Chapter 70 – Inheritance Bead

Bai Youyou was very pissed off, but now was not the time to teach him a lesson.

“Quickly find a place and carefully refine it!” Bai Youyou instructed, her ice cold voice sounded somewhat anxious, which made Chen Xiang’s heart feel a little warm. He suddenly felt somewhat guilty for not remembering Bai Youyou’s advice, even though she had insisted on it so many times.

Chen Xiang went deep into the mountain forest, and prepared to refine the engulfed tyrannical True Qi above a giant tree. This True Qi rejected him after entering his body because this True Qi wasn’t originally his, thus becoming maniacally oppressive, and if it was not suppressed, then it would soon blast him to death.

Fortunately the situation itself wasn’t all that bad. Although Jiu Duzi was in 10th level Mortal Martial Realm, his True Qi was not so pure, moreover his True Qi didn’t possess any kind of attribute.

The Tai Chi Yin and Yang diagram within Chen Xiang quickly started spinning, sucking that muddy True Qi inside the Tai Chi diagram for refinement. Immediately after that, pure white True Qi started to shoot towards the five balls of different attributed True Qi breeding above the Tai Chi diagram.

“Meiyao sister, what do I do next? I feel that these five True Qi balls aren’t able to assimilate that much True Qi in any way possible.” Chen Xiang asked.

“Compress them and congeal a form! Congeal five different shapes from these five elements True Qi balls.” Su Meiyao immediately replied.

“So I’m going to enter the 9th level of the Mortal Martial Realm, The True Form Realm?” Chen Xiang asked. Compressing the True Qi and congealing out a form was done to enter the 9th level of the Mortal Martial Realm.

“Not so fast, since you want to condensate the form from all five True Qi balls, and you’re also cultivating the [Divine Exercise of Four Symbols], then you should congeal the Azure Dragon, the White Tiger, the Vermillion Bird and the Black Tortoise, these four entities!” Su Meiyao instructed.

Chen Xiang frowned and said, “But I don’t know the true appearance of these four divine beasts, so how am I going to congeal their appearance? Moreover my main cultivation exercise is the [Tai Chi Divine Exercise], so shouldn’t my True Form be relevant with my main exercise?”

“The [Divine Exercise of Four Symbols] is a branch exercise of the [Tai Chi Divine Exercise], the [Tai Chi Divine Exercise] and the [Divine Exercise of Four Symbols] have the very same mnemonics for congealing out shapes for entering the 9th level of the Mortal Martial Realm, so if you follow according to my previous mnemonics, naturally, you’ll be able to congeal the four divine beast forms.” Su Meiyao spoke.

[TLN:Mnemonics: chanting sutra]

After listening to what Su Meiyao said, he immediately thought about the one seemingly common mnemonics of the [Divine Exercise of Four Symbols] and the [Tai Chi Divine Exercise] which he couldn’t completely understand. Su Meiyao once said that this was the most crucial mnemonics, however, she hadn’t told him that this mnemonics was responsible for congealing the True Form.

Chen Xiang immediately started operating the exercise according to the mnemonics, letting the True Qi flow into his dantian according to the predescribed method. He first decided to congeal the Azure Dragon beast form, and he started compressing a large amount of True Qi to congeal this form. During this process, a large amount of True Qi was compressed together, and because of this, True Qi continuously exploded. Due to these small explosions there was a qualitative change in his True Qi, making the True Qi much more vibrant and intrepid.

An entire day went by, and above the Tai Chi Diagram in Chen Xiang’s dantian there was True Qi, in the form of a snake, dancing. Currently it was only an embryonic form and had not fully taken form yet, so one couldn’t see the minutiae of the Azure Dragon on it yet.

“Your True Form has just taken shape, so it’s not the genuine and final form, only after reaching the 10th level of the Mortal Martial Realm, The Complete Realm, will the True Form within your body be lifelike. You must separately compress all five attributed True Qi into a form, and then only can you consider yourself to have advanced into the 9th level of the Mortal Martial Realm!” Su Meiyao continued.

Chen Xiang nodded his head and continued to cultivate…………

The next morning, warm morning light shone onto the branches and the leaves above Chen Xiang’s body. Chen Xiang gradually opened his eyes and gently sighed, as currently he was only able to congeal two True Qi forms.

The Azure Dragon and the Vermillion Bird forms were extremely fuzzy, but they were molded by compressing a large amount of True Qi, so they were much more vibrant than before.

