Chapter 74 – Entrance Fee

Chen Xiang, as he watched those five divine beast forms be molded out by compressing a large amount of True Qi in his dantian, could not help but sigh because of all of that boundless True Qi. Common 10th level Mortal Martial Realm experts were not his match. As for True Martial Realm martial artists, as he has not seen or fought them yet, so he couldn’t draw any conclusions.

“Good brother, your imposing manner is comparable to what mine was in the past!” Su Meiyao nodded her head in satisfaction, her face filled with a charming smile.

Chen Xiang proudly smiled: “Two sisters, Now can I go to the Extreme Martial Sect? Perhaps I can also get you some brand new clothes.”

“Little rascal, you really know how to make us happy.” said Su Meiyao with a soft snort.

“You can, but you still have to be a little cautious. Inside these martial sects there are hidden dragons and crouching tigers, and in their eyes, with this little bit of strength, you’re still an ant.” Bai Youyou cautioned. Although she and Su Meiyao were only active in this herbal garden, they still felt very happy.

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou entered the ring. Chen Xiang walked out from the herbal garden and arrived at the inside of a mountain valley, his body shook a little while a pair of firewings emerged from his back. Chen Xiang took a fierce leap, jumping several tens of Zhang high in the air. The pair of Vermillion Bird Firewings behind his back flapped, making him soar in the sky.

As he flew deeper and deeper into the forest, the Spirit Qi become richer and richer, and this caused Chen Xiang to be surprised, as he knew that the martial arts sect were located in a place with very rich Spirit Qi, but he wasn’t aware of how rich the Spirit Qi was. Now that he had personally experienced this rich amount of Spirit Qi, he understood why so many people yearned to join these martial arts sects.

“It is similar to paradise here!” said this while looking over the cliff of a high mountain, a giant river was flowing nearby, and there were numerous singing birds in that lush green forest below that was rich with Spirit Qi.

“In this side of the world, martial arts sects have the strongest influence. Of course, next to martial arts sect there are numerous families and empires who have similar influence. However, here there are also ordinary people who cannot practice martial arts, and these people are not few in number.” Said Su Meiyao.

As Su Meiyao spoke, Chen Xiang stood in awe of how big and strange the world was.

Martial arts sects here have an ancient inheritance, meaning they were formed around various styles created by martial artists a long, long time ago. As time passed, these martial arts sect started to develop and became even larger, as more and more people joined, they exploited more and more abundant resources. As a result, strong experts were as common as clouds here.

While flying Chen Xiang suddenly heard a sound of disturbance below, he went down, only to see a person fighting a giant bull whose entire body was wrapped in flames.

This was the demon beast, a kind of species who knew how to absorb Spirit Qi between heaven and earth. These beasts had innate Spiritual Veins, and it didn’t matter whether their strength was strong or weak, every part of their body could be considered a treasure.

Chen Xiang dived down and landed next to the intense battlefield, and that flaming bull was unexpectedly fighting a seemingly 18-19 years old fat teenager, whose appearance was quite matching. His appearance was similar to that of an expert bully.

At this moment the fat teenager wrinkled his brow, his face was looking serious while dealing with the flaming bull at the other end. his strength was not bad, as he cultivated Metal True Qi, and his martial skill was also looking good. When he punched out, he played out his entire True Qi.

“Brother, do you need any help?” Chen Xiang, who was now standing close by, asked. He could see that the fat teenager’s foundation was not weak, and he guessed that he should be in the 9th level of the Mortal Martial Realm.

“Elder Brother, I fought most of the fight and now you appear. You say you want to help me, yet I bet you just want to steal my catch. Not worth it!” That fatty’s reply made Chen Xiang vomit blood. Unexpectedly this fatty was haggling over this.

“I simply do not need the reward, I just want to take a look at how formidable this demon beast is.” Chen Xiang said with a smile.

“That’s not OK, so be it, I’ll give you the bull’s leg!” The fatty said, and to Chen Xiang’s surprise this fatty was so principled.

