Chapter 91 – Inner Courtyard

The most excited person was Yun Xiaodao. As he walked out of the Mysterious Realm, he clamored to go to the squinting guy to ask for his 1000 True Qi Dans. Zhu Rong, seeing Yun Xiaodao easily win 1000 True Qi Dans, was very jealous in his heart.

On the basis that one True Qi Dan was sold for 500 crystal stones, then 1000 True Qi Dans would be equal to 500,000 crystal stones. This was a huge amount!

“Elder Brother Chen, 90% of the 1000 True Qi Dans are yours, and 10% is mine. After all, I only undertook the gambling stake and nothing more. I spoke thoughtlessly in that matter, I did not expect to gain so this much!” Yun Xiaodao said with a grin. Although this number was very large, in his eyes it was not accountable for anything. Over the many years, he had eaten far more than this amount.

When Chen Xiang saw Yun Xiaodao not paying any attention to the 1000 True Qi Dans, he could not help but secretly suck down on his tongue. But once he remembered that the Yun Family was one of the four major families within the Extreme Martial Province, he also felt that it was not a big deal for Yun Xiaodao. Just one major family held a ton of crystal stone mineral resources, herbs, demon beasts, etc. Although they were not comparable to major sects, but they were regarded as the richest right afterward the major sects.

“Fatty, your Zhu Family is similar to my Yun Family! Your wealth should also be comparable to ours right? Because you are also very stingy and treacherous!” Yun Xiaodao patted Zhu Rong’s back and said with a laugh.

Zhu Rong only snorted in response. From the posture of his body, one could tell that his family foundation was very thick.

Zhang De shook his head and let out a sigh, “If one has a good background, it may very well allow them to struggle less for a few decades!”

Chen Xiang and the others followed Zhu Rong and headed towards the 329th Martial Courtyard. This was the weakest Martial Courtyard among the all the Inner Martial Courtyards. It was also the location where all the new members had to go after entering the Inner Martial Courtyard.

“There is not a single person?” Yun Xiaodao doubtfully said. Afterwards, he shouted, “Anyone!? Quickly come out to greet the newcomers!”

Zhu Rong curled his lips and said “Do not shout. For many years, no one has entered the Inner Sect. It has always been like this!”

Chen Xiang asked, “So to say, the disciples of this Inner Martial Courtyard have all gone to higher ranking Martial Courtyards? But if so, then shouldn’t some disciples be defeated and forced to come here?”

Zhu Rong nodded his head, “What you said is correct, however the Inner Martial Courtyard Disciples perform many missions which are very important and dangerous! Although there are more than 300 Inner Martial Courtyards, but each one has no more than ten Inner Sect Disciples! Where I am staying right now, there are only five disciples!”

Being in the Inner Martial Courtyard comes with good benefits. Every month you can receive 300 True Qi Dan and 3000 crystal stones, and every year one True Elemental Dan. Also, whenever you go out to perform the missions, you will also get some healing and detoxification dans. Besides, there was always the reward for completing the mission. Zhu Rong got the precious White Jade Dan that way too.

“All of the disciple of this Inner Courtyard are dead. In fact, up to the 300 Inner Martial Courtyard, every single one is empty.” Zhu Rong’s complexion turned series. Being an Inner Sect Disciple is not extremely dazzling as everyone thinks, they also have their own life threatening missions that they were required to complete.

“Then why did you not take us to the 300th Martial Courtyard?” Yun Xiaodao blankly looked at Zhu Rong.

“Little rascal Yun, I did this for your own good! If you move up a few numbers forward, then the tasks you will receive become more dangerous. You should wait for Chen Xiang to enter the 10th level of the Mortal Martial Realm and then move forward step by step!” Zhu Rong replied.

Chen Xiang also agreed, “We have just entered the Inner Sect. We can now learn more higher leveled martial skills. Only after we get a good grasp on them and our strength stabilizes should we move forward!”

“Come on. I’m only in the 200th Martial Courtyard. It took me a very long time to rise up to that level. You better clean up the place, I’ll leave now.” Zhu Rong walked away very quickly. He was worried Chen Xiang and the others would ask him to help them clean up.

This Martial Courtyard contained many small houses. The residence and Marital Courtyard were at the exact same place. Later on, Chen Xiang and the others did not need to take a different road to head to the Martial Courtyard from their residence.

