Chapter 90 – Détente

Chen Xiang had just instantly killed twenty three Grade-10 demon beasts, furthermore it was done in a very leisurely manner. He soon returned to the original starting point, where he waited for Yun Xiaodao and Zhang De.

After waiting for almost a day, Chen Xiang saw Zhang De with an expression full of happiness walking in the distance. From just one glance, he could already tell that Zhang De had completed the task.

“Old Man Zhang, congratulations!” Chen Xiang quickly laughed.

“Hei Hei. Same to you Chen Xiang, but you have passed the test in one go! Furthermore you’re so young. You’re really someone with boundless prospects!”

Yun Xiaodao still hadn’t returned. This made Chen Xiang and Zhang De somewhat concerned, but they did not have to wait for long. Suddenly, they heard a hawk’s cry followed by a kind of very proud laughter.

“Ha Ha, I earned a lot!” Yun Xiaodao’s laughter resounded. Chen Xiang and Zhang De looked up, only to see a giant black hawk flying high in the sky. Seated on which, was a grinning youth.

Yun Xiaodao had actually tamed a Blackhawk! Taming a demon beast is a very difficult thing to do, but Yun Xiaodao had done it, and had indeed earned a lot.

All three returned safe and sound, moreover with a very rewarding experience. At this time, Wu Kaiming and Elder Dan also arrived before them.

“Treasures that you have obtained yourself or demon beast corpses you have brought, as I said before, are yours. However, you do need to report them.”

Chen Xiang took out the ravaged corpses of the twenty three demon beasts which had been morphed into the giant meat patties, along with five Azure Profound Fruit. This scared Yun Xiaodao and Zhang De, who both emitted a high pitched shriek of shock. They were very clear about the Iron Armor Bull. They knew it was a gregarious type of demon beast, moreover with very strong defensive capabilities, and decent power. Yet now they were nothing more than giant meat patties. With just a glance, they knew that Chen Xiang started with a heavy hand and had, in a single breath, gotten rid of these demon beasts.

“Twenty three… Elder Brother Chen you truly are abnormal!” Yun Xiaodao said. He then took out the corpses of two tiger type demon beasts and one of a large bear. He then embraced the giant black hawk behind him and said, “Lao Hei has been tamed by me, therefore he belongs to me!”

“That is natural!” Wu Kaiming said with a smile.

Zhang De had killed four giant wolves and also found a Three Thousand Year Blood Ginseng. His harvest was also not bad.

“Are you going to sell those Azure Profound Fruits?” Elder Dan asked while staring at the five fruit placed by Chen Xiang onto the ground, which was circulating an azure light.

“Not selling!” said Chen Xiang with a low snort.

Azure Profound Fruit!

Zhang De and Yun Xiaodao were once again shocked. Chen Xiang had actually gotten such a good thing, this made both of them secretly jealous of Chen Xiang’s luck.

The rank of the Foundation Building Dan could not be counted as a high rank, but the herbs required for making it were very rare. The costs and rarity for these herbs could even be compared with those needed for some high level dans! The Azure Profound Fruit was one of the main ingredients, and even though its rank was not that high, the Foundation Building Dan was a wonder drug in helping someone enter the True Martial Realm so they were sold at very expensive prices.

“Sell it to me, afterwards I’ll help you in refining the Foundation Building Dan for free! I do not casually refine pills for others!”

Elder Dan was also very interested in the Azure Profound Fruit. Although she had previously obtained ten of them, they had all been quickly used up. It was really a long time ago, and she had not since refined a Foundation Building Dan.

“If you had previously not made things difficult for me, giving you one of them would not matter to me, but now I’ll not sell it to you for any price!” Chen Xiang flung aside his head. He does not want to see her again.

Yun Xiaodao hastily pulled Chen Xiang in the next instant, fearing that he would provoke Elder Dan’s anger. If that were to happen, it would become very troublesome.

“500,000 crystal stones for one, will you sell?” Elder Dan sneered. She does not believe that Chen Xiang would not be tempted.

“I will not sell!” Chen Xiang firmly replied.

“1,000,000 crystal stones, selling or not?” Elder Dan coldly asked.

“Sold!” Chen Xiang grinned. 1,000,000 crystal stones was absolutely not a small amount, and if he was not going to sell, well then he was an idiot. Furthermore, this would also be bad for his relationship with Elder Dan.

