Chapter 97 – Heavenly Dragon Treasure

Chen Xiang’s attitude became very resolute. His refusal to Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong was akin to a solid war fortress regarding their meetings with their younger and elder female relatives.

Barely before the dawn of the next day, Chen Xiang hastily entered the Mysterious Realm. Though he knew that the Extreme Dan King Courtyard was inside but he did not know the path to it.

“Well, you came quite early! Come with me.” Wu Kaming said with a happy smile. Regarding Chen Xiang, Wu Kaiming was very interested. Originally, Elder Dan had forbidden anyone to receive Chen Xiang as their apprentice but now not only did he get himself a True Martial Realm apprentice, he also obtained the permission to enter the Extreme Dan King Courtyard.

Chen Xiang did not know what it meant to enter the Extreme Dan King Courtyard but Wu Kaiming knew very well what it meant!

The Extreme Dan King Courtyard had the simple appearance of a very ordinary house. Above the entrance was “Extreme Dan King Courtyard” (太丹王院) only these four characters and nothing else out of the ordinary

“Elder Wu, in the end just what kind of place is the Extreme Dan King Courtyard?” Chen Xiang asked.

“Hei Hei, you will know once you go inside! I will take my leave now, take care!” Wu Kaiming’s smile was very mysterious. Seeing this, Chen Xiang had a bad premonition for the near future.

The Spirit Qi inside the Mysterious Realm was very rich. Chen Xiang felt that if he stayed here for a bit, he would definitely be able to cultivate a large amount of True Qi. But no matter how much faster this process was, it was still incomparable to the speed when he cultivated using pills.

“You came quite early! Were you brought in by Elder Wu?” The sound of Elder’s Dan’s voice came from close by.

Chen Xiang walked towards the sound and replied, “Yes. What exactly do you want me to do here in the Extreme Dan King Courtyard?”

“I’m the only person who stays here in the Extreme Dan King Courtyard. Now, you will also stay here!” Elder Dan responded, her tone was extremely serious.

“Why?” Chen Xiang was very shocked in his heart. He was going to stay here everyday alone with her, this would definitely not be a good thing!

“I’m preparing to go behind closed doors for quite sometime in order to refine dans. You will call all the shots here in the Extreme Dan King Courtyard and essentially become its master!” Elder Dan replied, “You do not have to do much here, after all there are already specialists who are responsible for planting the spirit herbs. Regarding all the other matters, they are also managed by someone. The only important thing you need to do is maintain the dignity of the Extreme Dan King Courtyard! As to how this goes, you will naturally understand later.”

Chen Xiang was dazed for a brief second. He had never expected Elder Dan to trust him with such an important matter. Considering her words, Elder Dan probably did not hate him that much.

“Was it all due to something I’ve done? Or.. did she do it all in a fit of anger???” Chen Xiang arrived at a somewhat funny conclusion.

Chen Xiang sucked in a mouth full of air and asked, “Elder Dan, about those Foundation Building Dans…”

“How much time did you think it would take? I have already refined it and sent it to the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire and Icewind Valley.” Elder Dan’s tone was somewhat angry when she replied. She had not expected Chen Xiang to actually still be worried about this issue.

Chen Xiang nodded his head in reply and said with a smile, “Than thanks a lot Elder Dan! You can rest assured and head behind closed doors to refine dans!”

“Chen Xiang, I’ll ask you once again. Are you willing to take me as your teacher? You should know that I have never received an apprentice!” Elder Dan asked. A sliver of gentleness could be found in her voice.

Chen Xiang shook his head. “No, besides haven’t you already stated that you would make life difficult for anyone who received me as an apprentice? If you were to take me as your apprentice, would you not have to make life difficult for yourself?”

“Humph, as you wish!” Elder Dan took out a jade card and hurled it towards Chen Xiang before storming away.

Chen Xiang caught the jade card and carefully look at it. Above the card, there were actually hair like patterns which he recognized as spirit veins! Furthermore there was also a trace of a unknown power. Above this jade card, a set of words were written, “Extreme Dan King Courtyard, Chen Xiang”!

