Chapter 76 – Avenge Personal Enmity In The Name Of Public Interest

Although many people had Spiritual Veins, but most of them were unqualified, and only someone with a value above 60 will be qualified. Chen Xiang, who was lined up for half day, had only seen two people to qualify.

“Chen Xiang, when you’re assessed, you must converge metal, wood, water, earth attributes using [Tai Chi Divine Exercise], so at that time that array will only detect your fire attribute, and will show that you have fire attribute Spiritual Vein.” Su Meiyao said seriously, as she couldn’t allow other people to know that Chen Xiang had a Yin and Yang Divine Vein. This was a very dangerous matter.

Chen Xiang’s turn arrived, and when Chen Xiang stood on the disc, he did it in accordance with what Su Meiyao said and converged the metal, wood, water, earth attributes. In doing so below his feet on that disc only a red aura emerged, and a strange feeling appeared in his body, while one value also appeared in the middle of that disc.

“Fire attribute Spiritual Vein, 75, qualified, what’s your name?” one middle-aged man asked, and though Chen Xiang had passed, but looking at Chen Xiang whose complexion was not good, his face fell.

Just a moment ago Chen Xiang saw not a small number of Extreme Martial Sect’s disciples being respectful towards this middle-aged man, and looking at this one could know that this middle-aged man had some status in the Extreme Martial Sect’s Outer Sect. Strength was also very powerful, and Chen Xiang suspected that this middle-aged man must be a True Martial Realm martial artist!

“Chen Xiang!”

Chen Xiang’s words made that middle-aged man to be surprised for a moment, and Chen Xiang felt a little strange, as he did not expect his name would spread to the Extreme martial sect.

“You came from the secular world?” That middle-aged man coldly asked.

“Yes.” after hearing Chen Xiang’s word, all the people around him gave a bizarre look, because people who came from the secular world were generally old men, and someone so young was very rare.

“Please go back, you’ve done all kinds of evil in the secular world, we do not accept these kind of people in the Extreme Martial Sect!” That middle-aged man sneered, his face full of hatred.

“What do you mean?” Chen Xiang asked with a frown.

“When you were inside the secular world, you slaughtered one family, and also eliminated one gang called the Black Wind Gang. You’ve killed at least more than a 1000 people, and we of the Extreme Martial Sect don’t receive this kind of slaughtering human devil.” The middle-aged man’s voice became louder, and this made the people all around more surprised, even to kill more than 1000 people.

Chen Xiang said with a sneer, “If someone came to kill you, would you not fight back? Are you going to stand there and allow them to kill you? Not only did that family act against me again and again, but they also colluded with the gang to assassinate me! If I did not kill them, they were going to destroy my family. Everything that happened because they asked for it. In Southern Martial Empire, most people know it, so you must not have not investigated clearly, right?”

That middle-aged man faced turned gloomy, and this time Chen Xiang once again said, “Are you that Yao family member? Humph, do you want to use the power in your hands to avenge personal enmity in the name of public interest?”

“Yao Haisheng, regarding this you’re wrong, the other person’s Spiritual Vein is obviously qualified, and we have also heard the things about the secular world, indeed your family was wrong, always wanting to exterminate others, but were destroyed in the end. That is also a matter of course.” One amiable looking, smiling middle-aged man with a long beard arrived, and behind him was actually that Zhu Rong.

Chen Xiang had guessed correctly, as that middle-aged man who making things difficult for him just a moment ago, was actually a Yao family member.

Since he was Yao family member, then he must be an alchemist, as Chen Xiang could sense the pure Fire True Qi from his body, and ordinarily only alchemists were very focused on Fire True Qi purity.

Yao Haisheng gave a disgusted look to that bearded middle-aged man, and unenthusiastically said, “Hao Dongqing, I manage the things around here, my words counts!”