“Humph, I’m not going to buy!” Elder Dan said and like a angry little girl, stamped her foot on the ground and turned to leave.

Chen Xiang curled his lips and said, “Tch, this woman is breaking her promise. Earlier she had said she would marry me if I win. I laboriously defeated her and now she’s going back on her words. What should I do…?”

When Elder Dan heard his statement, she turned back and coldly said, “1,000,000 crystal stones. I’ll buy!”

Chen Xiang really wanted to rip off Elder Dan’s mask and take a look at the appearance of the Extreme Martial Sect’s only female.

“How is the relationship between you and the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire’s Empress, is it okay?” Chen Xiang asked. He had suddenly gotten an idea…

“We’re both female and our relationship is also not bad! Why do you ask?” Elder Dan replied.

“I’ll give you two Azure Profound Fruits. Can you help me refine one set of the Foundation Building Dan herbs and then send one dan to Xue Xianxian and the other to Leng Youlan in Icewind Valley?” Chen Xiang’s eyes were rotating.

At most, successfully refining a complete set of herbs for the Foundation Building Dan would result in two dans if done without any wastage. Normally alchemists were only able to refine one dan, but Chen Xiang firmly believed that Elder Dan was capable of producing two dans.

“I will not take your crystal stones. It can be regarded as a gift to Elder Dan.” Chen Xiang said. He really did not want to have such stiff relations with Elder Dan, because later on he not only wanted to enter the Extreme Dan Courtyard, but also planned to stay in the Extreme Martial Sect for a very long time. Maybe in the future, when he goes out to explore the Chenwu Mainland for experience, he might stir up some trouble. At that time, he may need to get shelter in the Extreme Martial Sect.

Wu Kaiming, Yun Xiaodao and Zhang De could all see Chen Xiang’s reason for acting like this, and they also very much supported it.

Elder Dan was silent for a moment before saying, “Do you want to know why I hate you?”

Chen Xiang shook his head, sighed then said, “I would very much like to know.”

“If you defeat me I’ll tell you!” Elder Dan picked up two Azure Profound Fruit. With far less hatred in her voice, she asked, “Who is Leng Youlan to you? You already have Xue Xianxian as your fiancee, yet you still think of others. Men really are like this.”

Chen Xiang quickly explained, “Youlan is my sworn sister and I had sent her to join the Extreme Martial Sect. However, I did not know the Extreme Martial Sect’s rules beforehand, which is why she later went to Icewind Valley, but that is too far away. I can not go there anytime soon, and as her sworn brother I must take care of her. That’s why I can only request this favour from Elder Dan.”

“Humph, sworn sister? That’s a nice way to put it. Who knows what other intentions you have in your mind?” Elder Dan finished speaking, turned around and left. Chen Xiang and the others were slightly surprised, Elder Dan’s voice had a tinge of jealousy in it…

“Elder Brother Chen… I’ve been calling you this from the very start! Will you also take me as a sworn brother or not?” Yun Xiaodao said with a depraved smile while looking at the three Azure Profound Fruit in Chen Xiang’s hand.

Chen Xiang blankly looked at Yun Xiaodao before replying, “You’re a very rich guy! You do not need to care about this little thing!”

“Elder Brother Chen really had ill intentions when receiving your sworn sister.” Yun Xiaodao muttered. He also knew a bit about Leng Youlan. She and Xue Xianxian were similar, both were known as one of the most talented in the younger generation.

Wu Kaiming coughed dryly twice before saying, “You are starting to resolve the differences between you and Elder Dan. This is very good. Now, I congratulate the three of you in becoming one of the Extreme Martial Sect’s Inner Disciples. You can take away half the demon beast corpses that you have acquired. Later on, Little Fatty can walk you through the Inner Martial Courtyard so you all can get familiarized with it.

After the three of them took away the demon beasts corpses, they left the Mysterious Realm extremely excited. Zhu Rong had been waiting outside for them for quite some time.

Because the relationship between Zhu Rong and Yun Xiaodao was quite good, he was arranged to guide Chen Xiang and the others through the Inner Sect.

Détente is a French word meaning release from tension, here it is referring to the easing of relations between Elder Dan and Chen Xiang. This term is often used in reference to the general easing of the geo-political tensions between the Soviet Union and the United States which began in 1969.