Chapter 80 – Outer Courtyard First Disciple

In the eyes of other martial artists, 5 True Qi Dans might be very good, but give Chen Xiang half of an hour and he could refine them out, and currently he did not want to get seriously injured, instead he wanted to prepare for the upcoming Inner Sect Assessment.

Yun Xiaodao, this time with a sinister smile, said, “Great brother Chen, I’ve several sisters, each one is very nice, so if you and I compare notes, I’ll introduce them to you!”

Chen Xiang could not help laughing, “You brat, do not try fool me. You just said you’ll introduce them to me, but later I won’t be able to pursue them, right?”

Yun Xiaodao stuck out his tongue, “Why do you’ve so little confidence in yourself? I’ve heard you know alchemy. My sister’s first preference of a man is an alchemist. Rarely has there been an alchemist like you who is young, smart and handsome.”

“Fuck your mother’s pussy, your this flattery is not bad. I’ll reluctantly fight a round with you!” Chen Xiang said with a smile, “But as for your sisters, leave it for others, I already have a fiancee.”

Seeing Chen Xiang promise Yun Xiaodao, other martial artists also cheered up, because they also wanted to take a look at Chen Xiang’s strength. By observing and emulating other battles could they themselves also learn some experiences.

Yun Xiaodao was also delighted, like a child, he very readily took out 5 True Qi Dans and handed them to Chen Xiang. He was a Yun family member, moreover, he was also talented, so in aspects of dans he was simply not lacking.

“Great brother Chen, to tell you the truth, even if I introduce my sisters to you, they will not fancy you. The standards of these women can be high.” Yun Xiaodao took a side glance at those sitting disciple at the square edge, and these disciples revealed an angry expression, apparently they had been fooled by Yun Xiaodao.

This time, Zhang De ran over hastily, and said with a smile, “You and a newcomer are having a competition, how can it precede without me? I’ll preside over it, and at appointed time will immediately stop you, as I don’t want anyone getting injured in a friendly competition.”

Chen Xiang and Yun Xiaodao went to the middle of the square, and here the floor was paved using a kind of very sturdy bricks. They were very difficult to destroy, therefore one could fearlessly fight till the end.

“Xiaodao, are you going to participate in the Inner Sect Assessment?” Chen Xiang asked.

“I’ve participated three times, but each time in the second round I failed. I just entered the 10th level of the Mortal Martial Realm this year, so this year I’ll be able to enter the Inner Sect.”

Chen Xiang nodded his head, and his complexion turned serious because he felt a peculiar martial artist True Qi from Yun Xiaodao. This type of True Qi gave people a kind of feeling that was very terrifying, however, it was very docile inside Yun Xiaodao’s body.

“It should be Fire and Lightning True Qi.He should have a Mutated Fire Lightning Vein.” said Su Meiyao.

Extreme Martial Sect, 3000 Martial Courtyards, 100,000 disciples. People who could come must be someone with decent strength. After coming here Chen Xiang had met many young and strong martial artists, and in his front of him was a 16 year old teenager in the 10th level of the Mortal Martial Realm. This was the strongest person in the Outer Sect!

“Watch out, [Fire Lightning Chain]!” Yun Xiaodao loudly shouted, and from his palm a fiery red colored lightning suddenly spewed out, surging with fearsome hot Qi, and hitting Chen Xiang’s body.

This fire lightning upon touching Chen Xiang’s body, immediately tied down Chen Xiang, like a very firm chain, making Chen Xiang unable to move!

“Hei Hei, Great Brother Chen, you lose!” said Yun Xiaodao while giggling, only to once again see both of his fists explode with that fearsome Fire Lightning Qi Aura. Although Chen Xiang and Yun Xiaodao were separated by 3 zhang, but Chen Xiang could feel that strong Qi Aura, and even the ground was slightly trembling.

In the 10th level of the Mortal Martial Realm, True Qi was compressed again. After this compression, it also elevated the quality of the True Qi, doubling their True Qi qualitatively and quantitatively when compared to the previous 9th level of the Mortal Martial Realm!

But Yun Xiaodao didn’t spend his true strength, otherwise it would be more frightening!

At this moment, Chen Xiang operated his True Qi trying to get rid of the Qi Aura Chain binding him. While the [Fire Lightning Chain] was binding him up, it also continued to burst with lightning and scorching flames, which in turn entered into his body. If not for him using the [Tai Chi Divine Exercise] to continue to refine them, he would certainly be a little tormented.

