Chapter 88 – Treasure Hunt

The road Chen Xiang was originally walking on, was paved with bricks but now it suddenly turned into a dirt road. Chen Xiang also psyched himself as he felt he had entered the demon beast infested region.

He left the the prairie region, arriving at a region with many weeds, and he suddenly noticed something.

“There seems to be humans. Demon beast’s breath should definitely not be like this.” Chen Xiang was uncertain in his heart as he felt a few humans hiding inside the thick patch of grass.

Chen Xiang’s body shook a little, releasing a wave of True Qi, and the weeds all around him were shattered, only to see four young men, who were wearing the Extreme Martial Sect Disciple’s dress appear, while each of them had a black stick in their hand.

“What do you want to do?” Chen Xiang loudly asked, and he sensed a kind of polished Fire Qi emanating from these four disciple’s bodies. These four individuals were fire attributed, and they were all exuding a slightly medicinal-herb smell. Only someone dealing with herbs all year around would have this kind of smell.

The four men were in the 10th level of the Mortal Martial Realm, while at the same time they moved and surrounded Chen Xiang.

“You are Chen Xiang?” One man with delicate and pretty kind of appearance asked.

“Yes!” Chen Xiang voice fell, meanwhile the four men at the same time waved their stick in their hands towards Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang immediately released a Qi Aura shield, blocking off the four incoming iron sticks, sneered and said, “You are from the Extreme Dan Courtyard, right?”

Chen Xiang’s words made the four men’s whole body tremble, but they did not say anything and continued to attack Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang concluded that these four individuals were Inner Sect Disciples, but also from the Extreme Dan Courtyard, as their strength was also not bad.

Four black iron sticks turned red, burning with severe flames, and released a scorching hot Qi Aura. Someone was stabbing, another was striking, and another was raising their stick to attack Chen Xiang.

[ED Note: Not sure what the fourth guy is doing but ask the author that questions:P]

The four men’s strength and Chen Xiang’s was just about the same, and sensing the fearful power that they released, Chen Xiang only now understood the difference between an Inner Sect and Outer Sect Disciple.

It was a first for Chen Xiang to be surrounded by several equally matched opponents, but he did not panic. His brow wrinkled, and an endless Slaughter Qi permeated from his body shrouding the four people’s bodies, making them suddenly startled.

The moment they became surprised, Chen Xiang fiercely did a 360 degree kick, and Vermillion Bird True Qi and Azure Dragon True Qi gathered on his legs, blowing out a fearful fire and lightning power, kicking off the iron stick in their hands which was then followed by a fierce jump into the air.

“Were you sent by Dan? Tell her, if she sends someone again, then don’t blame me for being impolite! Whoever hinders me in the assessment, I’ll destroy anyone!” Chen Xiang’s voice was filled with Slaughter Qi, and from his back burst out a firelight. A pair of flame wings in the blink of an eye were congealed on his back.

Chen Xiang released the [Vermillion Bird Fire Wing], and flew out of those disciple’s encirclement. If he had not casted the [Slaughtering Heart], then he definitely would still be surrounded by the four men and it would be very difficult for him to get out. At the least he would have to spend his time and strength.

Inside the Courtyard, Wu Kaiming sighed and said, ” Dan, you should just give up. This brat’s Slaughter Qi is very heavy, and if he gets mad, maybe he would really start killing.”

Flames were glittering in Dan’s pupils, and seeing the Chen Xiang travelling in the air in the crystal ball, she could not help but clench both of her fists, and coldly snorted.

Seeing Chen Xiang’s gorgeous and dazzling [Vermillion Bird Fire Wing], all the s were filled with envy, only to hear one old man talking with a sigh, “This True Qi wing compared with mine is much better. You look at those feathers. They are simply life like, as if these flame wings are grown from that brat’s flesh and blood. In the end what kind of martial skill is this?”

“Yes, his speed is also so fast, and if he also had more strength, then his flying speed with this True Qi wing would be much faster.” Another old man closely watching Chen Xiang’s [Vermillion Bird Fire Wing] spoke.

