Chapter 85 – Suicidal

Never going to surrender! This was what Chen Xiang kept telling himself in his heart, and Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao also didn’t say anything, and they seemed to be acquiesce with Chen Xiang doing this dangerous thing, at the same time the were also deeply shocked by this indomitable spirit of Chen Xiang’s.

“Humph, human are like ants!” Elder Dan’s voice was as if she was clenching her teeth, and it sounded like she was now angry.

Chen Xiang just walked no more than a few steps, he once again fell down, this time he was lying on the ground, from his whole body blood was gushing out.

“Did you not also came from an ant? Someday, I, this ant, will definitely transcend you.” Chen Xiang clenched his and said. Although he sounded very weak, but anyone listening could sense it was full of pride.

Chen Xiang could not stand up, but he was still crawling bit by bit.

“Elder brother Chen…………..”Yun Xiaodao looked at Chen Xiang, his eyes were moist, and he then remembered just because it was too difficult to bear he gave up, but Chen Xiang wanted to pass through this second assessment so he was now fighting with his life. He just does not want to bow to this strong woman, even if he was an ant.

“Elder brother Chen, you’ll definitely be able to come, hold on!” Yun Xiaodao originally believed Chen Xiang didn’t stand a chance, but he hadn’t expected Chen Xiang could persist and arrive here, so he could not help himself and shouted.

“Chen Xiang, enter the Inner Sect with us together, if I this old man had this kind of perseverance, then I would not still be staying in the Outer Sect for so long!” Zhang De was also infected by Chen Xiang.

“Chen Xiang, hold on! You can do it!” One man in the square loudly shouted.

Looking at Chen Xiang slowly crawling bit by bit on that scorching ground, and watching the blood evaporate from his body, everyone was deeply shocked.

“Chen Xiang……….Chen Xiang…………….Chen Xiang” In the square hundreds of people shouted in unison, their sound resounded through the sky, and in the middle of the night the Extreme Martial Sect was shrouded with these blood seething sounds.

Listening to everyone’s high-pitched voices, Chen Xiang’s blood began to boil. He operated the few remaining True Qi, and struggled to crawl forward. His body was devastated and numb due to various kinds of pain, and now all of his perseverance was supporting him to crawl!

Elder Dan’s tender body was trembling, as she did not expect that so many people would support Chen Xiang in front of her, which was simply contradicting her!

“Do not struggle, ants will be ants!” Elder Dan’s voice was full of rage, because Chen Xiang was only two steps away from her.

“Ah————” Chen Xiang suddenly let out a horrible shriek, only to see blood suddenly bursting out from both of his legs and arms, apparently Elder Dan has intentionally once again enhanced the pressure.

This was simply avenging personal enmity using public affairs, but Elder Dan was the No. 2 character in the Extreme Martial Sect, no one would dare to contradict her!

“This time I’ll see how you will walk!” Elder Dan let loose a deep breath, and not only the firm and resolute expression in Chen Xiang’s eyes were making her unhappy, but Chen Xiang to her surprise had also not give up.

“Ha ha ha………….” Chen Xiang to everyone’s surprise loudly laughed. He was only two steps away, that was not only the gateway to third assessment, but also the outcome between him and Elder Dan.

Although he was far inferior to Elder Dan, but here he must definitely win against Elder Dan!

“This father will never surrender to you!” Chen Xiang loudly laughed, and suddenly he let out a loud shout, only to see flames suddenly gushing out from his back, while a pair of giant wings arppeared on his back.

Those wings swiftly flapped, scorching fire waves one after another started gushing out, and Chen Xiang’s body started to rise. All of this happened in the blink of an eye, however, in that small instant, Chen Xiang’s battered body was already behind Elder Dan.

Elder Dan was shocked, and so was everyone else.

Chen Xiang actually had a True Qi Wing type Martial Skill which was a very precious and rare martial skill! In the most crucial moment, it let Chen Xiang leap the last two steps, making him pass through the second assessment!

“Ha ha ha………..This father is through the second assessment, ha ha ha ha………..” There was not a little bit of strength left in Chen Xiang’s whole body, and he was lying on the ground, looking at the moon in the sky, while letting out a crazy laugh one after another.