Originally the True Qi ball was like a small bead in a very big space, containing a few hundreds of rice grain sized True Qi inside them, but now that very small bead contained tens of thousands of rice grain sized True Qi in them, but this was just the initial state. If one really wanted to congeal a lifelike True Qi form, then at that time one needed to compress hundreds of thousands of this rice grain sized True Qi in that tiny little space inside.

“Only two True Qi forms!” Chen Xiang inspected the interior of his dantian and was slightly disappointed, while watching the snake form and the bird form spreading its wings above the Tai Chi diagram.

“It’s enough. That guy’s True Qi had a large amount of impurities, and after refining it and compressing it, not much of it remained.” Su Meiyao spoke.

“Humph, next time don’t do it again!” Bai Youyou angry voice sounded out, making Chen Xiang’s whole body tremble.

Chen Xiang immediately smiled apologetically and said, “Youyou,sister, I was wrong, there will be no next time.”

“I know that you wouldn’t dare do it again” Bai Youyou crooned.

Although he hadn’t entered the 9th level of the Mortal Martial Realm, Chen Xiang still felt that his strength had been enhanced by quite a lot as the small explosions that were generated during the compression of his True Qi had enhanced the quality of his True Qi.

Chen Xiang previously could blow up a tree with a rice grain sized True Qi, but now with the very same amount of True Qi he was able to blow up ten trees. This was because a grain of his current True Qi was made by compressing ten grains of the previous True Qi, steeply improving its quality. This was the result of his constant cultivation. This compression of True Qi was simply boundless and the more he wished to exceed the previous quality, the more he must try to compress it even further. But this compression process was very arduous, because it requires the absorption of large amounts of Spirit Qi and converting it into True Qi.

Chen Xiang asked, “Meiyao sister, using the [Divine Exercise of Four Symbols] I can only congeal four forms, yet I’ve five elements of True Qi, what form will my Earth True Qi congeal?”

“In the [Tai Chi Divine Exercise] there is a divine elephant! However, when I was congealing its form, I chose to congeal a lotus.”

An Elephant! Chen Xiang felt a burst of joy in his heart, because in his mind, the elephant was the most powerful beast.

Chen Xiang was still sitting on the top of the tree, and because Jiudu Gang had been dealt with, this area was now safe. It was at this time that he took out Jiu Duzi’s storage pouch, and looked inside to find if there was anything valuable.

There were a lot of items inside, however, the majority of these things were similar to the poisonous needle hidden weapon. Poisonous powders, poisonous herbs were also present, and there were some antidotes and dans. There were also some large spirit coins, and all of these things were useful to Chen Xiang, because if he was to encounter any form of danger on the path that was laid ahead of him, these hidden weapons and poisonous herbs could be used to attack others, which made it a pretty good harvest.

Chen Xiang also found a square jade box inside the storage pouch. He took the jade box out, but when he tried to open it, he found to his surprise, that he wasn’t able to open it.

“Try using your divine sense. There must be something inside this jade box, and only with a strong divine sense will you be able to open it.” Su Meiyao spoke, as although she was inside the ring, she was still able to see outside.

Chen Xiang immediately poured his divine sense into the jade box, but he was immediately panic-stricken. This jade box was like a bottomless pit, moreover, it was engulfing his divine sense, and even when he wanted to retrieve his divine sense, he found that it took him a lot of effort to do so.

After a few seconds, Chen Xiang felt dizzy, but at this time the jade box stopped engulfing his divine sense and automatically opened. Chen Xiang only saw a walnut sized jade pearl inside it, and this jade pearl was also placed upon a yellow divine beast’s skin!

At this point, Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao came out from inside the ring and they stood on a thick branch at the giant tree top next to Chen Xiang, intently watching the thing that was in Chen Xiang’s hands.

“This is an inheritance bead, as long as your consciousness enters this inheritance bead, you’ll be able to receive the message that is inside.” said Su Meiyao. She took out the beast skin padding below the inheritance bead, and the beast skin had been folded over many times, so after unfolding it open, it was very large.

“So in other words, this bead contains information that was left behind by other people?” Chen Xiang asked.

“Right, some sect’s deans use this kind of method. A majority of the deans pass down their martial skills in this way, so this inheritance bead may contain a martial skill or an alchemy experience left behind by others.” Bai Youyou said.

Chen Xiang felt delighted in his heart, as he had not expected that Jiu Duzi would actually possess this kind of a treasure. He immediately poured his consciousness inside the inheritance jade pearl. Immediately after, a large amount of information suddenly surged into his mind, and after reading all of the information in his mind, his face was full of ecstasy.


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