Chapter 78 – 3000 Martial Courtyard

“Do you have a sister? Are they also formidable like you? Introduce them to me” Zhu Rong hastily asked, his eyes lighting up.

“Go fuck your sister. Even if I had a sister I wouldn’t introduce her to you!” said Chen Xiang with disdain. Now that he had entered the sect, he wanted to find Leng Youlan, his stepsister. He was now her brother and as a brother, he wanted to take good care of her.

Zhu Rong snorted in a low voice, “Do not look at me like this. Many girls who came for this entrance test throw themselves on me. This daddy is the Zhu family’s great young master, and also an Inner Sect Disciple of the Extreme Martial Sect!”

Chen Xiang was surprised by the fact that Zhu Rong was an Inner Sect Disciple. He had heard that only someone of the 10th level of the Mortal Martial Realm could enter the Inner Sect!

“Zhu Lao, in the past few months have you heard about a white haired girl coming to the Extreme Martial Sect for the assessment?” Chen Xiang asked.

“I remember, I’ll never forget her!” Zhu Rong immediately said, his complexion turned serious: “This girl was very extraordinary. She actually had a Fire and Ice Dual Vein. Furthermore they seemed to be Heaven Veins. She wanted to enter the Extreme Martial Sect, but other people took her away?”

“What?” Chen Xiang was very surprised, he had not expected that Leng Youlan would have Tian Veins, moreover be taken by another sect. If it was a devil path sect, wouldn’t that be bad?

“Rest assured, she was taken by the people of Icewind Valley, that place is more suitable for her! She should not be your unrequited love, right? Relying on your talent, you do not even deserve her shoes.” Zhu Rong contemptuously looked at Chen Xiang, he knew Leng Youlan came from the secular world, only then would he think like this.

Chen Xiang sighed and said, “She is my sister, sworn stepsister.”

“Your joking, how can you have that immortal like character as a sworn sister? If she was your sister, then Xue Xianxian of the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire is also my sister.” Zhu Rong loudly shouted, as he could not accept this fact.

Chen Xiang had also not thought that Xue Xianxiang was actually so famous, his sighing sound was heard once again: “Xue Xianxian is my fiancee.”

“Fuck you! This bastard is cracking jokes now! You should be careful what you say, otherwise you may be beaten flat by those who have a crush on Xue Xianxian, so do not blame me or say that I did not warn you! Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan are but recognized as the strongest women among the younger generation. In our hearts, they are like fairies, if you violate or offend them again, I’ll beat you up!” Zhu Rong angrily said.

Chen Xiang shook his head and sighed, while in his heart he said, “Xianxian is really my fiancee and Youlan is really my stepsister!”

Zhu Rong with Chen Xiang came to one large courtyard, and inside this courtyard many people were comparing notes with each other. They were not using True Qi, and they were only using their physical strength, but their attacks were still unusually strong.

“This is the 330th Martial Courtyard. The smaller their numeral digit, the stronger it is. The 330th Martial Courtyard is the strongest Martial Courtyard in the Outer Sect, and as you defeated that Fang Liang guy, this is the most appropriate place for you!” Zhu Rong said.

Everyone in this Martial Courtyard suddenly quieted down, because they had also heard the information about Fang Liang being defeated! Fang Liang was the 13th ranked disciple in the Outer Sect, and was unexpectedly defeated by a newcomer. This was but explosive information in the Outer Sect.

Everyone looked carefully at Chen Xiang. Everyone here were very able-bodied, and the youngest was about 20 years old, while the eldest was about 50-60 years old. A total of fifty people, and this was the strongest Martial Courtyard in the Outer Sect. In other words, the strongest disciples in the Outer Sect were also in here!

“Old man Zhang, this brat will be handed over to you.” Zhu Rong said to one old man.

Although he looked like a fat meatball, Zhu Rong was still an Inner Sect Disciple, so even the strongest disciples of the Outer Sect were full of respect when they see him.

“Younger brother Chen, try hard to enter the Inner Martial Courtyard earlier, and do not die in the Outer Martial Courtyard.” Zhu Rong patted Chen Xiang’s shoulder, and sped away.

When the disciple of this Martial Courtyard saw Chen Xiang and Zhu Rong have such a good relationship, they could not help but feel a little uncertain. They definitely tried to guess which family Chen Xiang came from.