From then on, Chen Xiang was the only one living inside the Extreme Dan King Courtyard, but he also had a large amount of freedom.

Ever since he received Yao Haisheng as his apprentice, Yao Haisheng rarely appeared. He claimed it was because he needed to go into seclusion for alchemy. In reality, he was just trying to escape because he did not have the face to see others since he had taken Chen Xiang as his teacher.

Chen Xiang and Yun Xiaodao rarely went to visit the 329th Martial Courtyard, but they were still members of this Martial Courtyard. What made them a bit surprised was that Zhu Rong actually gave up the lucrative benefits of the 200th Martial Courtyard and went to live with Chen Xiang and the others. His reason for doing so was to better persuade Chen Xiang to meet his sister.

In this way, Chen Xiang and Yun Xiaodao, along with Zhu Rong, this stingy fatty, became friends. Though they often cursed at each other, they had very good brotherly feelings towards each other.

“Elder brother Chen, we’ve been waiting for you for quite some time!” Yun Xiaodao, upon seeing Chen Xiang walk into the martial courtyard hastily jumped up. Because Chen Xiang now resided in the Extreme Dan King Courtyard inside the Mysterious Realm, Zhu Rong and Yun Xiaodao did not have the liberty to enter it. Although they had something to discuss with Chen Xiang, they could not look for him.

“What is it?” Chen Xiang asked.

Zhu Rong was waving a sheet in his hand and helplessly said, “Yes, well due to the careful selection of this little rascal Yun, we received a very boring and nonsensical task.”

Chen Xiang now remembered that it has already been one month since he entered the Inner Sect and they needed to perform a task arranged by the sect. In this one month, he had learned some new martial skills along with the water attributed [Black Tortoise Divine Exercise]. While the majority of these were more defensive oriented martial skills, and there was only one or two different types, it had made Chen Xiang very satisfied with his progress.

Chen Xiang was just thinking about asking about the task at hand when Yun Xiaodao laughed and said, “This is one very good task, it’s about the matter of the Heavenly Dragon Treasure.”

Heavenly Dragon Treasure! It was one of the most recent matters that caused major uproar these past ten days. This was an treasure from the ancient times. A dragon had fell on the Chenwu Mainland and left it, and along with it appeared the emergence of rumors about a map regarding the Heavenly Dragon Treasure. But this map was also very expensive, and was around 100,000 crystal stones for a copy!

At first the majority of people thought it was fake and someone only put forth this false information to earn some crystal stones. But after detailed analysis by some elders, the place marked as the treasure was indeed the location where the dragon inside the legend had once appeared.

That place was called Perishing Dragon Mountains and could be regarded as a dangerous area!

“How can there be any Heavenly Dragon Treasures? When the rumor had not even appeared our Zhu Family searched the place thoroughly and it didn’t have farts!” Zhu Rong contemptuously said.

“Humph, my Yun Family had already searched over a hundred years before your Zhu Family ever went to search!” Yun Xiaodao said.

Perishing Dragon Mountains containing a mystical treasure, this was a legend from long ago. Many people had gone to search for it but no one found anything.

Chen Xiang took the paper from Yun Xiaodao and looked at the map. As well as the details from the Extreme Martial Sect’s explanation of the task, they were responsible for investigating whether or not it was true, and for reporting any further information before the task could be considered finished.

“Although it may be a rumor, it is also a very easy thing to do. We can almost treat it as playing around! However, I heard that many individuals from major sects have also arrived to search for it. Not only it has caused commotion in the Extreme Martial Province, but it is same for all the other provinces!”

“There truly are many idiots, so many have come rushing here from afar!” Zhu Rong laughed.

“Come on, so many people are heading over here so there is a high chance that it might be true! Previously, your family had not found anything there. Maybe it was because there was a Mysterious Realm there, you also know about Mysterious Realms right?

The ways any Mysterious Realm appeared were extremely special. Sometimes it suddenly appeared out of nowhere, other times someone needed to fulfill certain conditions for an entrance to appear. There were also some cases where a very strong power was needed to forcefully rip open the passage…


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