Chapter 86 – Mysterious Realm

Chen Xiang curled his lips and said, “You heard what that woman said a moment ago? Besides I already told you earlier, she is my fiancee!”

Xue Xianxian’s name in the martial arts sects of Chenwu Mainland had reverberated like lightning because at the age of only 15, she was already a True Martial Realm martial artist!

These days Chen Xiang also found out that he himself had fallen behind Xue Xianxian by a large margin.

“Bastard……….Bastard, such a good girl, how is she willing to marry someone like you?”

Zhu Rong looked jealous and shook Chen Xiang’s body, and anyone could see he really wanted to hit Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang’s injuries were much better now. After Elder Dan was gone, everyone else came to Chen Xiang’s side, and inquired about his well being. The expression in their eyes when they looked at Chen Xiang was also full of respect, and spoke things such as if there was an opportunity to get some advice and so on.

Chen Xiang, Yun Xiaodao and Zhang De were the only ones who could enter the third assessment, and although there was an age difference between each of them, they were very good friends, so they only hoped that the third assessment would not be sparring with each other, as that was too brutal for them.

At this time Chen Xiang controlled his breathing, rested for about half an hour, and then thought in the end who Elder Dan was.

“Meiyao sister, Youyou sister, do you have any clue?” asked Chen Xiang.

“No, but it is not necessary that you know this woman. You should know trying to understand a woman’s heart is very difficult. It may be because of only one look in your eyes, or something about your behavior that gave her a bad impression and she hated you, or maybe she really was good to you and wanted you to stay in the Outer Sect?” replied Su Meiyao.

“This woman’s strength is not bad, and she actually has a Fire Spirit! If I’m not wrong, it should be the Purple Moon Fire Spirit.” said bai Youyou.

“Yes, it must be the Purple Moon Fire Spirit, and according to legends, the moon suddenly became purple and the aura it emitted shone on the land of the mortal world. That land was engulfed by the purple flames, and was incinerated for 7-7-49 ten thousand years (490,000). Only after that fire was extinguished did that land in the mortal world then have life, flowers, grasses, and trees born out various kinds of life! At that time a fire of life was also bred out and it was known as the Purple Moon Fire Spirit, but this is the legends of the Purple Moon World! Does this woman come from the Purple Moon World?” said Su Meiyao.

[TLN: 7-7-49, the number 49, square of seven is used in chinese folks, taoist and buddhist rituals. For eg, it is believed a recently deceased spirit will linger in the living world for 49 days, so a second requiem is always performed at the end of 49 days. similarly, many rituals are required the performer to undergo a 49-day cleansing, fasting etc.]

Chen Xiang had not expected one Fire Spirit to actually have so much history, and he secretly determined Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou had once travelled many worlds.

“I do not know. Wait for me to get married to her. Later on I’ll ask her and then we’ll know.” Chen Xiang said with a depraved smile.

“God knows how many years we would have to wait, this woman could be in the Nirvana Realm, which is the top most existence in the mortal world.” said Su Meiyao.

After restoring his injuries, Chen Xiang was pleasantly surprised to find his body had become a lot stronger, but it was also very clear his True Qi was enhanced. After getting tossed around, his True Qi was compressed, and its quality was enhanced by several times.

Within a short period of time, the elevation was so distinct, which made Chen Xiang secretly shocked, and he began to suspect that Elder Dan may not really be malicious, but just wanted to sharpen him. It was just that her way of doing things was too strict and extreme.

“Wait for me to enter Inner Sect again and be admitted in the Extreme Dan Courtyard. At that time I can enjoy two kinds of treatment!” Chen Xiang decided, and he was suddenly curious about Elder Dan. In order to have contact with her, he could only go to the Extreme Dan Courtyard, because Elder Dan was the head of the Extreme Dan Courtyard.

Chen Xiang, Yun Xiaodao and Zhang De were lead by Zhu Rong to the innermost region of the Extreme Martial Sect, and Chen Xiang and the others could see courtyards of various sizes

“The 99th Inner Sect Martial Courtyard, is where we’re going?” Yun Xiaodao, looking at a numerical engraving, exclaimed.

“We’re going to the Elder Courtyard! I also went there during my third assessment.” Zhu Rong patted his round belly, and there was a eery smile on his face, “The third assessment is not as frightening as second assessment, but it is still quite difficult, but after passing through there will be many benefits.”

