Chapter 92 – Divine Martial Skill

Level 5 Spirit Weapons were indeed very expensive! Chen Xiang had a refining weapon scroll. Whenever he had spare time, he would also take a brief look through it. He had a grasp on the difficulty of refining a Level 5 Spirit Grade Weapon, which was at least several times harder than refining a Level 1 Spirit Grade Weapon.

“This old man only has a Level 2 Spirit Grade Sword, but it was worth 500,000 Crystal Stones.” Zhang De also took out his own Spirit Weapon. The sword was very simple, but on the blade there were spirit veins, but just not as complex as the ones on Yun Xiaodao’s Sky Wolf Sword.

“Old man Zhang, what if these were to go against each other?” Yun Xiaodao grasped the hilt as the spirit veins on the blade suddenly burst into a bright light, becoming even more beautiful and charming!

Zhang De regarded his Level 2 Spirit Weapon as his lifeblood and quickly put it away with a bitter smile, saying, “In your eyes a Spirit Grade Weapon three levels below yours might be similar to an Ordinary Grade Weapon, but for me it my lifeblood. I will not court my own destruction just to satisfy your curiosity.”

Chen Xiang was also debating whether or not to get a Spirit Weapon. The last time he tried to use a normal Ordinary Grade Weapon to kill that bull, it was like trying to break a stone with an egg. If he had a good Spirit Weapon, then carrying out later missions would become a lot more convenient.

Refining himself a weapon was an impossible task, Chen Xiang was already extremely busy with alchemy and he had no time to spare to learn how to forge a good weapon.

“Regrading Spirit Weapons, you do not need to worry. Your little wife is faring quite well in the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire. You can simply ask her teacher to refine a weapon, you might as well use the ‘Spirit Veins Transforming Into Runes’ aspect from the Refining Weapon Scroll. With the help of those spirit veins you can manufacture spirit runes! It is mentioned that spirit runes and spirit veins on Spirit Weapons act in a similar fashion.” Su Meiyao said.

Regarding runecrafting, Chen Xiang was also confused because Rune Masters were much rarer than Alchemists! Although there were some poor spirit runes in the market, reputed Rune Master works had never been sold or even heard of. Ordinary Rune Masters were only able to refine some common spirit runes and had not reached the level where their runes were unique and powerful.

Chen Xiang and the others arrived at the Inner Courtyard Regular Hall. There was a total of three floors. The 1st floor contained Low Grade Profound Level Martial Skills, the 2nd Floor had the High Grade Profound Level Martial Skills, and the 3rd Floor had the Low Grade Earth Level Martial Skills.

Inner Sect Disciples could only learn these three levels of martial skills.

Chen Xiang was unlike Yun Xiaodao and Zhang De, who as soon as they arrived rushed straight to the top floor. He wanted to first take a look at the Low Grade Profound Level Martial skills, because he knew rank does not necessarily represent the strength of the Martial Skills. A combination of factors in each aspect was used to determine the strength and power of the skill.

Just like how he could use the [Heavenly Tiger Storm Killing Fist] and display strength equal to a High Grade Martial Skill!

“Fucking tricked us! There are only three Low Grade Earth Level Martial Skills. Other people have learnt them and don’t want others to do the same!” Yun Xiaodao came down from above with a look of disappointment.

Zhang De had a similar expression. “There are only a few dozen High Grade Profound Level Martial Skills. There are only plenty of Low Grade Profound Level Martial Skills.”

“How is this the strongest major sect!? The Martial Skills are only so so, I’ve come here in vain!” Yun Xiaodao cursed in a low voice. In his imagination, the strongest sect should have thousands, or at least hundreds.

The Inner Courtyard Regular Hall Manager, an old man, said with a smile, “For many years many Inner Sect Disciples have come here, and every time they were just as disappointed as you were. But in the end, they stopped complaining and have not commented on this matter, do you know why?”

Chen Xiang also felt that it was a bit strange. If the Extreme Martial Sect’s Martial Skills were this bad, then they would not have been labeled as the strongest. There must be something else to it.

“Why?” Yun Xiaodao asked.

