Chapter 96 – Receiving an Apprentice

“Hei hei, Elder Dan you are very kind! I thought that you were intentionally and superficially making things difficult for me.” Chen Xiang let loose a deep breath and afterwards took out six jade boxes, each one containing 100 True Qi Dans.

The courtyard became deathly silent. Nobody could believe that Chen Xiang was actually able to refine 600 True Qi Dans in just ten days!

Everyone had a look of suspicion in their eyes while looking at Elder Dan. For an instant, they suspected that Elder Dan had helped Chen Xiang cheat but then remembered that was completely impossible because of how much Elder Dan hated Chen Xiang.

At this time, Elder Dan had seven jade boxes in her hand. These were the True Qi Dans she had previously confiscated. Afterwards, she opened all the boxes, and verified the contents showing everyone there was no cheating involved.

“Although I didn’t want to see this result, Chen Xiang has indeed refined out 600 True Qi Dans within ten days. He also only spent a total of 100 sets of materials!” Elder Dan’s words made everyone once again shudder.

Only a hundred set of materials! This meant that Chen Xiang was able to refine out 6 dans every single time with only a single set of herbs!

“Abnormal freak!” Zhu Rong spat out these words from his mouth. Yun Xiaodao’s mouth actually started twitching. He had not expected to have such a heaven defying friend this close to him.

Yao Haisheng’s teeth was trembling, with wide open eyes he was staring at the True Qi Dans placed on the ground. As long as they were an alchemist, it was clear that these dans had been refined not too long ago. In addition with the heat emanating from a box, it was clear that the dans in that specific box had been refined two days ago!

Yao Haisheng and the other alchemists could clearly determine that the True Qi Dan in the six boxes from Chen Xiang had been refined not too long ago. Moreover, they were all of very high quality, no, all of them were top grade quality!

Elder Dan coldly said, “Now do you believe me? I have to admit, this fellow’s level of alchemy is very high, even I can not accomplish such a feat. Each and every one of his True Qi Dans is top grade quality. It was also refined out in such a short time with each set of herbs producing six dans!”

Yao Haisheng suddenly shuddered. His eyes had turned red and his heart felt literally dead. However, towards Chen Xiang he had now had nothing but admiration. What could he do when even Elder Dan had admitted defeat?

At the very next instant, Yao Haisheng knelt down and knocked his head down towards Chen Xiang, thunderously shouting, “Teacher! Please accept this disciple’s salute!”

Seeing such a sluate from Yao Haisheng, many alchemist almost waddled. They very eagerly gave themselves two slaps, wanting to check whether or not they were dreaming!

An alchemist of the True Martial Realm had just taken a teacher who was in the 9th level of the Mortal Martial Realm, furthermore he was a youth. This was simply a joke, the Extreme Martial Sect’s biggest and most ridiculous joke.

Chen Xiang was also startled, he had not expected Yao Haisheng to so readily take him as a teacher. This was due in part to the presence of Elder Dan and the other alchemists. Yao Haisheng could not afford to lose the trust of others, he might get cursed behind his back and for him that was worse than death!

Yun Xiaodao vigorously pinched Zhu Rong’s fat hand, making him emit a horrible shriek.

“Haha…. It’s not a dream. Elder brother Chen has won!” Yun Xiaodao burst into laughter. Zhu Rong also took a deep breath before accepting this absurd reality.

“Hei hei, apprentice please rise!” Chen Xiang said with a depraved laugh as he walked towards Yao Haisheng and helped him stand up.

At this point in time, Yao Haisheng’s sadness was difficult to describe. He had not expected that he would ever take the one person he hated the most as his teacher. This might make him be unable to ever raise his head high ever again.

“This is my gift to you!” Chen Xiang said as he gave Yao Haisheng 100 True Qi Dan and an Azure Profound Fruit!

This gift of his made everyone petrified. Their gazes instantly gathered onto the Azure Profound Fruit! Almost everyone here was an alchemist, who in the world would be unable to recognize the Azure Profound Fruit, this precious and extremely rare spirit herb!?

