Chapter 83 – Dan Elder

TLN: We’ll be using elder brother instead of great brother, apparently it is not flowing well according to my editors.

Chen Xiang was also scared as his saw the value on the array, but after some thought, he calmed down. He was cultivating all five elements of True Qi, and the Universal True Qi was formed by fusing all five elements of True Qi, and so it was no surprise that his strength had been elevated by many times.

“Elder brother Chen, you’re scary, and you’re very cunning. The last time we compared notes, you did not use your whole strength!” Yun Xiaodao exclaimed.

Zhu Rong’s complexion was also somewhat strange. He thought about his previous guesses of Chen Xiang entering the Inner Sect, but now his chances were great, at least no one in the 10th level of the Mortal Martial Realm could beat his record.

“Hei hei.. that squinted bastard is definitely going to lose!” Yun Xiaodao said with a laugh as he thought of the gamble with deep stakes in his mind.

Many disciples were participating in the assessment, and it took the entire day, from early morning to late night to finish the assessment. In the morning, the whole square was filled with people, but now there were no more than 300 people. Chen Xiang now knew how hard it was to enter the Inner Sect, as so many disciples were eliminated in the first assessment itself!

The first test came to an end, and the disciples of the Martial Courtyard were sure that Chen Xiang could definitely pass. They didn’t have much confidence to face the second test, and a shadow of doubt had formed in their hearts as many of them had always been repeatedly eliminated during the second assessment.

“It is late at night, yet they want to conduct the second assessment?” Chen Xiang asked doubtfully as they couldn’t leave even after passing their first assessment.

“That is natural, all three assessment are going to be conducted one after the another. Sometimes they will even last several days, and you cannot even rest in between.” Yun Xiaodao replied.

Everyone stood in the middle of the square waiting for the arrival of Elder Dan so that they could start the next assessment.

Late at night, silver moonlight shined on the square while the cool breeze was occasionally blowing, making people feel very comfortable and relaxed.

Suddenly, everyone felt very hot and stuffy, as if a heavy downpour had begun, but as they raised their heads and looked at the skies, they still able to see the stars in the clear sky.

Just as everyone looked towards the skies, a person suddenly appeared before their eyes shocking everyone.

“Elder Dan!” All 300 disciples and the ones responsible for conducting the test saluted in respect.

Elder Dan wore a long white skirt, and had beautiful ebony long hair, but Chen Xiang was disappointed by the fact that a black mask covered her face. It covered her entire face, revealing only her two eyes, but a fiery red aura was surging in those eyes.

“You do not need to be overly courteous.” said Elder Dan as she raised her hand.

Her voice sounded lazy yet cold, and was filled with a kind world turning momentum. This made Chen Xiang think that she was somewhat similar to the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire’s Empress.

Chen Xiang suddenly felt this masked Elder Dan gave him a familiar feeling, but he could not pinpoint who she resembled.

“She definitely is not Xianxian’s teacher. Her voice is not so cold, and it doesn’t even match her,” Chen Xiang thought in his heart removing that possibility.

Elder Dan took a few sheets and quickly scanned through the recorded content of the previous assessment. As she finished scanning them, she said in a cold voice, “Not bad, the values this year is very high and there is also one with a value of 4800!”

Although her voice sounded very cold and lacked any emotions, it was evident from her voice that she was also surprised.

Chen Xiang felt that this kind of chilly tone was absolutely not natural. Strange, like it is deliberately manufactured, because he and Bai Youyou had been staying together for a long time. That was why he knew how a genuine cold beauty was like, like Bai Youyou’s cold voice sounded very natural.

“Chen Xiang come out!” Elder Dan shouted, that cold voice was like an explosion in the ear, and everyone’s entire body trembled, while their ears were buzzing.

Chen Xiang stood and came out, with neither overbearingness nor servility replied, “Disciple Chen Xiang!”

“Humph, do not think with your little ability you can swagger before others. I heard as soon as you came you settled some things.Moreover in the secular world you were also not very law-abiding. For someone like you, it is best to tempered in the Outer Sect first then enter Inner Sect, so as to avoid bigger issue in the Inner Sect! Are you sure you want to participate in the second assessment?” Elder Dan’s words made everyone inwardly shocked, as everybody could see that Elder Dan seemed to be intentionally against Chen Xiang!

What type of character was Elder Dan? She was the next strongest after the Extreme Martial Dean, and also was an alchemist! Such a character was against him, and it was clear that later Chen Xiang was going to eat a lot of suffering in the Extreme Martial Sect!

“I want to participate in the second assessment!” Chen Xiang’s brow slightly wrinkled, but with a deadpan look replied, “What I did in the secular world, I think it was the correct way!”

“Humph!” Dan Elder coldly spoke, “You go to other end of the square, when I say, you can start walking!”

Dan Elder threw these words, flew into the sky, floating at the other end of the square, and her speed made everyone in their heart to gasped from shock.

Chen Xiang just a moment ago knew how the test was going to be performed, and that was to walk from one end of the square to another under a kind of pressure. If one was able to reach the other end it could be considered passing the second assessment.

The giant square was more that 300 zhang wide, walking past it was very easy, and if one used Qing Gong, then it was even faster!

300 Outer Sect Disciples lined up, standing in a line, and waited for the Elder Dan at the opposite end to issue the command.

“Chen Xiang you should remain where you’re, you will be tested alone!” These words of Elder Dan made Chen Xiang have a bad feeling, he secretly regret obeying Bai Youyou, and completely exposed his own strength.

At this time Chen Xiang determined that Elder Dan was intentionally against him, and he knew later on he was going to eat bitterness. He was suspecting whether or not there was any relation between Elder Dan and the Yao family, even to grant ‘special attention’ to a minion.

“Elder brother Chen, take care! I’ll be waiting for you in the Inner Sect.” Yun Xiaodao said gloomily, sounding full of helplessness, because he knew for Chen Xiang it was not possible for him to enter Inner Sect in few years.

“Start!” Elder Dan shouted, and though separated by hundreds of zhang, her transmitted voice was absolutely clear.

Also at this time, Chen Xiang sensed an invisible mighty pressure befall, and people could not help but bend their knees, as if they were carrying a giant mountain on their shoulders.

“Those who can not hold, as long as they shout ‘Give up’, I’ll immediately send him out of the square.” Elder Dan spoke coldly.

Chen Xiang in his heart secretly cursed, because he was now withstanding this kind same pressure, but he had to once again participate in the test. Obviously this showed that Elder Dan was really ‘looking after’ him!

Not long after the assessment started, many disciples fell on the ground, vomiting blood and directly gave up. They were directly removed from the strengthened square.

It was the first time for Chen Xiang to see such a formidable expert to act, and be able to release this kind of power casually. Not to mention ordinary people, even these 9th and 10th level Mortal Martial Realm martial artists, in the eyes of Elder Dan, were simply ants.

Chen Xiang had no doubt, so long as Elder Dan was willing, she could kill him casually with one look!

This is the strength of a martial artist standing at the peak of the Mortal Martial World!


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