Chapter 81 – Equally matched

A huge fire palm appeared, and everyone could not help but exclaim in surprise. Yun Xiaodao’s complexion turned solemn as he once again cast [Cloud Palm] towards the sky, resisting the pressure from the rapidly approaching fire palm.

Yun Xiaodao’s [Cloud Palm] also became large, about 10 zhang wide, as he released the vigorous True Qi of the 10th level Mortal Martial Realm. With great power, it even pushed up Chen Xiang’s huge fire palm.

Chen Xiang’s ‘hei hei’ laughter sounded out, only to see Azure True Qi flashing once again and surging out from his palm accompanied with fierce lightning. Along with his soft cry, a huge azure palm once again appeared, pressing down from above, and overlapped with that huge fire palm!

The Fire and Lightning True Qi became even more violent and stronger after the fusion. Yun Xiaodao’s [Cloud Palm] was utterly defeated in an instant, and Chen Xiang’s huge fire and lightning palm continued to press down fiercely, smashing Yun Xiaodao to the ground.


A series of explosions burst out, and a huge palm seal appeared in the middle of the square as the Qi waves blew out in all directions. Every stone in its path was crushed, making an astonishing palm imprint on the ground.

Yun Xiaodao’s whole body was pressed against the ground. He cried out loudly and leaped out from the middle of the palm seal; his entire body a mess. However, he had not suffered any serious injuries.

“Great brother Chen, your strength was out of my expectations. I’m now going to use my killer move.” Yun Xiaodao said with a serious look on his face. Just as he finished speaking, Zhang De shouted, “You’re going to fight again. You’ll ruin everything here; your strengths are just about same. If you still want to decide who is better, you’ll definitely be mutually wounded.”

Chen Xiang also stopped as he heard Zhang De. He did not expect that after completely releasing two attributes of True Qi, he did not even defeat the other party. It was pretty clear that Yun Xiaodao’s strength was in no way weak.

“Great brother Chen is only in the 9th level of the Mortal Martial Realm, and he can already fight on par with me. In other words, if he reaches the 10th level of the Mortal Martial Realm, wouldn’t that mean I would lose?” Yun Xiaodao sighed.

“This is just great. Another little monster has joined our martial courtyard.” A middle-aged man said with a bitter smile. At the moment, these children at such a young age, were actually more formidable than them. Especially Chen Xiang, that kind of martial skill was very shocking and made their hearts shake in fear.

“Great brother Chen, you’ve killed many people, right? Just a moment ago your Slaughter Qi was very thick; it almost scared me.” Yun Xiaodao asked with a curious look. Fear could be seen deep in his eyes.

“Not many. I don’t remember how many, but all of them were people who came to find some trouble,” said Chen Xiang.

“I should keep this in mind and trouble you less often in future.” said Yun Xiaodao with a laugh.

“You two brats, take a look around. This place hasn’t been ruined for many years but now…………”Zhang De’s old face was full of helplessness.

Yun Xiaodao laughed and said, “Old man Zhang, I’m the main reason for this so I’ll pay the crystal stones.”

Chen Xiang suddenly said, “I have got to go and rest for a moment. My True Qi is not rich as yours. It is almost depleted.”

Chen Xiang wouldn’t use Universal True Qi unless it was necessary. It was too lethal; moreover, he also didn’t want to expose too much of his strength, but he was sure, even if he had won against Yun Xiaodao, he would also end up with serious injuries.

Yun Xiaodao was indeed strong. Even after such an intense battle, he didn’t consume much of his True Qi. Furthermore, he didn’t even use his trump card.

“There are a lot of powerful experts in this Martial Courtyard! It really is a cradle for powerful experts!” Chen Xiang while recovering his consumed True Qi in his room, sighed in his heart.

Chen Xiang had just left the square. Disciples from some nearby Martial Courtyards were coming to ask about the situation. They were all amazed by the huge palm seal in the middle of the square. They all knew how strong these bricks were; it is very difficult to destroy them without applying great power.

Two days passed, and the Inner Sect Assessment had begun to accept applications. Chen Xiang, Yun Xiaodao, and Zhang De went together to apply for the assessment as well.

After registering, they left the Extreme Martial Sect. Together, they ate and drank in a hotel in Tianmen City, but their luck was not that good and saw Zhu Rong, that money grubbing stingy fatty. At last, they could only take Zhu Rong together with them.

“Little rascal Yun, I’ll say this in advance, this meal is your treat!” Zhu Rong said seriously while ordering the food.

“Why should I treat you?” asked Yun Xiaodao. Although he was a local tyrant, he did not want to spend his money on Zhu Rong.

“Old man Zhang is old now; maybe he will still be farting in the Outer Sect. Chen Xiang has just entered the Extreme Martial Sect, and I’m a stingy fatty. Do you want all of us to leave right now? Besides, your Yun family is richer than my Zhu family.” Zhu Rong said with a smile.

Chen Xiang saw that Zhu Rong, Yun Xiaodao, and Zhang De had a very good relationship. Otherwise, he would not causally speak in such a way. Furthermore, he also knew Zhu Rong was once in the 330th Martial Courtyard, and was also once the strongest Outer Sect Disciple.

“Little pig, although this old man does not have grand ambitions from the True Martial Realm, but when I die, I will die as an Inner Sect Disciple, do not underestimate me.” said Zhang De confidently.

Yun Xiaodao pursed his lips and said, “Wait for me to enter the Inner Sect, then I’ll definitely grab your position, do as you please for now!”

This hotel was very busy, and many of the customers were rich kids, mostly the disciples of Extreme Martial Sect. They had a very low position in the Extreme Martial Sect, but outside, the majority of them had eyes above their heads, were arrogant, and acted as if the world was dancing around them and was solely venerating their appearance. Seeing this Yun Xiaodao secretly clenched his teeth, he couldn’t wait to beat few of them to the ground.

“Little rascal Yun, you and younger brother Chen together might be able to get rid that bastard, but if it is you alone, then you will come back crawling.” Zhu Rong said while looking at a man on a nearby table.

When that man looked at others, his eyes always had a squinted appearance, looking with endless contempt and arrogance. As long as others came in contact with that kind of expression in his eyes, they will all feel uncomfortable.

Chen Xiang didn’t want to stir up some trouble; he feared that Yun Xiaodao would truly do something so he quickly said, “Okay, after entering the Inner Sect, you’ll have the opportunity to fight with him.”

Chen Xiang speculated that man must be from the Inner Sect.

“Humph! Depending on you? Coming from a secular world, do not think that it is easy to advance to the Inner Sect,” said that man while shaking his head and laughing scornfully.

“Fucking bastard, this father can not wait to poke your eyes and stamp them.” Yun Xiaodao slapped the table and cursed. He was about to rush forward but was pulled by Zhu Rong and Zhang De.

“A private fight, do you want to be expelled from the Extreme Martial Sect?” Zhang De said hastily.

Chen Xiang calmly continued, “If I can enter the Inner Sect, how about you give me 100 True Qi Dans? In return, if I can not enter, I’ll give you 100!”

“Only 100? Too little, how about 1000? Squinted snake, you dare to bet?” Yun Xiaodao yelled.

“The Assessment is only a few days away, so I am willing to bet, but if it were ten years later, I would not even dare to bet.” That man said.

“In a few days later, great brother Chen will definitely enter the Inner Sect!” Yun Xiaodao said excitedly. Chen Xiang, however, was depressed, as he currently did not have 1000 True Qi Dans.


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