Chapter 95 – Competition Result

“You’ve refined True Qi Dan previously?” Elder Dan asked while feeling surprised.

“Of course, I didn’t come here to play!” Chen Xiang casually said, and in blink of an eye, he already finished processing several sets of materials, and started to place the herbs inside the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace

The significantly masked beautiful face of Elder Dan was full of shock. Seventeen years old, and already capable of refining a Low-Grade Spirit Level Dan. This came a shock to her, and also she felt that she had finally met someone since her birth that she could truly consider a genius. It was also the first time she had heard of a genius of this level!

Elder Dan was silent, and seriously looking at Chen Xiang refining, but the next scene made her vomit blood. Chen Xiang, while actually refining, was also diverting his attention to organize the herbs.

“You have already refined this dan?” Elder Dan could sense the flame transmuting inside the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace. The flame would suddenly become large then suddenly small, and these subtle changes were very difficult to detect. She almost wasn’t able to sense these subtle changes, and it could be clearly seen that Chen Xiang’s ability to control fire was just superb.

Chen Xiang unenthusiastically said, “Alchemy is too boring and consumes a lot of time. Only this way it can be a little interesting.”

“Don’t you fear that your furnace will explode? Diverting the mind in two places like this can easily lead to failure!” Elder Dan snorted.

“Hei hei, I’m currently using my mind in three places. One side for refining the dan, another side on organizing the herbs, and also talking to you!” Chen Xiang said while laughing, and listening to this Elder Dan could not wait to give him a beating, but she also clearly knew while refining dans how tedious and boring it could be.

Chen Xiang slowed down his tempo, and he could only use the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace like this if he was familiar with the process of refining the dan. He could divert his mind to several places, and this was not only due to the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace, but also because he mainly relied on his subtle sense of alchemy. This sense was his talent, otherwise, he would never be able to learn alchemy so easily!

All the materials were with Elder Dan, and she first gave Chen Xiang only ten sets, waiting for him to completely refine them, but Chen Xiang had quickly organized them. In this little private room ten square boxes were placed on the ground, which were the herbs for refining the True Qi Dans.

“Elder Dan, at my age, if I enter the Extreme Dan King Courtyard, then what are the advantages? Like what will I receive?” Chen Xiang asked, and thinking that he could live together with the mysterious Elder Dan for ten days or so in his heart, he was inexplicably excited.

“If you really can enter, then it certainly will be beneficial, but it would also depend on me because the Extreme Dan Courtyard is managed by me.” Elder Dan said with a low chuckle.

“Elder Dan, how about I give you a little Hell Spirit Grass and we forget past matters and start anew. How does that sound?” After Elder Dan’s mysterious hatred Chen Xiang did not have good days.

“We never had any hatred between us! I am just doing this due to my preferences.” Elder Dan said.

Chen Xiang sighed and said, “I will use the Hell Spirit Grass for one answer, and you tell me why you hate me! As you previously said, as long as I win, you’ll tell me, but I can not wait for that time.”

“Although the Hell Spirit Grass is very precious, but for me it not rare.” Elder Dan said with a cold snort.

“Why are you doing this?” Chen Xiang had no words, he suddenly felt Elder Dan was angry with him, and this is simple like a mentality of a little girl. He had once suspected whether or not he was a lookalike of an enemy of Elder Dan, and that was why she was hating him like this.

“Admit your mistake to me, and yield to me! If you do so then I’ll be satisfied, and perhaps I can even receive you as my apprentice!” In Elder Dan’s voice there was some pride in it, and she felt soon she would see this stubborn youth be shrewdly under her skirt.

“Dream on! Even in death I’ll not!” After this Chen Xiang didn’t pay any attention to Elder Dan, and only felt somewhat strange because Elder Dan was obviously doing this in a fit of anger which was simply like the mentality of a little girl.

More than an hour past by, Chen Xiang opened the alchemy furnace, and took out six purple dans and put it in a jade box, then once again placed the herbs inside the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace, continuing to refine more True Qi Dans.

His actions were very casual, and looked similar to how roadside steam bun sellers steamed their buns, however, Elder Dan who watched this was very surprised, because Chen Xiang was truly able to refine True Qi Dans. Moreover it only took him one hour for refine one set of herbs, and using one set he was able to refine six dans. Only if refined out gingerly, so that no herbs would be wasted while refining, would one be able to congeal six dans. This would also take some time and also consumed a lot of one’s spirit!

But Chen Xiang did this so leisurely! Elder Dan remained silent, and watching Chen Xiang’s casual appearance, in her heart she was not too happy. After watching this refinement of one set of herbs by Chen Xiang, she was clear that the ultimate winner was likely to be Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang did not pay any attention to Elder Dan, and even when Elder Dan asked him, he only casually responded with a few words. It seemed he was angry, and this made Elder Dan secretly clench her teeth.

More than one hour later and another set of herbs were refined out once again. Chen Xiang, for the entire day and night, did not rest and kept on refining True Qi Dans. One day later, Chen Xiang had refined out eleven set of herbs. This speed made Elder Dan speechless due to surprise, and Chen Xiang did not even fail once!

In the eyes of Chen Xiang, refining True Qi Dan now was like making rice balls, but among the Low-Grade Spirit Level Dans, he only knew how to refine the True Qi Dan. The other dans required a lot of herbs, and currently he didn’t have a lot of crystal stones so he could not afford the consumption of herbs.

Ten days soon went by and Chen Xiang refined a total of a hundred set of herbs, in which he also rested for sometime, which came to a grand total of 600 True Qi Dans! This alchemy speed in the entire Extreme Martial Province was definitely first, and if Chen Xiang was willing to help some family to refine True Qi Dans, he would definitely earn a lot of crystal stones very quickly!

At the end of the competition, Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong both quickly arrived, and they saw Chen Xiang had a relaxed expression. In their hearts they felt a little strange as in their opinion, Chen Xiang is should not be able to win.

“Brother Yao, you really made this old man not be able to hold a candle against you. In just in ten days you actually refined out 400 True Qi Dans! More than fifty last year so this year the first place position should belong to you.” One old man with a look of respect was looking at Yao Haisheng.

Yao Haisheng’s face was filled with pride, but he modestly smiled and said, “Ha ha, this is all due to luck. Besides, I and that brat, who doesn’t know immensity of heaven and earth, had a bet so I did everything I can do in order to win!”

“Yao Haisheng, previously you said as long as you lost to me, you will be my apprentice, do these words still count?” Chen Xiang walked over and smiled.

“Of course it counts, you speak as if you have beaten me!” You Haisheng laughingly said, “If this is true, this is the funniest joke I’ve heard of! Even if you can continuously refine ten days, that also makes me a little surprised.”

This time others one after another revealed how many True Qi Dan they each refined, and except for Yao Haisheng, the maximum others refined was about 200 or so, while the minimum was 30 dans. Not many people had participated, only about 30 people, and each of them were relatively good alchemists inside the Extreme Dan Courtyard.

Yao Haisheng and other alchemists all laughed at Chen Xiang, but Elder Dan’s words in the next moment made their smile freeze.

“Yao Haisheng, you lost! This brat refined 600 True Qi Dans!” Elder Dan said, and in her voice there was a trace of hatred, because it was not the result she wanted to see.


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