Chapter 72 – Big Harvest

Unexpectedly inside the iron gate wasn’t a pitch-black mountainside, on the contrary, it was filled with spirit herbs and spirit trees, and this beautiful mountain valley was filled with bright light!

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou quickly came out, and after they saw this, confusion was clearly visible on their faces.

“All the spirit herbs here are more than a thousand years old!” Su Meiyao said.

Thousand Year Ginseng, Thousand Year Spirit Grass, Thousand Year Profound Spirit Ginseng, Thousand Year Earth Spirit Grass………………Although some of these spirit herbs were auxiliary in nature, but after all, they were more than a thousand years old, and now many of these looked like a big turnip. Chen Xiang estimated there were a few hundred of these herbs!

“There are almost twenty Metal Spirit Fruits, and 1000 Vein Fruits, and there are also more than a hundred Purple Spirit Fruit………….Fuc*******, this father is not dreaming ah!” Chen Xiang cried out loud with surprise, and his heart was fiercely beating because he was incessantly excited.

Although a Purple Spirit Fruit was not as precious as a Metal Spirit Fruit, but it was still very expensively sold in the market, as it was one of the main herbs in refining a type of spirit pill.

“Humph, why’re you so happy with only this small amount? What a bumpkin!” Bai Yuoyuo coldly said.

Chen Xiang curled his lips and said, “I know that the two sister’s origin is out of the ordinary, and of course in your eyes these things are nothing, but currently for me they are all nothing but treasures.”

“Quickly help me pick all of these spirit herbs. It should be enough for me to refine Spirit Level Dans.” Chen Xiang excitedly said. Currently he didn’t know how to refine Spirit Level Dans, and he knew that he would definitely fail many times, but in this herbal garden there were many auxiliary spirit herbs, so they could allow him to save a lot of his expenses.

Only someone like Chen Xiang would make the two peerless beauties work in the field which also made Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou secretly despise him.

“I’m not a man, and this beauty is used to pain but not used to the dirty work.” Although these words were on Su Meiyao’s mouth, she still started to pick those spirit herbs which were more than a thousand years old.

“Humph, do not be loquacious.” Bai Youyou snorted, making Chen Xiang immediately shut up, as he did not dare to offend this frosty beauty.

After half a day’s worth of time, the majority of the spirit herbs which were thousands of years old, in this herbal garden, had already been harvested, and stored inside the residence of Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou inside the storage ring.

“There are 120 Purple Spirit Fruits, more than twenty Metal Spirit Fruits and 1000 Vein Fruit, which should be enough for me to refine the Foundation Building Dan!” A big grin was visible on Chen Xiang’s face as the Foundation Building Dan was not only useful for people entering the True Martial Realm, but was even taken by people who had already entered the True Martial Realm as this pill can allow them to raise their power level, so it was a very useful Profound Level Dan!

[ED: If names for Dans and stuff change please forgive us. The names will also change in previous chapters once we reach them]

The High-Grade Spirit Level True Elemental Dan was already considered to be very precious, not to mention the Profound Level Dan which was even a grade above the Spirit Level.

However, Chen Xiang was not currently anxious about the issue of whether he was capable of refining it as it would take a long time for him to learn how to refine High Grade Spirit Level Dans, not to mention refining Profound Level Dans.

Inside the herb garden, some of the spirit herbs were in their growth period, and all these herbs which were auxiliary in nature, were also several hundred years old. Chen Xiang was in no hurry to pick them, as of now he had hundreds of thousand years old spirit herbs. Moreover all of them were very big.

“There are lot of powerful arrays inside this herbal garden, that can not only allow sunlight to shine through this thick rock, but can also gather a large amount of Spirit Qi, which allows this herbal garden to breed these spirit herbs. It seems that the man who created it certainly must have left the Mortal Martial World.” said Su Meiyao while looking at this beautiful mountainside.

Leaving the Mortal Martial World meant that they had the power to break through space! Chen Xiang was also very much secretly yearning for it, but if he wanted to get to that state, he did not know which year or month he would reach such a stage.

“Chen Xiang, here you can be at ease and calmly cultivate, and enter the 9th level of the Mortal Martial Realm. Once you’re done you can again leave for the Extreme Martial Sect.” said Bai Youyou, looking like a high and might empress while she was wearing a dress shining with a golden aura, which looked noble and elegant as the soft sunlight shone upon it.

