Chapter 82 – Revealed Power

Zhu Rong patted Chen Xiang’s shoulder and said, “Rest assured, these True Qi Dans will be paid for by that little rascal Yun when the time arrives. I’ll sell them to him, ha ha……..”

“Dead pig, are you saying that Chen Xiang will definitely lose?” Yun Xiaodao said with contempt in his eyes as he looked at Zhu Rong.

“Since it is a bet, I can not say for sure. But if he does win, I’m willing to buy those True Qi Dans since you won’t be able to use all of them.” Zhu Rong laughed.

“Fart, if he does win I would rather feed them to dogs then give them to you.” Yun Xiaodao cursed.

Chen Xiang and Zhang De could only remain silent as they listened to Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong bickering. Moreover, Chen Xiang couldn’t help but admire these two, as they continued to curse each other without losing their breathes while they all ate and drank.

After returning to the Martial Courtyard, Chen Xiang asked in a confused voice, “Strange, why haven’t I seen any female disciples around?”

“In the Extreme Martial Sect, there are no females. It is probably due to the fact that the Extreme Martial Sect’s Ancestor had no interest in women, and thus established this rule. Damn, this stupid rule is hurting us. In fact, most disciples of the Extreme Martial Sect bring their woman, or else they can only endure it through self-reliance….” Yun Xiaodao said with a grin on his face, “Great brother Chen, you’re not staying in the Martial Courtyard every night are you?”

“Of course,” Chen Xiang said after thinking for a moment. He now understood why Tianmen City was always so lively. It appears that all the rich kids have brought their families with them there.

“You are an honest man great brother Chen. Only the type of people like old man Zhang can honestly stay in the Martial Courtyard.” Yun Xiaodao let out a depraved laugh and soon left.

The sky turned dark as Chen Xiang returned to his room. He was refining True Qi Dans. Meanwhile, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou were afraid to come out of the ring because they feared that the strong experts in the area, who were as numerous as clouds, would sense them.

“Sister Meiyao, the Extreme Martial Sect does not accept any female disciples, and you made Leng Youlan to come here. Seriously!?” Chen Xiang had originally thought that he could take care of Leng Youlan in the Extreme Martial Sect.

“Humph, It’s been a long time since then, how am I supposed to remember these little things?” Su Meiyao said with a low snort. When Chen Xiang was out today, he brought back some exquisite dresses and beautiful jewelry for Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou

In just a few days Chen Xiang had adjusted to his new lifestyle in the Extreme Martial Sect and in the Martial Courtyard, and formed good relations with his senior disciples. He was fortunate to come to a harmonious Martial Courtyard where he didn’t have to entangle with scheming people every day.

In the Extreme Martial Sect there was one very huge square which could accommodate hundreds of thousands of people. Every month, Elders from the Elder Courtyard would discourse in the plaza as such, most of the disciples would gather there on such an occasion. Today was the annual Inner Sect Assessment, the most important event of the year. As long as they were Outer Sect Disciples , they had the qualification to sign up.

Chen Xiang, Yun Xiaodao, and Zhang De came in together as a team, ready to accept their first assessment. They were the team of disciples from the 330th Martial Courtyard. Upon seeing them, the disciples of the other Martial Courtyards silently made way, not daring to provoke them.

“Great brother Chen, have you heard about that Fang Liang you incapacitated earlier? It seems that it will take him a year and a half to recover completely. By the looks of it, that Fang Family and you will wind up fighting each other.” Yun Xiaodao said with a laugh.

Chen Xiang could only helplessly sigh; it could be said that he started lightly. Otherwise, he would have undoubtedly crippled Fang Liang. But he knew that the families here and that of the secular world were different. The families here had true martial experts to rely upon!

The first assessment was to test a disciples strength, and if one does not pass the test, they would be eliminated.