“Good!” Chen Xiang while speaking, took a step and in the blink of an eye, arrived behind the flaming bull. Chen Xiang’s fist was starting to get wrapped in a golden aura of Slaughter Qi which was surging out, thereafter forming a golden white tiger head.

Chen Xiang used [White Tiger Storm Killing Fist], but also used Metal White Tiger True Qi. His fist struck the thick body of that flaming bull, emitted a thunderous sound, and his golden aura flashed and blasted a bloody hole through the thick skin of flaming bull, which made the fatty astonished.

“Elder Brother, what type of fist attack did you use just now? It was so overbearing!” Fatty asked with surprise, at the same a fist struck over the bull’s head, and a fearsome Qi Aura burst out which even shook the air, the flaming bull emitted a heavy roar.

While the flaming bull was angry, Chen Xiang took advantage of this opportunity and let a rain of blows strike on the fat body of that flaming bull. In the blink of an eye, he had punched out tens of fearsome and tyrannical Heavenly Tiger Storm Killing Fists, and a strong Qi Aura passed through the bull’s thick skin, shaking the internal organs of the flaming bull. The angry flaming bull immediately vomited a mouth full of blood, and then that bull was no longer able to use its strength.

At this time, that fatty clasped his fists together, and held them high above his head, looking similar to a giant hammer. His fists fell towards the bull’s head, and vigorous Metal True Qi transformed into a Qi Aura wrapped around his fists. In the blink of an eye with thunderous sounds accompanied with Qi waves flying in all directions, the bull was killed.

“Brother’s fist technique is not bad!” Chen Xiang said while praising, as he calculated the strength of this martial artist, and at such young age he was so amazing.

That fatty smiled: “I am called Zhu Rong, what’s the honorable name of elder brother?”

“Chen Xiang! I’m only 17, and Zhu brother called me elder brother 老哥, you called me old 老, but I’m younger than you.” Chen Xiang smiled, cupping his fists as he spoke. He did have an air about him that made others think he was more mature than his physical age.

Zhu Rong grinned: “It seems I really called you old, hehe, but I also suffered a loss, regarding this, let’s start from a clean slate. I guess I should call you younger brother? Your two years younger than me and already so amazing. You must certainly be from some famous family, but I do not know what family that is.”

[TLN: Ok, so maybe it is little bit confusing, but here some insight. Here Zhu Rong called Chen Xiang Laoge, and Chen Xiang is only 17 and he is 19 years old, and hence the intended pun.

Laoge(老哥): affectionate form of address for a male who is not older than oneself

Laodi(老弟) : affectionate form of address for a male who is not very much younger than oneself.

Lao(老) : old]

Chen Xiang guessed Zhu Rong’s family must do business , otherwise every time he opened his mouth he wouldn’t have talked about transactions.

“I came from that side secular world.” Chen Xiang truthfully said. Zhu Rong was starting to deal with that body of the flaming bull, and chopped down a leg for Chen Xiang, but also intentionally cut too small, which even made Chen Xiang somewhat dumbfounded.

“So do you want to enter the Extreme Martial Sect?” Zhu Rong asked, the other end of that flaming bull entirely received in the storage pouch.

“En! Zhu brother are you a Extreme Martial Sect’s disciple?” Chen Xiang asked rhetorically, Zhu Rong followed behind him.

“Luckily I became a Extreme Martial Sect’s disciple, and although your strength is pretty good, but you cannot enter the Extreme Martial Sect.” said Zhu Rong while looking proudly.

“Why?” Chen Xiang asked curiously.

“Because you do not have a family behind you, and you should know that the Extreme Martial Sect is different from other sects, and while all other sects receive their disciples, they provide the best welfare for those disciple. While the Extreme Martial Sect charges fees while receiving disciples.” Zhu Rong said this point, and his face was full of contempt, as one could see that he very much fancied money.

Chen Xiang had already heard of this thing before, that’s why Su Meiyao made him take out Metal Spirit Fruit for Leng Youlan.

“You mean to say I cannot afford to enter extreme martial sect?” Chen Xiang asked.


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