Chapter 79 – Outer Martial Courtyard

There were many Outer Sect Disciples; however, the inner sect disciples count took a dive, and the core disciples were even meager to count. Besides, there were only 15 core disciple Martial Courtyards!

Usually, all core disciples were above the True Martial Realm.

“As long as you have enough strength, you can not only enter the Elder Courtyard but can also sit on the 0th Martial Courtyard’s Chief’s position! That is if you can defeat the Dean!”

Hearing this, Chen Xiang had a kind of a whimsical idea, which was to get that 0th Martial Courtyard’s Chief’s position. Of course, it was just an idea, as it should be known that these dean level characters had been living for hundreds of years and were somewhat like old monsters.

“The 0th Martial Courtyard’s Chief position is much more difficult to achieve, but the Extreme Dan Courtyard’s Chief position shouldn’t be that hard.” Su Meiyao said with a light laugh.

The Extreme Dan Courtyard was the organization responsible for dans here in the Extreme Martial Sect. Although there was only one courtyard, it was however divided into 8 small courtyards where all alchemists dwelled.

“Only a 2nd level Alchemist can enter the Extreme Dan Courtyard. Now I want to take a look how many levels…………….” Chen Xiang illuminated a list and saw that a 1st level Alchemist was required to be able to refine 3 different kinds of Middle-Grade Mortal Level Dans.

A 2nd level Alchemist was required to be able to refine three kinds of High Grade Mortal Level Dans and a Low-Grade Spirit Level Dan. The requirements to become a 3rd level Alchemist were high, and one must actually be able to refine three kinds of Middle-Grade Spirit Level Dan.

Currently, Chen Xiang himself was only a 2nd level Alchemist. 9th level was the highest rank of any alchemist. Above it was the Great Dan Master, Dan Ancestor, and then Dan King!

Chen Xiang remembered Su Meiyao saying that she was just a Dan Ancestor, and she was capable of refining Heaven Level Dans!

At last Chen Xiang once again looked at the next aspects of refining weapons. Refiners were rare in the Extreme Martial Sect, and there were hardly any. While the Chenwu Mainland’s Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire was most developed in regards to refining weapons, the strongest in alchemy was Danxiang Taoyuan, and mainly the Extreme Martial Sect’s strength was powerful.

That Leng Youlan went to Icewind Valley, which only cultivated in extreme yin and yang, and had the lowest amount of disciples. Nevertheless, their strength wasn’t weak, as their True Qi is very extreme, so their overall strength is strong.

Although among the Eight Major Righteous Sects, the Extreme Martial Sect was recognized as the strongest, if the Extreme Martial Sect and another sect fought, the Extreme Martial Sect won’t win the fight without paying a large price.

“Meiyao sister, Youyou sister, how about I find a way to make a Grandmaster Alchemist here to refine a dan for you. That way you will soon be able to recover from your injuries.” Chen Xiang’s eyes lit up at the moment.

“Are they able to refine Sacred Level Dan?” Bai Youyou asked.

Sacred Level Dan! Chen Xiang had not even heard of what they were speaking of, let alone seeing it.

“Is there no one here capable of refining it?” Chen Xiang asked.

“At least from what I have heard, they temporarily don’t have anyone. Not to mention Sacred Level Dan, those who can refine Heaven Level Dan are rare.” Su Meiyao said with a sigh, “But you may just be able to as long as you cultivate and collect good herbs because you have the [Dragon Saliva Exercise].”

Chen Xiang hadn’t expected that he actually needed to refine a Sacred Level Dan; how high of a level was this existence.

“First, enter the inner sect then we will talk about it. Only after entering the inner sect, would I be able to learn a satisfying martial skill!” Chen Xiang said because Outer Sect Disciples at best could only learn Low-Grade Profound Level Martial Skills while High-Grade Profound Level and Earth Level Martial Skills needed the qualifications of an inner sect disciple to learn.

At the tenth month of every year, it was the Inner Sect Assessment, which was just around the corner, and Chen Xiang hadn’t expected that it would arrive in such a timely manner.

Chen Xiang climbed onto the roof, watching all the numerous buildings around him. In the innermost part of the deep region, strong people were gathered like clouds in the inner courtyard!

