Chapter 73 – Succeeded

Chen Xiang muttered in his heart, “I’ll let you be happy for now. Wait for me and I’ll definitely make you unable to laugh.”

He rested for a moment and then continued refining, but this time, he did not use the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace, rather he took out the inferior black alchemical furnace of his that was given to him by his father.

“Oh? Using the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace will let you save time, otherwise you will not even be able to finish refinement once in one day.” said Su Meiyao.

“You do not need to mind my feelings, it does not matter.” said Bai Youyou, as she thought Chen Xiang was worried that she would not be able to adapt to the exposure of the peculiar breath of the Flame Dragon.

From then on Chen Xiang had not paid any attention to the two beauties again, and with complete dedication he started refining the dan………

During the night, a beautiful soft moonlight shone through the special array, penetrating the thick rocks, and shining on the mountainside in the herbal garden. Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou were lying on a bed, and the two beauties were cuddling with each other. With even breathing they were already inside their dreamland. It was very rare of them to nap in this situation but as they were very relaxed around Chen Xiang, they could sleep soundly.

Chen Xiang was refining dans, and once in awhile he took a peek at the beautiful and attractive sleeping postures of the two beauties. Seeing this his mind was already a mess, and his furnace nearly burst due to this.

“It would be nice, if I was able to sleep in the middle of them!” Chen Xiang secretly thought this in his heart, and if this idea came to be known by Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, he definitely would’ve been despised by them for a very long time.

A day and a night went by, and only then did Chen Xiang enter the last stage of alchemy process, the solidifying dan stage, but in the end he still failed!

Among the number of failures, Chen Xiang had learned to be very calm. He had a large amount of herbs, moreover, with only one Thousand Year Purple Spirit Fruit he would be able to refine the True Qi Dan ten times, and he had more than hundred of these, so he didn’t believe he would encounter failure with all of them.

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou only entered the ring when they took a bath and changed their clothes. Chen Xiang found out that these two beauties liked to change their clothes several times in a day, and they never wore the same clothes. Moreover they were also happy in showing it to him.

Everytime Chen Xiang saw them coming out after changing their clothes, he would offer a few good and remarkable praises, but every praise of his was different every time. This flattering was just a scratch on the surface for him, and always let Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou’s hearts be filled with joy.

Chen Xiang knew these two Yaoxing(妖精) had already lived for more than a thousand years, but in the end they were girls, and girls, more than anything, liked to wear beautiful clothes. All day blindly swaying in front of men, but men only liked to watch if they weren’t wearing any clothes.

“Youyou sister, Meiyao sister, I’ll continue to buy more beautiful clothes even after entering the Martial Arts Sect, and I think those places should have many other styles.” Chen Xiang said while laughing.

“You brat. you’re quite good at playing gooseberry, and you know the ways to flatter us.” said Su Meiyao with a gentle laugh.

“Thanks.” Bai Youyou said in a low voice, and though her voice was still cold, Chen Xiang who listened to it, seemed to find an inexhaustible gentleness.

“Rest assured, I’ll try hard to elevate my strength, and as soon as possible, I’ll help you recover your strength, and eradicate your enemies, so that you can wear the clothes I buy and freely roam in the world!” Chen Xiang said with earnest look on his face, and this moved the hearts of Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou.

They were now seriously injured, and not mentioning the fact that they still had an enemy, even some slightly powerful experts could easily defeat them. Chen Xiang was their only hope and in their eyes Chen Xiang was behaving like a sensible brother so they were very pleased, even though he sometimes saw them with a wicked expression in his eyes……..

Again a day went by, and Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou were fast asleep cuddling together. When the sunlight shone down on them, they opened their pretty eyes, however, they saw Chen Xiang with both his eyes closed, and with serious face, sweating profusely and refining pills, as he was at the most crucial stage.

This was Chen Xiang’s 12th try in refining the True Qi Dan, and having this much progress, Su Meiyao thought it was an accident!

A moment later, Chen Xiang took a long deep breath and opened his eyes, his whole face brimming with happiness. He look towards those two beauties sitting on the bed, and laughingly said, “Two sisters, how about you try the fresh breakfast I just made!”

