Chapter 93 – Extreme Dan Courtyard

Chen Xiang now had two True Elemental Dans which were High-Grade Spirit Level Dans. Even in martial sects, dans of this level were extremely scarce which was why it was generally very difficult to obtain them. That was why many individuals collected their own herbs and hired an alchemist to refine it for them

“Do not eat these dans. Not too long ago you have just entered the 9th Level of the Mortal Martial Realm. You better make sure to first familiarize yourself with this state and wait for the time when you try to impact the 10th Level of the Mortal Martial Realm. At that moment, swallow it down in one breath!” Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang sighed. Just as he received the True Qi Dans, he only wanted to know as soon as possible how it tasted.

[Shocking Heaven Palm] was a type of martial skill with a fearsome attacking power. In the blink of an eye, it could release a large amount of internal True Qi and generate a type of wide range invisible shockwave that could be used to attack from a long distance. At the same time, it could also be used for pin-point attacks and if one wanted to block it, they would have to waste a lot of their True Qi.

“[Shocking Heaven Palm]! Chen Xiang’s five fingers spread out and a palm was blasted. In the blink of an eye, a dozen or so trees had been broken right in front of him and the soil in the ground also shook like a crest of sea waves. It truly had an overbearing might!

Chen Xiang had been practicing inside a mountain forest owned by the Extreme Martial Sect. Had he been inside the Martial Courtyard, then perhaps the whole place would have been smashed.

“In just three days I was able to execute it, that’s quite quick!” Chen Xiang seeing good result was very satisfied. “Another! Let’s try out… the [Profound Aura Finger]!”

A light Azure Qi Aura surged out of the top of his index finger and wrapped around it. At this time, although the Qi Aura looked very calm, it also gave off a very oppressive atmosphere.

Chen Xiang lightly poked this finger against a slab. A small hole immediately appeared, as if he had not poked a slab but a piece of tofu!

Not to mention this slab, even if it was a Level 9 Ordinary Weapon, once it was clamped by two [Profound Aura Fingers], it would also immediately shatter!

“Hei Hei, if I use the colorless invisible True Qi. wouldn’t it be more formidable? Maybe Spirit Weapons can also be broken!” Chen Xiang said while laughing, he was very satisfied by this Low-Grade Earth Level Martial Skill

Although [Azure Dragon Claw] was similar martial skill, but while casting it, it was very overbearing. On the other hand although the [Profound Aura Finger] was also a type of fast attacking martial skill, but while casting it, it was very mild, and it could be used for surprise attacks.

When Chen Xiang returned to the Martial Courtyard, he saw Zhang De and Yun Xiaodao’s faces brimming with happiness, and from this he knew they have definitely been taken by a good teacher.

“Elder brother Chen, you came at the right time, otherwise later on it would have been very difficult to see old man Zhang!” Yun Xiaodao said.

“Oh? Why?” Chen Xiang had a doubtful expression on his face.

Zhang De smilingly said, “My teacher is at the Extreme Martial Province border all year round, that’s why I’ve decided to follow him, so that I can also experience this world, and can somewhat sharpen myself.”

“This is also not bad, take care!” Chen Xiang slightly smiled.

Zhang De left, and Yun Xiaodao said with a smile, “Elder brother Chen, do you want to know who my teacher is?”

“Who? Don’t tell me it’s Elder Dan!” Chen Xiang said while laughing.

“Of course not, it’s an old matron of 3rd Martial Courtyard. She and our family have some relations, that’s why she has taken me as an apprentice, but while I was doing the assessment, I was very badly tortured by her, and she also took away my Blackhawk!” said Yun Xiaodao with a depressed look.

A person from the 3rd Martial Courtyard! They could be considered as the powerful experts in the Extreme Martial Sect, and this made Chen Xiang quite surprised.

“Elder brother Chen, you do not have a teacher. Aren’t you dispirited because of it?” Yun Xiaodao asked in a low tone.

Chen Xiang laughed and said, “Xiaodao, you better cultivate seriously, otherwise you’ll be completely left behind by me! I was able to grow up to this step alone so who wants a teacher?”

“Xiaodao, you took a teacher, yet you also haven’t asked us to go for drinks and meals? You are very cunning!” Zhu Rong was coming with a smile on his face, since he knew Chen Xiang was an alchemist and also had a lot of resources, he would come here everyday. Chen Xiang also had 700 True Qi Dan so he could be absolutely considered as wealthy in the Inner Sect.