Chen Xiang, under the four men’s staring eyes and opened mouthes, fluttered the [Vermillion Bird Fire Wings] and flew away. Of course, he himself didn’t know that he was always being watched.

“Chen Xiang, it is best that you remain low-key, this is the Extreme Martial Sect’s old codgers site, and your each and every move is known by them.” Bai Youyou reminded him.

After Chen Xiang heard that he slightly raised his little mouth, dived to the ground coming next to a tree, unlocked his belt, and while humming started peeing…………..

“Someday, I’ll have to take a good look at this brat!” Dan clenched her teeth and said. She then flung her head and left.

Chen Xiang pulled up his pants, but heard a burst of a very faint sound. It was like someone or something had stepped on a fallen leaf and emitted a very subtle sound.

“Good fellas. In such a far place someone shady has come over!” Chen Xiang was listening with rapt attention, and he did not expect he would encounter a demon beast so soon!

“Chen Xiang, in this Mysterious Realm there might be some treasures. Didn’t that old baldy say that what you found is yours? Human beings can not be compared with these demon beasts. They are naturally born with a mystical spiritual sense, which is capable of finding some rare and exotic treasures. If you can track these demon beasts, perhaps you’ll find some good things.” said Su Meiyao.

Chen Xiang’s eyes had an excited look and he said, “I understand, here there are are demon beasts because these old men intentionally put them to search for rare and exotic treasures.”

Grade-10 demon beasts were equivalent to humankind’s 10th level Mortal Martial Realm, the Completion stage, but in line with their demon beast constitution and innate ability, Grade-10 demon beasts were much more powerful than ordinary 10th level Mortal Martial Realm martial artists.

“Here demon beasts are common demon beasts, so if you use your [Dragon Slaying Divine Martial Skill] or [Divine Exercise Of Four Symbols], then you can easily deal with them. These martial skills imitate the divine beast’s breath so if an ordinary demon beasts senses it, they will be scared! But it is useless in dealing with True Martial Realm demon beasts.” said Bai Youyou.

Chen Xiang also did not expect the [Divine Exercise of Four Symbols] to have this kind of benefit and he started dashing towards that weak sound he had just previously heard.

Chen Xiang was running swiftly, and while quickly moving he also sensed that hidden demon beast so he quickly dashed towards the demon beast,

Not too long after, Chen Xiang and that demon beast met, and both of them, with breakneck speed, collided with each other at the same time.The moment Chen Xiang collided, he punched out a fist, striking that demon beast’s body.

This beast was covered in a black armor, and it was a panther with blue-eyed. It could not be counted as too big, but this was a very sensitive demon beast.

“Worthy of Grade-10 demon beast. My fists struck it but it did not inflict even a little bit of damage!” Chen Xiang saw that blue-eyed panther swiftly and violently hurling towards him, and he could not help but exclaim.

Chen Xiang’s body shook, a golden light surged out, and in his heart he was silently reciting the Heart Law. The White Tiger True Qi within his body transformed into Dragon Aura as he was casting the [Dragon Slayer Divine Martial Skill]!

Although this was an incomplete [Dragon Slayer Divine Martial Skill] but it could allow Chen Xiang’s body to release the weak pressure of a dragon, and in addition to this it was filled Slaughter Qi made out of the White Tiger True Qi, which made it even more frightening.

As Bai Youyou previously said, common demon beasts were very afraid of this kind of breath so when this kind of breath swooped over, the body of the panther fiercely trembled, and its speed also decreased by a lot.

Chen Xiang blasted a fist towards that shuddering blue-eyed panther, struck its head, and made it howl, but after falling to the ground it once again stood firmly.

“Good fellas, it did not fall!” Chen Xiang teasingly looked at that shuddering blue-eyed panther.

The Blue-eyed panther emitted a growl, and unexpectedly turned around and dashed away.

“This guy unexpectedly is scared of me!” Chen Xiang laughed and quickly followed it and was even faster than that blue-eyed panther, while his body was emanating Dragon Qi Aura made of Slaughter Qi.

The people inside the Courtyard were very shocked after watching this. The demon beast was actually scared off by a human, like how a mouse saw a cat and flees, and in the hearts of a few old men, suddenly a bad feeling emerged.


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