Chen Xiang in his heart was secretly surprised, that bearded man, Hao Dongqing, unexpectedly was also a True Martial Realm expert. Chen Xiang hadn’t expected to meet to True Martial Realm martial artists in one day. Moreover the strength of the True Martial Realm was more than what he had imagined. He was very clear that he was absolutely unable to defeat these True Martial Realm martial artists.

“Brat, also not getting out of here, is it that you want my teacher to personally send you?” One arrogant man from behind Yao Haisheng loudly reprimanded.

Hao Dongqing faintly smiled: “He cannot leave, as today many people are witnessing this matter. If he leaves, it will be bad for the Extreme Martial Sect’s reputation!”

Chen Xiang knew Hao Dongqing was helping him, so he laughed and said, “The Extreme Martial Sect is Chenwu mainland’s strongest martial arts sect. I think it should be fair and impartial.”

Yao Haisheng was bent on Chen Xiang not entering the Extreme Martial Sect, so he coldly said, “Chen Xiang, you’re very young, and your strength is also good, but you now need to hone your character, as your disposition is too easy to stir up trouble. Furthermore your strength in the Extreme Martial Sect here does not simply account for anything. If you enter the Extreme Martial Sect it will invite only trouble.”

“Please go back! I have the authority to investigate various aspect of one entering the sect and becoming a disciple. Though your Spiritual Vein is qualified, but in regards to your disposition and strength you’re not qualified. Come back after 3-5 years, and maybe you’ll be able to qualify then. The Extreme Martial Sect’s gate is always open for you.”

Yao Haisheng do not want to destroy the Extreme Martial Sect’s reputation, as although he was a True Martial Realm martial artist, but if he were to commit a mistake, he would be equally punished.

“Within 5 years, as long as you defeat my apprentice Fang Liang 方良, you can enter the Extreme Martial Sect and furthermore you don’t have to pay a single dime. So you better go back and cultivate.” Yao Haisheng contemptuously said, while behind him that arrogant man with one eye also stared at Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang asked, “You said if I defeat your apprentice Fang Liang within 5 years, then after that I can enter Extreme martial sect and I’ll be also exempted of all fees? Is this true?”

Yao Haisheng’s sinister laughter resounded, and said, “Of course, you came from my hometown, and this is me giving you favourable treatment, but if you can not win in 5 years, then you can never enter the Extreme Martial Sect.”

“Fang Liang? Is he that Fang family’s genius, currently 18 years old, and already entered the 9th level of the Mortal Martial Realm? Moreover, he also has many Profound Level Martial Skills, and last I heard he fought the 9th Grade Demon Beast, the Fire Red Falcon. In the end the Fire Red Falcon was struck and died on a mountain top, and it is said that he is also ranked 13th in all the Outer Sect Disciples.”

Fang Liang heard some commenting about him, and he became prouder, and his face was completely full of a proud look. Yao Haisheng was also similarly proud, because he was Fang Liang’s teacher.

“Brat, you do not even have a teeny tiny bit chance in 100 years! Because within 5 years I will certainly enter the True Martial Realm, and you’ll forever not have the chance to defeat me.”

Fang Liang loudly said, his arrogance was soaring in the sky, as within 5 years he would certainly enter the True Martial Realm! This made many people, one after another, to be shock, as such a young True Martial Realm martial artist was very rare.

“Within 5 years if I win against Fang Liang, I really can enter the Extreme Martial Sect for free?” Chen Xiang asked again, as this kind of thing was better to be confirmed, because to him it seemed very easy. Before he had heard to enter the Extreme Martial Sect’s Outer Sect, he had to go through a series of complex assessments.

“So many people are listening here, do you think I’ll lie to you? Within 5 years you can come whenever you want and challenge him. Now quickly go, you’re making many people who want to test their Spiritual Vein wait !” Yao Haisheng impatiently waved his hand, driving away Chen Xiang.

“You said within 5 years I can come whenever I want and challenge him? This is what you said!” Chen Xiang grinned, and said, “I want to compete with him today.”


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