Little gift!? The Azure Profound Fruit as a little gift!? This was simple too huge a blow for them!

Both of Yao Haisheng’s hands were trembling as he took the so called ‘little gift’ from Chen Xiang. He was originally deeply sad, however he felt much better now. At least doing this little obeisance to Chen Xiang as his teacher was not all that bad. He was no fool and knew that Chen Xiang intended to resolve the conflict between them!

“Thanks… a lot………. Teacher!” said Yao Haisheng somewhat choppily.

“Chen Xiang, here is your first reward! Early morning tomorrow report to the Extreme Dan King Courtyard. If you are late, wait and accept the punishment!” Elder Dan threw a small jaded box to Chen Xiang before going to the other alchemists who took out their respective refined True Qi Dans.

“Elder Dan, can I choose to not enter the Extreme Dan King Courtyard?” Chen Xiang was worried that he would be oppressed there by this mysterious Elder Dan turning his life miserable.

“That won’t do! It was an agreed bet between you and me. If you refuse and violate this then you will have to leave the Extreme Martial Sect!” a cold snort from Elder Dan resounded.

Chen Xiang sighed bitterly. He suddenly felt that he did not gain any benefits from the bet between him and Elder Dan.

“Haisheng, although I am now your teacher, at best I can only refine True Qi Dan. Maybe later I will even have to ask some advice from you. There is no need to refer to me as your teacher, instead just simply call me by my name. I will wait for the day when you are sincerely convinced I have the qualifications for you to call me teacher. At that time, you can once again address me as such.” Chen Xiang said.

Having Yao Haisheng call him teacher everyday, even Chen Xiang felt a little sorry. Not to mention what Yao Haisheng was probably feeling.

Regarding this point, Yao Haisheng was also quite grateful. He knew from now on he could not act against Chen Xiang otherwise he would be severely punished.

Long before Chen Xiang entered the Inner Sect, his fame had spread throughout the entire Extreme Martial Sect. Now, not only did he win the alchemy competition, but he was also allowed to enter the Extreme Dan King Courtyard making Chen Xiang even more famous!

Chen Xiang and Yun Xiaodao returned to their martial courtyard. While they were walking on the road, Yun Xiaodao suddenly said with a smile, “Elder brother Chen, do you remember not too long ago how I spoke about having a few very nice sisters?”

Chen Xiang nodded, “I do, but you also said they would despise me and treat me like dirt.”

“How could I even say such a thing seriously? It was just a joke! Either way, I’ll arrange for you and them to meet face to face. You’re still single, you can simply get married!” Yun Xiaodao said with a depraved smile on his face. That way, he would be able to get a brother-in-law with boundless prospects which was a very good thing.

“Tch, my fiancee is Xue Xianxian! If these sisters of yours want to marry me they would first have to get permission from her!” Chen Xiang pursed his lips and said. Currently he just wanted to quickly enter the True Martial Realm and go searching for Xue Xianxian.

“Brother-in-law come on! Although my sisters are not nearly as talented as Xue Xianxian they are all really pretty!” To Chen Xiang’s surprise Yun Xiaodao actually called him brother-in-law already.

Zhu Rong witnessing this could not help but stop himself and give Yun Xiaodao a nice kick. “Although your sisters really are rather pretty, at the same time each and every one of them are brimming with pride and arrogance! There is no way brother Chen would like them!”

“Younger brother Chen, I also have a sister, and her talent is also not bad! Her appearance is also much better than this rascal’s sisters, those prudish tarts!” Zhu Rong’s chubby face was filled to the brim with a smile, “My dear brother-in-law, at what time do you want to go for a stroll within our Zhu Family?”

“Dead Pig, you and I must fight!” Yun Xiaodao angrily said.

Watching this dramatic play from Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong, Chen Xiang secretly thought that it would be great to never meet these younger and elder sisters of theirs. Especially Zhu Rong’s, maybe his sister would be like him and be a heavyweight level female!


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