To their surprise they had to go to the Elder Courtyard, the residential area of all the elders of the Extreme Martial Sect, which made Chen Xiang and the others to feel a lot of pressure. Chen Xiang was also worried that because of his conflict with Elder Dan, this may have caused the whole Elder Courtyard to be against him, then he really would not be able to mix in the Extreme Martial Sect anymore.

“The Extreme Martial Dean went into closed-door training for many years, and now all the affairs are managed by Elder Wu. Elder Dan is always kind of elusive, and throughout the year will not appear even once to give lectures.” said Zhu Rong, “The Elder Wu is responsible for third assessment.”

Elder Wu was number 3 character in the Extreme Martial Sect. He was very harmonious and amicable, and although his cultivation was very high and remote, he did not have even a little bit of arrogance. Many disciples liked him, which made Chen Xiang and the others to let loose a deep breath, as at least they did not have to face someone moody like Elder Dan, this strange woman.

“This is the Elder Courtyard? It really is a little different.” Yun Xiaodao didn’t expect that there actually would be a paradise 世外桃源 here in the Extreme Martial Sect. There were not any kind of buildings here, but instead there were mountains and lakes, with a very vast prairie and although it was now night, but a bright moon and many star lights were shining here. The scenery here was very beautiful.

[TLN: 世外桃源 imaginary land of joy and plenty, in other words, paradise, Shangri-la so and so]

“Why can I not see this type of scenery from the outside? Moreover it looks like it is bigger here than Tianmen City in the outside!” said Chen Xiang with some doubt.

“Ha ha ha, this is one Mysterious Realm, and one can only see the inside things when they are near it, but if you’re looking from far, it will be blocked by a kind of mystical power. What you’re looking are only some of the things present before the entrance of the Mysterious Realm.” A bald old man, but with a long white beard and long white eyebrows suddenly appeared behind Chen Xiang and the others.

Chen Xiang and the others were startled, and they quickly turned around, only to see a bald old man right in front of them slightly smiling, with a pair of narrowed old eyes right under the long white eyebrows looking very harmonious.

Mysterious Realm, some small independent space. This was equivalent to one small world, and was very mystical. Like how this Mysterious Realm was not very big, but if looked at from the outside it was invisible, and only if one went through its entrance could one clearly see. It was still a mystery how this kind of Mysterious Realm was formed.

Chen Xiang and the others have heard the legends of the Mysterious Realms, but they actually had not expected for one to exist in the Extreme Martial Sect. Moreover it was also in the Elder Courtyard!

“Elder Wu!” Chen Xiang and others shouted in unison, and gave a salute to this old man.

Elder Wu name was Wu Kaiming 武开明, and he was responsible for the safety matters of the Extreme Martial Sect. He was one ruthless character, and it was confirmed that once to save his own apprentice, he rushed in alone to a Devil Path Sect, and rescued his disciple.

“No need to be overly courteous.” Wu Kaiming happily smiling said, “You’re Chen Xiang? Elder Dan asked me a moment ago to make things difficult for you in the third assessment, but I refused. I do not want a disciple to hate their sect, but having said that, you truly are one of a kind, making that woman suppress a lot of anger. Fortunately, she is not an overly bad-tempered woman, otherwise, she would have beaten you to death. We old men can only say a few words on the surface to her.”

After hearing this, this made Zhu Rong, Yun Xiaodao and the others break into cold sweat.

Chen Xiang said with a smile, “So it seems I really do have very good luck, but now it seems to be she is no longer going to do anything against me? Regarding this, it can be counted as I was easily let off!”

“Hard to say, this woman’s temper is a little strange, so you better not let her continue to hate you, otherwise…………..You will be tortured by her in such a way that you will wish for a death.” Wu Kaiming said while laughing, and regarding Chen Xiang, such rare and wonderful flower, he was very much interested. As for Chen Xiang’s potential, it was very obvious to many people that Elder Dan was intentionally making things difficult in his case, and he was still able to pass!

“No more nonsense, I’ll not start talking about the content of the third assessment. Some regions in the Mysterious Realm you will have to carry on a mission to hunt and kill demon beasts, and you must do it within three days, while each person must hunt three Grade-10 demon beasts! There are a very large number of demon beasts inside, and their strength is also comparable with yours, so as long as you complete this, you can pass the third assessment.”


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