After speaking, Chen Xiang opened the lid of the black alchemical furnace, and inside there were five True Qi Dans glittering with a purple light, which made Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou endlessly shocked. Their beautiful faces were full of an unbelieving expression, and quickly rushed towards that alchemical furnace and saw the ‘Breakfast’ inside!

Only Chen Xiang, could casually treat these True Qi Dans as breakfast.

“Meiyao sister, I only failed twelve times, but also refined it with an inferior alchemical furnace. It seems that learning to refine pills with the lowest grade alchemical furnace is a lot more subtle Ah…………Meiyao sister, this little brother is ashamed, I was not able to reach yours 72 failure mark.” Chen Xiang grinned, and seeing this Su Meiyao could not wait to knock out those white teeth of his.

“Infuriating little rascal, When I failed 72 times at that time I was praised as a genius by my teacher, but you………” Su Meiyao tooted with her little mouth, and though her face was full of hidden bitterness, but in her heart she was very happy.

“Continue to try hard, and now use the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace! It’ll allow you to refine a lot more in a shorter amount of time!” Bai Youyou with her jade like finger picked the True Qi Dan, and put it inside her beautiful little mouth, lightly chewing. This appearance of her’s was truly attractive.

On the other hand Su Meiyao was still flighty, and while Bai Youyou was eating, these two beauties were showing the most charming aspect of theirs. Chen Xiang who was watching this was dazed, and in his heart he could not wait to put them in his arms, caressing them nicely.

With an inferior alchemical furnace it took him a little more than a day, but using the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace it only took him half an hour to refine it twice, and at the beginning he still failed while using the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace, but once he was familiar with the process, thereafter there were no failures.

During the day it was Alchemy, and during the night it was cultivation. Chen Xiang was harvesting the True Qi incomparably quickly.

Everyday he was able to refine the Low Grade Spirit Level True Qi Dan ten times, with a total of fifty dans. In the evening, after eating the dans, he cultivated and continued to compress a large amount of True Qi that was brought about by the True Qi Dan………..

Time flew by so fast, and in blink of an eye three months had past. Although Chen Xiang was repeating the same routine every day, but with the two peerless beauties as his companions, he didn’t get bored.

Now Chen Xiang had already congealed out four True Qi forms; the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, Black Tortoise. These four divine beasts inside his dantian appeared to be fuzzy, and although he had not actually seen these four divine beasts, nevertheless, after cultivating accordingly to those two divine exercises, he was mystically able to mold out the divine beasts forms, which secretly amazed him.

Chen Xiang was now 17 year old, and he was now going to impact on the 9th level of the Mortal Martial Realm. Only after congealing the last True Qi form, would he be able to successfully advance into this new stage!

If Chen Xiang had not cultivated in this special way, he would have already entered the 9th level of the Mortal Martial Realm, as he had to cultivate several times more when compared to other people!

At the center of the Tai Chi Yin and Yang diagram within Chen Xiang’s dantian, there was a ball full of Earth True Qi, but currently it was absorbing a massive amount of pure True Qi, and rapidly growing. Moreover, at the same time it was also being compressed, and gradually a form was appearing out of it. This form was that of an elephant, which suppressed the Yin and Yang diagram at the center!

Spirit Qi from all around this mountain valley was madly surging into this mountain valley, and therein madly absorbed by Chen Xiang. That elephant form had slowly been taking shape, and now Chen Xiang, with his huge divine sense, was establishing contact with these five beast forms, integrating them into one form.

“I’ve succeeded!” Chen Xiang shouted loudly, and suddenly invisible Qi undulations burst out from his body. This was the Universal True Qi, and whenever he wished, he can arbitrary integrate five elements of True Qi into one body and release the Universal force.

Chen Xiang, using the congealed embryonic stage five divine beasts forms, compressed a large amount of True Qi, then once again using the invisible True Qi congealed out Universal True Qi, and destroyed the big door of the 9th level Mortal Martial Realm!

Chen Xiang at just seventeen year of age, entered the 9th level of the Mortal Martial Realm.


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