Chapter 75 – Extreme Martial Province

Chen Xiang examined Zhu Rong from top to bottom, although his appearance was a little bit mature, he was wearing very ordinary clothes. His clothing lacked any kind of visible ornaments, resulting in a very poor visage.

“Do you know how much the Extreme Martial Sect charges? Just the cost for a year will make you retreat in defeat.” Zhu Rong pursed his lips as he spoke, but suddenly he heard a “kacha” sound, as if someone was biting a fruit.

Zhu Rong was a connoisseur of fine foods and he immediately turned his head, only to see Chen Xiang holding a purple fruit, taking a bite one after another, even going as far as spitting out some of the peel.

Zhu Rong was stunned for a moment, then immediately shouted, “Idiot, Are you using Purple Spirit Fruit for such thing? Quickly stop eating! Fuck your mom! Those peels are extremely valuable and you’re actually spitting them……”

Purple Spirit Fruit was the main herb for refining True Qi Dan, to just consume the fruit was simply an extravagant waste. Upon seeing this, Zhu Rong could not wait to seize it from Chen Xiang’s hands. In his opinion, to just directly eat the Purple Spirit Fruit was simply a blasphemy.

Chen Xiang facial expression remained indifferent, “This Purple Spirit Fruit is very tasty, and sweet too. There is even rich True Qi released after eating it.”

The gluttonous Zhu Rong turned dark red as he boiled in anger, although the Purple Spirit Fruit was not his, watching it being eaten in such a way caused him to have a heartache.

“Stop eating it, I’ll buy the Purple Spirit Fruit.” Zhu Rong quickly shouted, but just before he finished speaking, Chen Xiang swallowed the rest of the two-thirds of the fruit. Zhu Rong boiled as he felt an urge to rush over and shatter Chen Xiang’s Chin.

“How much does it cost to enter Extreme Martial Sect for a year?” Chen Xiang asked while smiling.

Zhu Rong stamped his foot as he snorted with anger, “You! Your type will never enter the Extreme Martial Sect.” Although he did not Chen Xiang’s identity, he was very certain that he was extremely rich, otherwise he would not dare to eat Purple Spirit Fruit so casually.

“Forget that I even asked.” Chen Xiang said as he took out another Purple Spirit Fruit to consume.

“Outer sect disciples need to pay 3000 middle-grade crystal stone for a year.” Zhu Rong quickly said, then took out a few finger head size blue stone, and gave to Chen Xiang: “Here, 10 middle-grade crystal stones for your Purple Spirit Fruit.”

Crystal stones and spirit coins were similar. They both were a kind of ore that contained Spirit Qi, however, the pure Spirit Qi compressed inside a crystal stone was much greater compared to a spirit coin.

Chen Xiang had learned from Su Meiyao that on this side of world, middle-grade crystal stones were the main currency used for trading, and a middle-grade crystal stone was equivalent to 1000 large spirit coins. That is to say, 10 middle-grade crystal coins were worth only 10000 large spirit coins.

“Zhu brother, do you think I am a pig? This is the main ingredient for refining True Qi Dan, do you think its value is only worth this much? I might as well simply eat it.” Chen Xiang said while pursing his lips.

“30!” Said Zhu Rong with a deadpan look.

Chen Xiang shook his head, and started walking towards the front, Zhu Rong was quick to follow, he shouted: “50!”

Chen Xiang ignored him completely.






Chen Xiang turned around, and said with a smile: “Just a moment ago you wanted it to buy for only 10 crystal stones, but now, compared to a moment ago, the price is many, many times greater, you definitely are a racketeer.” Chen Xiang handed the Purple Spirit Fruit over, as he received a pool of crystal stones in return.

“Don’t you know, my Zhu family is famous in Extreme Martial Province for doing business, we will even fight for a coin if it fell in front of us, there is no way we would leave it alone.” Zhu Rong honestly said as he looked at the fruit, “Purple Spirit Fruit prices in Extreme Martial Province are extremely inflated, because its prices have been raised by the merchants.”

Chen Xiang suddenly felt that he may have made a loss in the transaction, but 200000 Large spirit coins was also his bottom line.

Although Zhu Rong was only a small racketeer, Chen Xiang talked very congenial to him since Chen Xiang now had a more thorough understanding of this side of world. The region he was in was called the ‘Extreme Martial Province’, a large piece of land under the jurisdiction of Extreme Martial Sect. It was very vast and all the different powers in this region had to pay tribute to the Extreme Martial Sect, and in turn the Extreme Martial Sect would guaranteed safeguard.