Chen Xiang bought this dress for her. Moreover, she liked to wear it a lot, and now that her and Su Meiyao could wear these beautiful clothes and bathe in sunlight, this made them feel very joyous. However, if it wasn’t as a last resort, then they didn’t want to stay inside that ring.

Chen Xiang now needed a massive amount of True Qi to congeal out the forms for the other three attributes of True Qi, and it should be known that he engulfed one 10th level Mortal Martial Realm practitioner, but he was only able to form two of the attributes of his True Qi. One should then consider how much True Qi he needed to transform the other three attributes True Qi into their forms.

The Spirit Qi in this herbal garden was very rich, and in addition to that Chen Xiang also had the Yin and Yang Divine Veins. Chen Xiang closed his eyes, and he imagined himself in a Spirit Qi sea that was simply absorbing the Spirit Qi. Even after all this, it would still take quite a long time for him to enter the 9th level of the Mortal Martial Realm.

Now Chen Xiang knew why the people who entered the 9th level of the Mortal Martial Ream in the secular world are at an old age. This was because of the severely sparse Spirit Qi in the secular world!

“Now you should start learning how to refine a True Qi Dan! During the day time you should refine them while at night, you should eat those dans. At the same time as when you digest its potency, you must also absorb the Spirit Qi.” said Su Meiyao, who then began passing her experience of refining the True Qi Dan to Chen Xiang.

The Grand Elemental Dan was a High Grade Mortal Level Dan, which was capable of producing a large amount of True Qi, and thereby improving the speed of cultivation! The True Qi Dan was much better than the Grand Elemental Dan, as it was a Low Grad Spirit Level Dan, and was also one of the most popular dans in Martial Arts Sects.

The True Elemental Dan was a High Grade Spirit Level Dan, similarly also capable of producing True Qi, but was a lot more expensive than the True Qi Dan, and ordinary people cannot even afford it.

The True Qi Dan required only one main herb, and that was the Purple Spirit Fruit! Currently, Chen Xiang had more than 120 of these, and also had a lots of auxiliary spirit herbs, which generally only needed to be five hundred years old, but if thousand years old auxiliary herbs were used to refine the dan instead, then only a little bit of it would be needed and it would also be very cost-effective.

Chen Xiang took a deep breath, and started digesting the alchemy experience passed on by Su Meiyao. Afterwards, he began sorting the herbs, separating each set from one another, and from this he would know how many times he had failed since he started.

Chen Xiang took out his Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace, and Bai Youyou immediately rushed to a distant area, while quietly chatting with Su Meiyao, as their sisterly bond was very good. Although Bai Youyou was cold, she was very good to Chen Xiang and Su Meiyao, but if it was anyone else, she would be disinclined to pay any attention to them, let alone talk to them.

Not long after Chen Xiang began, he failed, and purple smoke burst out from the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace. On the 2nd try, he failed once again…………..and until the tenth try. Only then had he entered the intermediate alchemical stage, and at this stage he had to bake all the herbs into herbal powder, and started fusing the herbal powder and herbal Spirit Qi. But at this stage, he failed once again!

“Goddamnit, this Purple Spirit Herb is like one bad apple spoiling the whole bunch. Ah, I always fail, and this Purple Spirit Fruit is the root of my trouble.” Chen Xiang complainingly cursed.

Distant Su Meiyao giggled and said, “It is inevitable for the high level dan’s main and auxiliary herbs to conflict, and the higher level the dan is, the more obvious the conflict is, and the more difficult it is to resolve. This is simply your job to explore.”

Su Meiyao had been extremely proud of her own alchemy talent, but after the appearance of this freak Chen Xiang, she had to bear twice as much, but now seeing the expression of Chen Xiang who was experiencing failure, she was very happy to laugh.

Chen Xiang cast aside everything, and looking at that charming Su Meiyao’s face brimming with a happy smile, he secretly cursed in his heart.

“Meiyao Sister, how many times did you fail?” asked Chen Xiang.

“Are you testing my memory? My memory is very clear, and it was 72 times!” Su Meiyao said, and although she failed so many times, she was very satisfied with this number. It must be known that other alchemists, if they had not failed more than a hundred times, they were embarrassed to even say they had learned how to refine the True Qi Dan.


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