Strength was tested by punching a pre-established array. This array was arranged on a stone wall and looked similar to a small pool of water. After a punch had landed, it would show the corresponding value that represented a measure of strength. Only upon reaching a certain value, would one be said to have passed.

“The first test is simple; we can pass it anytime.” Zhang De said.

“The second and third tests are more difficult. I was eliminated in the second test, and old man Zhang is the same. He did not pass the second assessment as well!” Yun Xiaodao said with a face filled with helplessness.

“What is the second test about?” Chen Xiang asked as he didn’t know anything about the second and the third tests.

Speaking about it, a sliver of fear flashed past Yun Xiaodao’s eyes, “Elder Dan personally conducts the second test. It is mainly used to test the endurance while the third is an integrated test. Every year it is different but equally challenging.”

Elder Dan was the Extreme Martial Sect’s 2nd strongest person and was also the only female in Extreme Martial Sect. Rumors say that her rank was higher that the Current Extreme Martial Dean and was in charge of the Extreme Martial Courtyard. Nobody knows her real name, and thus she was only referred as Elder Dan.

“It’s my turn; don’t know if I can break my old record once again.” Yun Xiaodao rolled up his sleeves and said with an expression which stated that he was looking forward to it.

Chen Xiang was ranked behind Yun Xiaodao, and also wanted to take a look at Yun Xiaodao’s strongest blow. Only the disciples with a value exceeding 1000 were allowed to pass, and many Outer Sect Disciples could only reach about 600, some could even reach 700, but there weren’t many who could achieve it. From this, one could tell that the Extreme Martial Outer Sect Disciples strength was very uniform.

Yun Xiaodao blasted a fist against that pool of water on the stone wall. The arm submerged entirely. When he took out his hand, a single value appeared on that calm pool of water.


Seeing this numeral digit, everyone sucked in a mouthful of cold air as the previous highest record was only 1800!

“Great brother Chen, your turn!” Yun Xiaodao appeared to be very satisfied with his performance as he patted Chen Xiang’s shoulder.

Chen Xiang could also be considered to have a little reputation in the Outer Sect. He had come from the secular world. Furthermore, he had seriously injured Fang Laing with a single blow. He also had good relations with Zhu Rong and was an alchemist.

“Use all of your power! Only by showing your strength can one be respected! Well… it should be alright as long as you do not expose the Yin and Yang Divine Vein!” Bai Youyou ordered in a high pitch tone.

Chen Xiang nodded his head in response. In his dantian, all five elements of True Qi fused together, forming the Universal True Qi. He then took a long deep breath and fiercely blasted a punch. At that moment, he did not release any hint of True Qi, which made everyone extremely confused, because if one didn’t use True Qi, their strength would be greatly reduced.

This time around, Chen Xiang used all of his strength. He was sure that if a mountain were to be struck by his blow, it would be destroyed. However, when his strike entered into the array on the stone wall, it remained very calm.

He was secretly shocked by the strength of this mysterious array. Something of this quality was difficult to arrange by the people of the secular world.

Chen Xiang punched out, only to see the emergence of a number above the pool of water.

Upon seeing this value, the noisy square immediately became deadly quiet. Everyone’s face was filled with horror. The first idea that went through their minds was that there was a problem with the array. However, they quickly dismissed this idea because it had never happened before.


Even for an Inner Sect Disciple it was hard to get this value. Furthermore, this value was double that of Yun Xiaodao’s!

The old man responsible for supervising the tests was also surprised. He was a True Martial Realm practitioner, and when Chen Xiang had punched the array, he sensed a powerful invisible True Qi through some hints, but he couldn’t recognize what type of True Qi it was.

That old man, however, could be considered quite experienced as he immediately shouted. “Chen Xiang, a score of 4800, pass!”

Hearing those words, the entire square exploded into commotion like a large pot of boiling water. An Outer Sect Disciple was capable of getting the same value as that of an Elite Inner Sect Disciple! This was simply too incredible, and made it hard for others to believe their eyes!


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