“Junior Brother Chen, in the future, do not eat the Purple Spirit Fruit like an idiot. If you were seen by the those alchemists, you will be certainly be beaten by every one of them.” Zhu Rong said urgingly. As he thought of Chen Xiang eating a moment ago, his heart was secretly in pain.

For Chen Xiang it does not matter, as long he had [Dragon Saliva Exercise], he could quickly create Purple Spirit Fruits if he ever ran out.

“Zhu Lao, you said is it possible for me to enter Extreme Martial Sect right now?” Chen Xiang said with a laugh.

Zhu Rong with a sinister smile said: “Sell me 10 Purple Spirit Fruit and it will be possible, but you have to go through Extreme Martial Sect assessment to be able to genuinely enter, this is every sect’s criteria.”

Chen Xiang followed Zhu Rong and came to a city. This city was called Tianmen City, and from here, the Extreme Martial Sect was not very far away. Quite often, many people who wanted to join the Extreme Martial Sect would stay here.

Arriving there, Zhu Rong and Chen Xiang bid each other farewell. Zhu Rong said he must return, because unqualified people were not allowed to enter Extreme Martial Sect at will.

“Heavenly Gate. This is the entrance to Extreme Martial Sect?” Chen Xiang stood next to the city gate, looking at the bold and powerful characters.

[TLN: 天门 is written on the city gate, Chen Xiang was reading out loud.]

As long as one walked across the city, one would be able to see a straight avenue. At the end of this avenue, there was a huge luxurious building that was comparable to a city. That was the Extreme Martial Sect!

“Little brother, this is a level-6 ordinary grade weapon. Discount price: only 999 crystal stones!” one fellow standing at a store entrance shouted as he waved towards Chen Xiang. Just like Chen Xiang there were also many other people who were looking around after having entered the city; many of them were country hicks who had entered the city for the first time, and were most likely to be deceived.

Weapons and armors could be divided into Ordinary, Spirit, and Brilliant Grade weapons. Each grade was further divided into 9 levels. Ordinary Grade weapons were the lowest ranked, and no matter what suitable material was used for forging, they were the most common materials. But a level 6 Ordinary Grade weapon was also considered to be not bad, and was close to an ordinary weapon of the 9th level.

“Little brother, want to buy some pills? A High Grade Mortal Level Grand Elemental Dan can be purchased for just 55 crystal stones, two dans will only cost you a 100 crystal stones.” An old man from a medicine shop shouted.

Chen Xiang observed that within this Extreme Martial Province, Dan stores were located in almost every nook and corner of Extreme Martial Province. He could not help but be somewhat surprised. He went over and asked, “Do you have a Purple Spirit Fruit?”

“Of course I have it, only for 300 crystal stones!” That old shopkeeper answered.

Chen Xiang’s mouth twitched slightly. He had really been fooled by that fatty, and that fatty in the start actually wanted to buy with 10 crystal stones, this time Chen Xiang also knew that here at this side of the world, dans were rather expensive, much more expensive than that they were in the Southern Martial Empire.

This was a good thing for him, because he was an alchemist! He was now already able to see many white shining crystal stone, and he also found out that one True Qi Dan costs 500 crystal stones here, moreover they were also a limited purchase.

Chen Xiang strolled around in this Tianmen City and sold a few True Qi Dans, and soon collected as much as 3000 crystal stones, which was also the entrance fee for the Extreme Martial Sect. Although he had Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou’s inheritance, but after entering a sect he could learn more things, learn more martial skills, also with the identity of a sect’s disciple, he could participate in all kinds of competitions, where the winner was also rewarded by the sect.

Chen Xiang walked towards the giant door in the distance., As the giant door was opened, many people came out, these few days the Extreme Martial Sect had opened their mountain entrance to recruit disciples, so many people came here to enter the sect, but the majority of these people were here to try their luck.

Chen Xiang passed through that giant door, walked on a straight and spacious bricked avenue. In the distance, Extreme Martial Sect was surrounded by a 20 or so zhang high wall. Chen Xiang also had believed previously that the Extreme Martial Sect was built on top of a mountain.

Chen Xiang stood in front of that Huge Entrance, watching ‘Extreme Martial Sect Heavenly Gate’ these three imposing characters, in his heart could not help but upwell a heroic spirit. That giant door was still closed, but a small door was opened.

In front of that small door was a very long queue, whose Spiritual Veins were being examined, only those who had a Spiritual Vein were qualified. Of course, if there was not enough crystal stones then it was also not acceptable.

The Spiritual Vein was examined by standing on top of a circular disc, on the disc there was an array, which could detect the Spiritual Vein within the human body, then different kinds of aura would be illuminated, along with it, the corresponding value would appear.


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