“I’ll not sleep here. You two can hurry up and clean it yourself!” Yun Xiaodao giggled and then also left.

Because no one has lived here for many years, there were a lot of dead leaves and dust gathered around. It took most of the day for Chen Xiang and Zhang De to finish cleaning the courtyard.

Chen Xiang decided to stay in a building with a ton of training equipment. He did not find much use to these equipments, they were not too light but one needed to spend a large amount of time to exercise with them.

“This kind of stuff is only used to kill time. For genuine practice, one needs to carry out a variety of extreme training or go out and gain experience.” Zhang De said.

At this time, Yun Xiaodao came back and excitedly shouted, “Elder brother Chen, I went to look for that squinting guy for the True Qi Dans. This guy actually very readily gave me the True Qi Dans, quickly take a look to check if it is not false.”

As for the gambling stakes, Chen Xiang had not cared too much. He believed that if you were to ask for the 1000 True Qi Dans, it might become troublesome and might even escalate into a conflict.

Yun Xiaodao took out ten jade boxes. Inside each box were 100 True Qi Dans. After Chen Xiang examined them, he determined that they were not fake. Although the quality was not as good as his refining, but they had reached the standard requirements.

Yun Xiaodao only wanted one box. Chen Xiang originally wanted to give a box to Zhang De, but he was unwilling to accept. In the end, he bought the box for half of its price.

Zhu Rong once gave Chen Xiang a box with White Jade Dan. Chen Xiang wanted to thank him and also gave one box to Zhu Rong. In spite of this, when he took the box his face was filled with jealousy. He had intended to buy three boxes for half the price, however in the end he was kicked out by Yun Xiaodao.

Yun Xiaodao only wanted one box, and Chen Xiang originally wanted to give one box to Zhang De, but Zhang De was not willing to accept, at last he bought the box with half of its price.

“Utterly shameless fatty!” Yun Xiaodao cursed.

“We are now also considered Inner Sect Disciples. We can go and pick up some things. You can also go to the Inner Courtyard Regular Hall and look for good exercises of the Profound and Earth Level.” Yun Xiaodao excited shouted before rushing out of the Martial Courtyard.

To receive these materials, one had to go to the Inner Martial Courtyard or the Extreme Dan Courtyard. A True Martial Realm Disciple was responsible for overseeing the process. Chen Xiang received 20 True Qi Dan and a True Elemental Dan, as well as 3000 crystal stones along with a handy Level 9 Ordinary Grade Weapon. It was a dragon head broadsword!

[TLN: Dragon Head on its hilt.]

Yun Xiaodao and Zhang De also casually received their weapons, and they did not pay any attention to it afterwards.

Walking on the road towards the Inner Courtyard Regular Hall, Yun Xiaodao saw Chen Xiang playing with the dragon head broadsword and asked, “Elder brother Chen, is that Level 9 Ordinary Grade Weapon any good? Me and old man Zhang use Spirit Grade Weapons. “

Chen Xiang was startled, he suddenly understood why they could casually receive the same weapon. They actually had Spirit Grade Weapons!

The cheapest Level 1 Spirit Weapon cost tens of thousands of crystal stones, so it was not that surprising for them to have one.

“I’ve never seen a Spirit Grade Weapon before, how is it?” Chen Xiang asked curiously.

Yun Xiaodao took out a broadsword and very proudly said, “This is a Level 5 Spirit Grade Weapon, Sky Wolf Sword! It cost me a million crystal stones. The material used to forge it, Adamantyl Iron Wolf Bones, is extremely hard! Furthermore, above the blade are spirit vein carvings which can absorb the spirit and fuse it with Spirit True Qi, making the original True Qi stronger! Inside the blade, there are meridians similar to that of us humans. When one pours their True Qi into the blade, it can have an unhindered flow of True Qi. The hilt is also inlaid with the Adamantyl Iron Wolf’s Beast Dan. If the beast dan were to be excited to release the demon beast’s True Qi, then it would become even more formidable!”

Chen Xiang could see that there was indeed beautiful and profound lines above the blade. After being illuminated by sunlight, the text was sparkling, and it was very beautiful!

“That thing there could be considered in top grade among the Level 5 Spirit Weapons! Although it only cost 1,000,000 crystal stones, it’s overall value is incomparable to that number. Relying on the connections of the Yun Family, you managed to get a well known refiner to forge this!” Zhang De said with a look of envy mixed with jealousy and hate.


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