That old man smiled and answered, “Even in the Chenwu Mainland, the Extreme Martial Sect is one of the most powerful sects! How could these low level martial skills be the strongest the Extreme Martial Sect has to offer!? We have a lot of Heaven Level Martial Skills, but now they are more commonly known as Divine Martial Skills!

Divine Martial Skill? Divine Exercise? The Extreme Martial Sect had a lot of them! This was a huge shock to Chen Xiang, Yun Xiaodao and Zhang De as they stood there speechless.

“While it not the same type of Divine Exercise as those in the legends, the Heaven Level Martial Skills have largely been improved. The advantage to these kinds of martial skills is that its strength changes depending on your own power. As your strength increases, so does the might of the martial skill! If you want to have one, you better find a teacher, otherwise you will only get one if you become a True Disciple.” the old man said.

Chen Xiang had no intent to find a teacher, but even if he wanted to there would be no one who would dare take him. This was because Elder Dan had made a public statement that whoever receives him as their apprentice, she would go against them with all her might.

“Why didn’t you say that earlier! That’s way too simple!” Yun Xiaodao swiftly ran away. With his talent, finding a teacher is rather easy for him, as for Zhang De, he also swiftly walked away.

“You, are you the one called Chen Xiang? You don’t need to go to look for teacher, Elder Dan has commanded that no one is allowed to receive you as an apprentice. These were Elder Dan’s words and even the dean must listen. Hei hei, as soon as you came you annoyed Elder Dan. In the entire history of the sect you are the first person to do so. Look out for yourself!” The old man patted Chen Xiang’s shoulder.

Chen Xiang cursed in his heart, “If I knew this earlier, I would not have given the Azure Profound Fruits to her. She even cut off my path!”

“My purpose in coming here was only to learn martial skills, how could it turn out like this?” Chen Xiang was very upset in his heart. If he did not have a teacher, he would only be able to learn these Divine Martial Skills once he reached the True Martial Realm. Although the martial skills in the [Divine Exercise of Four Symbols] was formidable, it was not stronger by that much. Furthermore, if he wanted to learn them, there was certain level of strength required.

Divine Martial Skills were mostly in the hands of the True Disciples in the True Martial Realm. These True Disciples were also allowed to receive and teach apprentices. If they were to pass their skills onto an outsider, they would be seriously punished.

Five days past as Chen Xiang swept through the entire Inner Courtyard Regular Hall. Ultimately, he only borrowed two martial skills, and they were both Earth Level.

“[Shocking Heaven Palm] and [Profound Aura Finger]! There are very refined martial skills and the bodily requirements are also very high. Take [Shocking Heaven Palm] for example, you needed the strength of the meridians in your arm to be at a very high degree, and they should be able to withstand a sudden release of large amounts of True Qi, before you can release its fearsome might. Meanwhile the [Profound Aura Finger] needs you to temper your fingers through training such as immersing them in hot molten iron, baking your fingers in intense fire… You need to forge your fingers like a weapon should be…”

“Old man I know this already, hurry up and register it for me!” Chen Xiang impatiently replied. He saw thick dust piled on these two books and knew that very few people took them because of how difficult it was to practice, however in his opinion it was not that difficult for him.

After the old man registered the skills, Chen Xiang took the books and left. These past few days he had not seen Zhang De or Yun Xiaodao. Later on he learned from Zhu Rong that they were undergoing an assessment!

Because they both wanted to find a teacher, they needed to satisfy the teacher’s requirements and pass their assessment.

“Rest assured, if you want to enter the True Martial Realm the only obstacle in your path is time. The two martial skills you chose are also not that bad!” Su Meiyao said while comforting him. This was because it was she who made Chen Xiang come to the Extreme Martial Sect in the first place. If Chen Xiang was not satisfied it would be rather embarrassing for her.

Chen Xiang did not blame her because he knew that Su Meiyao’s knowledge about the Extreme Martial Sect was from a very long time ago. It was natural for these things to change with time.

Chen Xiang’s body had already underwent refinement in the Immortal Devil Pool. His body was in the embryonic stage of an Immortal Devil Body which was why he already met the requirements. He could easily master the [Shocking Heaven Palm] and the [Profound Aura Finger]!


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