Chapter 71 – New Road

“What is inside the inheritance bead?” Su Meiyao seeing Chen Xiang so happy, quickly asked.

“Hei hei, it is Refiners scroll, and it also contains some refiner’s experience!” Chen Xiang laughed. The demand for refiners was much more than the demand for an alchemists, and low level refiners could be found everywhere, but there were only few Grand Refiners, who were capable of refining formidable equipments. These people were like alchemists in reputation.

But after Chen Xiang saw that Refiners scroll, he was suddenly very confident that it would allow him to become a formidable refiner. Of course though, he would still have to put more practice into it than alchemy.

Su Meiyao took the inheritance bead and after taking a glance, on her face emerge out a charming smile: “This is a really good thing. There actually is a tutorial for refining brilliant grade weapons. Moreover there are many schematics, so you better try to have a good grasp of it.”

“Of course.” Chen Xiang said with a smile, “What is painted on the beast skin?”

“It is a map.” said Su Meiyao, and at the same time she handed over the inheritance bead to Bai Youyou letting Bai Youyou take a look at it.

“What map?” Chen Xiang quickly asked.

“A map leading to a herbal garden, but to open this herbal garden you need a key, and method to refine this key is inside the inheritance bead.” Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang quickly went through all the information that entered his mind inside just a moment ago, and soon found the refining method for the key. The materials required were very easy to find, but the difficult part was engraving the complex Spirit Veins on the key.

“The key is in my hand, it fell off while opening the map.” Bai Youyou spread her white palm, only to see a small key with the size of a finger, while being covered in golden patterns. Those Spirit Veins were producing bizarre power, and these patterns were created only after numerous years of research by countless refiners.

All equipments must have Spirit Veins on them, otherwise it would be just an ordinary grade equipment. Chen Xiang’s Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace had many complex Spirit Veins inside and outside of it, and this was the reason which allowed the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace to have that bizarre power.

[Editor’s Note: Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace changed to Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace. WE’ll change it in the previous chapters as well once we reach them. Sorry for the inconvenience:/]

The majority of Spirit Veins are only passed down, and as long as the Spirit Veins are precisely carved upon the equipments during its refinement, then it can be considered successful. This is not that difficult and that’s also why there are many refiners.

“This thing looks like it is many years old, and if the garden is still there, then maybe there will be a lot of mature spirit herbs.” Su Meiyao laughed.

Chen Xiang nods his head and asked, “This herbal garden is where?”

“It’s on the way to the Extreme Martial Sect, so it seems you have to leave early for the Extreme Martial Sect. If this herbal garden has a lot of spirit herbs, then you should be able to enter the 9th level of the Mortal Martial Realm.” said Su Meiyao.

Finally going to Extreme Martial Sect!

Chen Xiang was slightly excited: “I’ll go back now and settle everything, and bid farewell to my father.”

After returning to the Chen family, Chen Xiang first went to Chen Tianhu, and seeing Chen Xiang returned safely and in one piece, Chen TIanhu let loose a big breath.

“Good, you were able to come back.” said Chen Tianhu with face full of affection.

“Dad, your complexion has recovered a lot, this is a detoxication dan, after you take it, it‘ll allow you to recover quickly.” Chen Xiang said with a smile and then threw a bottle to Chen Tianhu. This dan bottle he obtained from Jiu Duzi could detoxify a majority of the poisons.

Chen Tianhu did not ask how Chen Xiang dealt with the Jiudu Gang, as he knew that if Chen Xiang could bring back the antidote then the Jiudu Gang was no more. He clearly knew Chen Xiang’s style of doing things.

“Dad, it’s about time for me to depart.” and although Chen Xiang said this with a face full of smiles, but in his heart he was very sad.

Chen Tianhu slightly sighed, and then said with a smile, “Yes, you ought to go because there you’ll be able to fully realize your potential, and by allowing our Chen family to have a foothold in the King city, you’ve already contributed too much to the family.”

“Dad, I’m leaving!” Chen Xiang stood up, walk towards Chen Tianhu and hugged him.

“En, you’ve grown up, I’m very relieved! Take care!” Chen Tianhu was completely sad. While he patted Chen Xiang’s back, he knew that after Chen Xiang left to go to those Martial Arts sects, it was possible that he would only come back after many years.