Everyone in the square was speechless, and listening to Chen Xiang’s maniac laughter, not only in their hearts were they shocked, but at the same time they were also excited, envied him, and admired him………………….

“Do not laugh, there is still the third assessment.” Yun Xiaodao wiped the tears in his eyes, and stuffed a bunch of dans into his mouth, and Chen Xiang, in the an instant, could distinguish that these were all Low-Grade Spirit Level Dan, there was a bunch of True Qi Dans for recovering his True Qi, Nine Recovering Dans which were quickly healing his internal injuries………

This moved Chen Xiang’s heart.

“This is the White Jade Dan, take it and use it!” Zhu Rong came and threw him a jade box.

Middle-Grade Spirit Level White Jade Dan, this was a very precious healing dan, and the stingy Zhu Rong was actually willing to give him. Chen Xiang and Yun Xiaodao were looking at him with an incredible expression in their eyes.

“Do not thank me!” Zhu Rong proudly said.

Yun Xiaodao and Zhang De also quickly smeared the herbal powder in the jade box on Chen Xiang’s body. This herbal powder was similar to white jade; crystal clear and very beautiful.

“Elder Dan, disciple with great courage asks you, why must you be dead set against me? Do you like to avenge personal vendettas using public means!” It was impossible not to have anger in Chen Xiang’s heart. Just a moment ago he was kind of presumptuous in front of Elder Dan, and was also fearless.

“I made it very clear, you are young and fit, I just want you to sharpen yourself in the Outer Sect!” Elder Dan actually had not been angry, but at this moment, she was unable to say anything again.

“Avenge personal enmity using public means? So what if it I am? I have the strength, so I can do whatever I want. Also, the Extreme Martial Sect can not bind me, those rules are only established for you!” Elder Dan said with disdain, “You want justice? Strength is justice, and as long as I want, I can kill you now. No one will say anything to me, and also no one will take revenge for you!”

“Indeed, you can do this, but some things aren’t absolute, just like how I was able to pass through the second assessment and you weren’t able to stop me!” Chen Xiang said while sneering, “But someday I’ll get back to you! You better kill me now.”

Zhang De and Yun Xiaodao were smearing medicine on Chen Xiang, but their hands could not help but tremble. They totally had not expected Chen Xiang would actually dare to talk back to number 2 character of the Extreme Martial Sect!

Elder Dan burst into laughter, but her laughter was very stiff, and not very natural, making everyone who heard a little confused.

“Good, Good! I’d like to see up to what extent you’ll grow? I promise you, as long as one day you can beat me, you can do whatever you want to punish me, if you want to marry me you also can!” Elder Dan spoke loudly, once again making people dazed.

Chen Xiang was also very much surprised, however he teasingly said, “I’ll not bother to marry you, you face is always covered in a mask, maybe it is disfigured, at that time I’ll suffer!”

Yun Xiaodao and Zhang De very much wanted to sew Chen Xiang’s mouth together. One after another he was actually speaking these kind of words as if he didn’t want to live, and Zhu Rong also went far away, fearing Elder Dan will suddenly explode and if he would also be affected.

“You do not want to live?” Elder Dan voice was extremely cold.

“If I wanted to live, I would have already fled before. Look at me. Does it look like the type of person who wants to live?” Chen Xiang replied like he did not want to live.

“Do you think I cannot kill you?” Elder Dan stepped forward, and purple flames gushed out from her slender and beautiful hands.

Seeing the purple flame, Chen Xiang, in his heart, was greatly startled. He heard Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou speaking, and only those who possess a Fire Spirit could release purple flames.

“Come on then. So that after this I won’t not have to marry you, an ugly girl, and you also will not have to marry this boy wet behind the ears after this……………….” Chen Xiang could not finish his sentence, his mouth was covered by Yun Xiaodao.

Elder Dan received the flames in her hand, and said coldly, “What I said before, I’ll certainly keep my promise, as long as you beat me, I’ll marry you, and at that time I’ll be at your disposal.”

“And…………my appearance does not have much of difference with your fiancee, Xue Xianxian!” Elder Dan finished speaking, flew and left.

Yun Xiaodao and Zhang De were stunned, while Zhu Rong immediately rushed over, both of his hands grabbing Chen Xiang’s shoulder, and with a look of disbelief he asked, “Xue Xianxian was really your fiancee?”


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