The Extreme Martial Sect’s disciple enjoyed much of their freedom, and sect disciples were provided with a large number of martial skills. The Extreme Martial Sect also had arranged some experienced old martial artists to teach the disciples, and there were also many types of equipment to aid in their training, as well as the martial stage for the disciples to fairly compare notes.

Sometimes, the Extreme Martial Sect arranged some missions for their sect disciple to complete, and these missions protected the Extreme Martial Province from danger.

Chen Xiang put on the Extreme Martial Sect’s uniform which was a gray leotard, made of a material which could even withstand ordinary flames. Ordinary swords also could not penetrate it, and it also fit tightly to the body, making people feel very comfortable. It also had a ‘warm in winter and cool in summer’ effect.

Chen Xiang arrived in the middle of the Martial Courtyard, and in the middle there was one small square stage. All around the square stage there were some buildings, and inside these buildings was the equipment to help the disciples with their training.

“Newcomer, I heard you came from that secular world. It seems that you are very powerful, and was able to defeat that Fang Liang in a matter of seconds.” One teenager came and said with a look of admiration.

From those previous books, Chen Xiang had learned Chenwu Mainland was shaped like a triangle, and that the secular world was located in one of its corners. That corner was also across a large mountain range, isolated from the eight major provinces, and had sparse Spirit Qi, which led to not many strong experts being there.

Chen Xiang slightly smiled, and said, “That guy underestimated the enemy too much, that’s why he lost miserably.”

Teenager laughed and said, “That’s true since that guy Fang Liang had worshiped a teacher, he became arrogant. I wanted to teach him a lesson early on myself.”

This teenager’s skin was dark, and he was shorter than Chen Xiang by a head. Although he didn’t look very strong, he gave off the impression that he was quick, capable and vigorous.His eyes glittered with sleekness, had an amiable smile, but there were a few scars on his face, giving off a sturdy feeling.

“Yun Xiaodao 云小刀, are you thinking whether or not to bully the newcomer once again?” From afar one middle-aged man said with a smile, “Chen Xiang, this shorty standing in front of you is this courtyard strongest disciple, but he doesn’t want to become the courtyard’s chief and has not challenged the old man Zhang yet.”

Yun Xiaodao rubbed his nose, contemptuously side glanced at that fellow, and said, “I just wanted to compare notes with him. Martial artists originally often want to compare notes.”

In this square, there were many people, and they all had temperate and gentle smiles on their faces, making Chen Xiang feel very harmonious in this Martial Courtyard. Moreover, he also learned from other people that they all thought that Fang Liang was very annoying.

Chen Xiang had just arrived; that’s why people in this Martial Courtyard didn’t start to cultivate, rather chatted with Chen Xiang and informed him of some things.

Chen Xiang at this time just knew that Yun Xiaodao came here three years ago, and from the 3000th Martial Courtyard fought his way up from there. He was very strong, at the 10th level of the Mortal Martial Realm and he had a prominent origin. He was a member of one of the Extreme Martial Province’s four aristocratic families, the Yun family.

At this moment, Yun Xiaodao, with an avid expression in his eyes, was watching Chen Xiang, and spoke, “Great Brother Chen, except for the old man Zhang here, I’ve fought with everyone here. You also have to fight one round with me, and no matter if you win or lose, I’ll give you five True Qi Dan, how does this sound?”

Old man Zhang was Zhang De, this Martial Courtyard’s Chief, but all martial artists in here called him in the same way.

Chen Xiang knew Yun Xiaodao was very bellicose. Moreover, he was this courtyard’s strongest disciple, which meant that he was the strongest disciple in the Outer Sect!

“Xiaodao, you’re in the 10th level of the Mortal Martial Realm while I’m in the 9th level of the Mortal Martial Realm, the difference is too big!” said Chen Xiang while shaking his head and smiling, and to his surprise, this Yun Xiaodao was actually only 16 years old!

Inside this Chenwu Mainland’s martial forest was where the talent really poured forth, and young and powerful martial artists could be found everywhere.

“But you’re one year older than me, so you have the advantage. Rest assured; I’ll be lenient, and whether you win or lose, I’ll give you 5 True Qi Dan!” Yun Xiaodao pestered. He was not planning to let Chen Xiang go until he fought with him.


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