Yun Xiaodao swooped over, both his fists shooting towards Chen Xiang’s chest. When they were about to arrive, Chen Xiang fiercely opened his mouth, and a dragon roar resounded. A large amount of Azure Qi Aura was suddenly ejected from Chen Xiang’s mouth, carrying terrifying lightning, and forming one huge momentum that flew towards Yun Xiaodao and hitting him.

The sudden attack made Yun Xiaodao fly about ten zhang. This confused Yun Xiaodao and his hair was in a mess.

Chen Xiang lowered his head and shouted, only to see the [Fire Lightning Chain] binding him suddenly burst open, forming a Qi waves which blew in all directions.

“Great brother Chen, you are quite shady, and actually have these kind of tricks!” Yun Xiaodao had a look of displeasure. However, in his heart he was secretly thrilled, because Chen Xiang had not been defeated all of a sudden.

The people all around who watching were also secretly shocked. Chen Xiang having this kind of martial skill also came as a surprise to them. True Qi could be discharged from the mouth, it was indeed a kind of very shady martial skill.

The quality of Chen Xiang’s True Qi was not worse than those at the 10th level of the Mortal Martial Realm as a result of being compressed, because just a moment ago if Chen Xiang had not fused the Azure Dragon and Vermillion Bird True Qi, it was also very difficult for him to get rid of the [Fire Lightning Chain].

“Xiaodao, I’ll attack you now!” Chen Xiang gripped both his fists, and Azure Dragon Lightning True Qi overflowed from his fists, and once again at the same time scorching Vermillion Bird Red Fire True Qi emerged out..

At this time Chen Xiang had also used Fire Lightning True Qi!

This duel turned out to be a duel between Fire Lightning True Qi and Fire Lightning True Qi, and everyone standing was immediately excited because it was worth watching. They also found it a little unusual because they had learnt Chen Xiang had a Fire Spiritual Vein, but he was still able to come up with Lightning True Qi.

Chen Xiang took one step and arrived in front of Yun Xiaodao, “Watch out, [Heavenly Tiger Storm Killing Fist]!”

Finished speaking, numerous fists with tiger head after images burst out, surging out one after another with pressuring Aura Qi, pounding at a breakneck speed, cutting through the air, and shaking the floor. Similar to a bombardment of lightning it madly flew towards Yun XIaodao, each one in blink of an eye. Chen Xiang punched out 100 times, and every fist was containing the strength which was capable of destroying a small mountain.

“Good fellas, this Martial Courtyard second rank is yours.” Yun Xiaodao clenching his teeth said. With a palm full of Qi Aura, constantly waving, he was actually able to keep up with the speed of Chen Xiang’s fist. It looked as if he had countless palms whilst resisting the impact of Chen Xiang’s fist that was like violent storm..

“I want first!” Chen Xiang said while laughing, and vainly shouted, “[White Tiger Divine Fist]!”

Punching out one [White Tiger Divine Fist], suddenly a Slaughter Qi enveloped the center of this Martial Courtyard, and everyone could not help but have a shiver run down their spine, as they fell into a kind of inexplicable fear.

Only to see both of Chen Xiang’s fists suddenly transform into two tiger heads with soaring Slaughter Qi, and every time he blasted a fist, it was as if a ferocious monstrous white tiger with Slaughter Qi impacted, making people fall into fear.

“[Cloud Palm]!” Yun Xiaodao complexion turned stiff, palms crossing each other, and a Fire Lightning Qi Aura from both of his palms gushed out. It transformed into a pair of giant palms crossing each other, and were warding in front of Yun Xiaodao.

Chen Xiang’s [White Tiger Divine Fist] struck that pair of giant crossed palms, and emitted “BOOM” sound one after another. The floor below also fiercely trembled, triggering storms one after another, blowing all around.

At this time Chen Xiang’s battle intent was rising, as he rarely met opponents with considerable strength. Rising high into the air with a leap, his palm swung downwards, and a explosive shout resounded. A huge fire palm suddenly appeared, about twenty zhang large, and fiercely pressing down.

[Editor’s Note: War Intention changed to Battle intent, we will change all future and past uses of war intentions with battle intent]

This was Chen Xiang’s killer move. It was to entirely release True Qi of only one attribute, transforming it into Qi Aura which could cause heavy casualties, and its range was also very wide!


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