Chapter 77 – Asking for Trouble

What? Chen Xiang wanted to compete with the genius Fang Ling today? This made many people surprised, but Yao Haisheng and Fang Liang were also shocked.

Just a moment ago Hong Dongqing also helped Chen Xiang because he was very interested in watching what was about to happen. Zhu Rong, however, secretly despised Chen Xiang, because he had just found out that Chen Xiang was an alchemist, and previously, when he had first met him, Chen Xiang had portrayed himself in a much more low profile manner.

“Hah! Quit joking and quickly leave, lest you get injured. During a competition it is difficult to control one’s strength, if you get wounded, it will certainly slow you down. Come back after a few years of cultivation.”

Yao Haisheng waved his hand and said. How the Yao family was eliminated was not very clear, he only knew that Chen Xiang was the cause of this incident. He speculated Chen Xiang strength might be equivalent to the 9th level of the Mortal Martial Realm, but in his opinion, the difference between a secular 9th level of the Mortal Martial Realm and an Extreme Martial Sect 9th level of the Mortal Martial Realm was like heaven and earth.

“If people want to fight, they should go ahead and fight.” Hong Dongqing said, he glanced and smiled at Chen Xiang.

“Concerning this fight, I’ll be able to waste him in just one move.” Fang Liang had a look of impatience.

Chen Xiang didn’t even expect there to be Yao family members in the Extreme Martial Sect, furthermore, they were also in the True Martial Realm. Fortunately, there were some rules in the sects. People from this side of the world are not allowed to cause trouble in the secular world.

The people standing in line for assessment all spread out, although their assessment is delayed by this battle, they looked forward to watching a good fight as they get to see Fang Liang fight. The crowd looked forward to seeing the strength of the Outer Sect’s #13.

“Forewarned, if you’re injured, you can not blame the other, blame yourself for being a waste.” Fang Liang loudly said.

Chen Xiang nodded his head and said, “If you are seriously injured, it is your own fault and cannot be blamed on the other.”

“Correct, do not talk nonsense, let’s go!” Fang Liang with a look of irritability, took a step forward, only to hear Yao Haisheng shout, “Start!”

Fang Liang was the first to act, and he began running, each step exploding outward with lightning, like he was running on lighting. He moved very quickly, and both of his fists were also wrapped in white lightning. This was pure Lightning True Qi.

Chen Xiang’s Lightning True Qi contained the wood attribute inside and was different from pure lightning.

“High Grade Profound Level [Treading Lightning Steps], running will result in massive impact force! This Fist Art is the High Grade Profound Level [Shocking Lightning Fist], and from what I have heard, with this Fist Art, one can split a small mountain. Its power is enormous.” said one well-informed martial artist.

Chen Xiang originally was a lightning expert, and when he started to cultivate wood True Qi, he also often incited lightning to temper his body. He was struck by violent, natural lighting, but he was still able to bear it. As of now, lightning did not pose any threat to him, not to mention the fact that his body was also very formidable.

Everyone believed that when Chen Xiang was struck by the [Shocking lightning fist], a bloody hole would be left. The crowd braced themselves, in order to resist the explosion from the Lightning True Qi. However, they were all amazed, because what they envisioned didn’t occur.

Fang Liang jumped out, his momentum increased by the lighting at his feet, and at the same time, also punched out a powerful [Shocking lightning fist], striking towards Chen Xiang’s chest, but when his fists came in contact with Chen Xiang’s chest, it felt similar to stone sinking in the sea, he didn’t get a bit of response.

Because, in that moment, Chen Xiang operated [Tai Chi Divine Exercise] and his body was truly like a giant vortex, in which any kind of power striking it would, in the end, be sucked in by the vortex. Chen Xiang guided the lightning to temper his body, he does frequently, and that was also why his lightning true Qi cultivation was better.

“Extreme Martial Sect, I’ll definitely enter it!” Chen Xiang laughed as he spoke. His fist blasted towards Fang Liang, who was still dazed, and a massive amount of flames surged from his fist, similar to a volcano erupting. In the blink of an eye, Fang Liang was embroiled in flames and sent flying by the momentum of Chen Xiang’s fist. His whole body was quickly incinerated by that intense fire, and he was rolling on the ground howling.

“Fang Liang!” Yao Haisheng shouted with dismay and hastily flew towards him. He waved his sleeve and the flames were immediately dispersed. Fang Laing was burnt black from top to bottom. It was obvious he was severely injured, as the meridians within his body were also burnt.

Though it was quite hot, all those who were watching felt their bodies drenched in cold sweat! A simple fist attack defeated the 13th Outer Sect Disciple of the Extreme Martial Sect. When everyone thought about how Fang Laing previously looked down upon Chen Xiang, they were struck by the humor of the situation.

“I won, now is it possible for me to enter Extreme Martial Sect? Furthermore, I won’t even have to pay crystal stones!” Chen Xiang grinned.

Yao Haisheng was furious, just as he wanted to say something, but he saw Hao Dongqing speaking with a smile, “Yao Haisheng, previously this precious disciple of yours said, if during the competition get’s hurt, that is their own matter, and he was not going to blame the other! Is it that you want to destroy your apprentice’s promise? Also, you said Chen Xiang can enter the Extreme Martial Sect. Moreover, he does not need to pay the other expenses, these crystal stones must come from you because you made him a promise.”

Chen Xiang said with a laugh, “Senior brother Yao, you’re really going to pay the crystal stones for me? I’m really grateful.”

Yao Haisheng’s face fiercely twitched, in his mind, Chen Xiang was only an ant and with just a pat of his palm Chen Xiang would be dead, but if he did so his good days would come to an end because the rules of the Extreme Martial Sect were very strict.

“I’ll remember this!” Yao Haisheng picked up the burnt body of Fang Liang and entered the Extreme Martial Sect inside, and at this time the person responsible for assessment was also changed.

“Chen junior brother, welcome to Extreme Martial Sect, come with me, I’ll take you to complete the formalities.” Zhu Rong, that little fatty, shouted, and while watching Chen Xiang the expression in his eyes were as if he was looking at a lot of crystal stones.

Chen Xiang laughed and walked past :”Many thanks, senior brother Hao, otherwise, I would have been driven away by him.”

“I just said a few words, that’s is not counted any help, but saw this guy digging few fiery pits for himself and his apprentice to jump into, and I was truly laughing to death! Of course, you also pushed them into the fiery pit that they dug with their own hands.” Hao Dongqing’s laughter resounded as he turned around and left.

“Little fatty, how is senior brother Hao related to you? Is he your teacher?” Chen Xiang, following behind Zhu Rong, asked in a low voice. To have a True Martial Realm martial artist as a teacher, that was also a very good thing.

“He is my uncle! By the way, you actually knew alchemy and also wasted a Purple Spirit Fruit, you idiot! You really like to show off.” Zhu Rong, thinking about Chen Xiang eating the Purple Spirit Fruit, his heart could not help but feel slightly sore.

Chen Xiang scoffingly said, “You treacherous fatty, in the beginning, you wanted to buy my Purple Spirit Fruit for just 10 crystal stones. Just a moment ago I asked other people and they are selling it for 300 crystal stones, you bought it from me for 200 crystal stones, you cheated me.”

Zhu Rong curled his lips and said, “That is the price we agreed to, I did not force you!”


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