Chen Xiang gave Chen Tianhu some Mortal Level High Grade dans, then left the Chen family, and rushed straight to the Dan King Hall, after which he bid farewell to Chen Luzhong and Meng Bo, embarking on his way to the Extreme Martial Sect.

While parting Chen Xiang felt a little melancholic, but he was also very looking forward to again meeting them in the future, as he believed at that time he, his father and the whole Chen family would have earth shaking changes!

Chen Xiang from afar looked at King city, and looking at one of strongest city in the secular world where many strong experts reside, countless emotion surged in his heart, as although there were many experts inside the city, but compared with those Martial Arts Sect, it can be considered as nothing!

“Xianxian, here I come!” Looking at the distant mountain range stretching ten thousand Li Chen Xiang clenched his fist, and fiercely broke into a gallop.

If he wanted to go to the Extreme Martial Sect, then he would have to pass through the mountain forest frequented by a large amount of demon beasts. It was a long way to go, full of danger, but as long as he safely reached the other side of the forest, he would have reached the place with plenty of Spirit Qi, and that is the location of those Martial Arts Sects.

The secular world and the gathering location of all martial arts experts, was separated by a very large mountain range, and any weak person who entered this mountain range will meet their end.

“Meiyao sister, how is the research going for that [Dragon Slayer Divine Martial Skill]? Is it any good?” Chen Xiang asked, as he now urgently wanted to learn more powerful martial skills.

“Rest assured. Wait for me and senior sister to thoroughly research this book, and at that time we’ll tell you how to learn the previous Dragon Martial Technique again, so do not worry.” Su Meiyao replied.

Having these two mysterious beauty as companions, Chen Xiang was very happy, and they were equivalent to his teachers, always patiently guiding him and even helping him conquer the miseries of cultivation.

Chen Xiang had already memorized the route to the herbal garden, and after he entered the piece of forest as similar to a big mountain, it was very easy for him to find the starting point of the route, as a seemingly gourd shaped mountain was present in front of him, which was the first route marker.

In order to find that herbal garden more quickly, Chen Xiang used [Vermillion Bird Firewings], and he spread his wings and soared high into the sky. The Vermillion Bird Fire True Qi of his has already congealed out a form, and thus after the compression, his True Qi was much more vibrant, so he did not have to worry about his True Qi suddenly running out.

In order to not let anyone find him flying in the sky, Chen Xiang entered the layers of clouds, and hid himself inside of it.

His speed of flying was too quick, and all of a sudden he entered the depths of that mountain forest. Moreover, this way he could also avoid some of the demon beasts, and although he did not fear the demon beasts, avoiding some of the problems along the way was rather convenient.

The location of the herbal garden was very dangerous and also hidden inside the mountain range, located in one of the small valleys inside. Chen Xiang had been rushing for three days on the road, and only after this period of time did he see that mountain valley, but inside that mountain valley there was nothing.

Chen Xiang swooped down from the sky and landed inside the mountain valley, and although this place’s scenery was very beautiful, there were poisonous miasma drifting outside the mountain valley as well there being various poisonous weeds.

There was one cave inside the mountain valley, which was indicated on the map, and although Chen Xiang looked around for a bit and then found that cave, this cave was blocked by tall weeds. He took out a long knife and chopped off those weeds, then cautiously entered the cave, taking out a torch for illumination.

“This damn place is hidden, if there was no map, it would be really difficult to find.” Chen Xiang muttered, as he could not understand why this herbal garden was inside the cave.

After entering the depths of the cave, Chen Xiang was blocked by an iron door, and he tried a bit to open it, but no matter how hard he tried, he was not able to shake that iron door. Also, regardless of how much strength he used to strike that iron door, the cave didn’t even shake a little bit, and if he was attacking an ordinary mountain, it would have collapsed into large pieces long ago.

“This door should be absorbing your power. Honestly, use the key to open it.” said Su Meiyao.

Chen Xiang quickly found the keyhole on the door. He inserted the key, turns it, and heard the ‘Kacha’ sound, as the iron door gradually opened, a dazzling light shone from inside out.

With the opening of the iron gate, Chen Xiang was completely shocked by the scenery inside!


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