stabbed into his abdomen!

“[Engulfing Devil Skill]!” Chen Xiang cried in his heart, operating the frightening devil skill passed down by Bai Youyou, engulfing the 10th level Mortal Martial Realm Jiu Duzi’s True Qi!

Jiu Duzi was greatly shocked in his heart, as he could feel how his vibrant True Qi was rapidly pouring out of his wounds. He could see on Chen Xiang’s handsome face that it was now abruptly covered with hideous blue veins, and he could sense that his True Qi was directly pouring into these blue veins.

Chen Xiang was engulfing his True Qi. Jiu Duzi panicked, every Devil Sect members aspired for this type of devil skill, but these type of Devil Skills are only owned by devil path sects. However, at this moment, Jiu Duzi was personally experiencing it!

“You!!!” Jiu Duzi roared, as he took another snickersnee out and madly stabbed it towards Chen Xiang, but Chen Xiang, before he had casted the [Engulfing Devil Technique], had released his strongest Qi Aura defence around his body, because it was harder for him to gather his own True Qi while he was engulfing Jiu Duzi’s True Qi, thereby reducing his power greatly.

Boundless True Qi madly surged into Chen Xiang’s internal body, violently surging into his meridians. This wildly flowing True Qi caused incessant pain in his meridians, but on the other hand Jiu Duzi’s complexion was turning increasingly white, and the strength of his whole body was becoming weaker and weaker. In the blink of an eye more than half of his True Qi was gone!

Chen Xiang extracted his right hand from Jiu Duzi’s abdomen, while fiercely punching out with his left hand. Tyrannical True Qi surged out and bombarded on Jiu Duzi’s body, breaking open his thin and flat body.

Jiu Duzi wasn’t dead yet, as that skinny and hideous face of his was filled with fear, anger and despair, all at the same time “You…….. What did you do to me………. I don’t…….. I don’t have my True Qi……..That is dozens of years of my cultivation…… Gone……”

“Go die already!” Chen Xiang punched out in the air and a tyrannical True Qi transformed into black Qi Aura which struck Jiu Duzi’s body. The upper half of his body almost exploded, as it turned into many bits and pieces.

Chen Xiang picked up Jiu Duzi’s storage pouch and hastily flew away. His body couldn’t withstand the new internal tyrannical True Qi, which was raging inside his meridians and Five Zhang and Six Fu, his face was ashen.

“Brat, I already told you that you should not engulf someone whose strength is much stronger than your own, if you aren’t able to control this engulfed power your body will explode and you will perish.” Bai Youyou coldly shouted, her voice was full of anger but there was a sliver of concern within it.

“Sister Youyou, do not worry, I’ve a sense of proportion!” Chen Xiang operated the [Tai Chi Divine Exercise], refining as much as possible of the engulfed True Qi, along with swallowing many pills, which could help him in refining the True Qi.


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