“Junior brother Chen Xiang, about the matter of you defeating Fang Liang, I’ve also heard. Please come with me.” That old man Zhang said.

Chen Xiang followed behind him, leaving the sight of those Outer Sect Disciples in this Martial Courtyard, and at this time these disciples also started discussing…….

That old man Zhang was called Zhang De. He was seventy years old and was at the 10th level of the Mortal Martial Realm, but had failed to enter Inner Sect, because he had stayed in the Extreme Martial Sect for too long, so he just passes off as this courtyard’s chief. In other words, he was the strongest person in the 330th Martial Courtyard.

Zhang De was a very good person, always having a gentle smile on his face, and was very considerate towards other, which made Chen Xiang have a very favourable impression of him.

“Senior brother Zhang, is it really hard to enter the Inner Martial Courtyard?” Chen Xiang asked.

“Difficult, difficult as ascending heaven! It has already been 15 years since I entered the 10th level of the Mortal Martial Realm, and participated in 15 assessments, but in all assessments I have never passed………” Zhang De said with a long sigh, as he handed Chen Xiang a storage pouch, “This is the Extreme Martial Sect’s uniform, identity card, and some introductory books about the the Extreme Martial Sect and this world.”

To enter the Inner Sect, one must pass through an assessment. This was not like what Chen Xiang had previously heard ‘one must be in the 10th level of the Mortal Martial Realm to enter the Inner Sect’. It seemed that the Extreme Martial Sect was very strict.

Chen Xiang once again followed Zhang De for a long time and then arrived at his own house. This was but a small residence, only suitable for one person but Chen Xiang was very satisfied.

“Junior brother Chen, this is the strongest Outer Sect’s Martial Courtyard, which only had 50 people. That’s why we have this kind of treatment so you have to carefully keep this position. I’ll leave now, so you should familiarize with this environment first.”

After Zhang De left, Chen Xiang opened those books and started understanding more about the Extreme Martial Sect.

“The Eight Major Righteous Sects are divided into the Extreme Martial Sect 太武门, the Divine Weapons Heavenly Empire 神兵天国, the Danxiang Taoyuan 丹香桃源, the Icewind Valley 冰风谷, the Beast Martial Sect 兽武门, the Proud Sword Sect 傲剑宗, the True Martial Sect 真武门, and the Lotus Island 莲花岛.”

“The Five Great Devil Sects are divided into the Devil Yang Clan 魔阳宗, the Myriad Snake Valley 万蛇谷, the Blood Refining Clan 血炼宗, the 100 Poison Sect 百毒门, and the Transforming Bone Clan 化骨门.”

“Every Major Righteous Sect commands one province each, while the Five Great Devil Sects are gathered in one large province, called the Chenwu Nine Province 辰武九州…………”

Chen Xiang read through the introductory book. Although Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou had once told him about the world, there were many more details written in this book.

After reading it, Chen Xiang lamented, saying, “This is just the Chenwu Continent, and it is already so big, and in addition to this, outside the seas there are other continents.”

“This is not the end! We are in this mortal world, which is the lowest level world, generally called a Mortal Martial World. There hundreds of thousands of them! Each one has countless mainlands!” Bai Youyou said with disdain.

“Above Mortal Martial World is the Heaven Martial World, of which there are a couple dozen. The martial artists in that world are equivalent to immortal like existences, their powers are much stronger.” Su Meiyao continued after Bai Youyou.

Chen Xiang swallowed a mouthful of saliva. He suddenly felt like he was a grain of sand in a huge world!

He shook his head, he did not want to go down.

“The Extreme Martial Sect has a total of 3000 Martial Courtyards, 330th to 3000th Martial Courtyards are outer Martial Courtyards! 16th-329th Martial Courtyards are the inner Martial Courtyards, and the 1st-15th Martial Courtyards are core disciple’s Martial Courtyard. They are also the most powerful force in the Extreme Martial Sect. Above the 3000 Martial Courtyard there is one 0th Martial Courtyard, and that is the elder courtyard, a group thousands of years old codgers live in it. The Extreme Martial Sect’s Dean is the 0th Martial Courtyard’s Chief!” Chen Xiang continued to look at the introduction of the Extreme Martial Sect.


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