“Dead fatty, you only know how to take advantage of me! I’ve known you for so long, and you’ve never invited me!” Yun Xiaodao cursed.

“Who says? The last time we went out, I invited you to eat a bowl of noodles!” Zhu Rong immediately retorted, and he also had an aggrieved look on his face.

“Invited my ass, that bowl counted as fart. Fishing for half a day and I did not even find meat scraps.” Yun Xiaodao walked towards him and kicked his foot.

Zhu Rong snappily said, “It can be considered as being invited. You were the first person who was ever invited by me, Zhu Rong!”

“Right, Chen Xiang there is the Alchemy Competition being held in the Extreme Dan Courtyard, do you want to go? The reward is two True Elemental Dan!”

“What are the competition rules like?” Chen Xiang was excited in his heart, and quickly asked.

“What about it? It is just like before. Within a specified time, whoever can refine as many True Qi Dans with better quality will win!” Zhu Rong rubbed his fatty palm together and said with smile.

Chen Xiang slightly raised his mouth, his face was brimming with a confident smile, and immediately said, “I’ll definitely go!”

Finished talking, he quickly walked out of the Martial Courtyard, and started walking towards the Extreme Dan Courtyard. These days he also learned about the Extreme Dan Courtyard’s location. A part of it was close to the Mysterious Realm, and a part of it was inside the Mysterious Realm.

Chen Xiang came to the eight courtyards of the Extreme Dan Courtyard, and to their surprise, they ran into Yao Haisheng!

“How is it you again? What are you doing here?” Yao Haisheng was to their surprise, in charge of the registration work here, because of how he treated Chen Xiang last time and how things also went too far so he was no longer responsible for the outside work.

Enemies often crossed each other’s path, and Chen Xiang did not expect to encounter Yao Haisheng, but he had heard Yao Haisheng was a Level-3 Alchemist. He could refine Middle-Grade Spirit Level Dans, so he still had quite a bit of prestige in the Extreme Martial Sect. No wonder his manners were like that on that day.

Yao Haisheng became extremely furious when he saw Chen Xiang. Now Yao Haisheng was also paying Chen Xiang’s fees to enter the Extreme Martial Sect. Not to mention, Yao Haisheng’s apprentice was seriously injured by Chen Xiang.

Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong also hadn’t expected that Chen Xiang would encounter his No. 2 enemy in the Extreme Martial Sect.

“Relying on you? Can you even refine a True Qi Dan? If you fail in refining, you have to pay the cost of the herbs with your own crystal stones, and if you continue to fail three time then you will be automatically withdrawn.” Yao Haisheng spoke disdainfully.

Just a moment ago, Chen Xiang learned from Zhu Rong that during this alchemy competition the materials were all given by the Extreme Martial Sect and one had ten days for refining. This was mainly done so that the large amount of True Qi Dan herbs which had been collected for too long could be consumed. This way, not only could the sect quickly obtain a large number of True Qi Dans, but also it could allow the sect’s alchemists to learn from each other, killing two birds with one stone.

“Of course I can!” Chen Xiang’s brow slightly wrinkled.

At this time Yun Xiaodao shouted, “Not only can elder brother Chen do so, but he will also get first place, thereby winning the two True Elemental Dans.”

“I spit!” Yao Haisheng burst out into laughter, “If this brat, who smells of his mother’s milk which has not yet dried, can win first place, then what will us old men who have been staying in the Extreme Dan Courtyard for many years feel then? If he can win first place, then this father will take him as a teacher!”

Chen Xiang thinking about this in his heart chuckled, as if he could see in front of him what this crazy smiling middle-aged man taking him as a teacher looked like.

Many people in the Extreme Dan Courtyard casted a contemptuous gaze. No matter how talented Chen Xiang was, he was still seventeen years old, and at this age if he could refine a High-Grade Mortal Level Dan then it could be considered good. However, to refine a Low-Grade Spirit Level True Qi Dan he still fell short by a lot. After all, everyone who could refine the True Qi Dan knew that only after failing more than a 100 times could one be successfully able to refine a True Qi Dan, and they believed Chen Xiang absolutely could not afford to consume such a large number of herbs.

Suddenly, one cold voice resounded, “If Chen Xiang can win first, I’ll make an exception and allow him to enter the Extreme Dan King Courtyard!”

TLN: Yao Haisheng appeared in Chapter 76


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