Chapter 98 – Peerless Martial Sect

Just when Chen Xiang was determined to go, an old woman who was wearing an ordinary dress suddenly appeared.

“Xiaodao, due to some matters within your family, you need to take a trip back!” This woman was Yun Xiaodao’s teacher, a martial artist of the True Martial Realm!

Yun Xiaodao had a look of reluctance. If it wasn’t for the strength of this old woman, he would definitely not go back. However, he now had to clench his teeth and leave with the old woman.

“Elder brother Chen, this time I’ll have to request you to help out! Next time I’ll help you with your task!” This was the statement Yun Xiaodao left behind.

“Younger brother Chen, as you find it very interesting you can go by yourself. I do not intend to join in on the fun and also request you to do so…” The instant Zhu Rong finished speaking he left before Chen Xiang could even blink. He did not expect this fatty’s speed to be so quick.

Chen Xiang let out a snort before folding the map and leaving the Extreme Martial Sect. The Extreme Martial Sect’s assigned tasks were generally completed by several disciples of a martial courtyard. However, regardless of how many people go it was all fine as long as the matter was resolved.

Pershing Dragon Mountain was located at one of the border areas of the Extreme Martial Province. It was relatively close to the borders of the Beast Martial Province which was the site of the Beast Martial Sect. In this province, there were relatively more demon beasts, however, the majority of these were being raised by the disciples of the Beast Martial Sect in a cage as pets. The martial skills they learned and practiced were also invariably connected with the demon beasts.

The road Chen Xiang needed to take was very far, but he sped things up by using the [Vermillion Bird Fire Wings] to fly at night, and this allowed him to quickly cross many mountain forests.

Ten days past by as Chen Xiang made a long and wearisome journey before finally arriving at Guanlong City. From here, the distance to the Perishing Dragon Mountains was not that far. Recently many people had gathered here. After Chen Xiang asked around, he came to know why so many people believed in the legendary Heavenly Dragon Treasure!

This was because one month ago, many people in Guanlong City saw a strange and unique aura appear in the direction of the Perishing Dragon Mountains which was followed by a dragon’s roar coming from the horizon. This kind of thing was very likely to be the sign of the opening of a Mysterious Realm.

After coming here, Chen Xiang also learned some Extreme Martial Sect related information. A martial arts sect, called the Peerless Martial Sect, had been incorporated and fused with the Extreme Martial Sect along with all of their disciples!

The Peerless Martial Sect was another 1st Class Sect and was ranked just behind the Chenwu Mainland’s eight major Righteous Sects. It could also be considered as one of the strongest rising stars and had been established at the coastal areas of the Extreme Martial Province. Unfortunately, the entire Peerless Martial Sect had been swallowed up by the sea and the suffered very heavy losses. In order to continue the development of their disciples, the Peerless Martial Sect’s Dean seeked the majority of the disciple’s agreement before incorporating themselves into the Extreme Martial Sect.

The Peerless Martial Sect’s Dean originally had some relations with the Extreme Martial Sect and their marital skills had actually stemmed from them! Since it had accepted the help of the Extreme Martial Sect, being incorporated into the larger Sect was not a bad thing for them and could even be considered a joyful mother.

“Motherfucker, just what kind of shitty task did this father come here to complete!? The Extreme Martial Sect is actually holding a large scale banquet here for the Peerless Martial Sect and giving them a large welcoming dinner!” Chen Xiang thinking about this secretly cursed in his heart.

As for the Extreme Martial Sect’s disciples it was also a joyful matter. This was because in the entirety of the Peerless Martial Sect’s disciples there was a good number of female disciples. The Extreme Martial Sect had modified their sect rules and were now willing to take female disciples so that the Peerless Martial Sect could be comfortably integrated into the Extreme Martial Sect.

Chen Xiang also thought that the Inner Martial Courtyard would no longer have a lifeless appearance now. If it was not for the arrival of Zhu Rong, then the Inner Martial Courtyard Chen Xiang was staying in would only have two disciples!

Chen Xiang had spent a few days in Guanlong City asking and recording information from his surveys.

“Two sisters, should I go take a look at the Heavenly Dragon Treasure?” Chen Xiang asked. He learned that there were a lot of True Martial Realm experts from other sects that came here. He was sure that if a little shrimp of the 9th Level of the Mortal Martial Realm were to go he would be unable to even see a glimpse of the treasure.

“Go and take a look! Although it’s almost impossible to get anything, it will introduce a new perspective and present a new outlook on the world for you, it will not be bad for you.” Bai Youyou replied.

Su Meiyao also similarly agreed, “If it really is a Mysterious Realm then maybe you can fish up something, but in the case that you sense that something isn’t right, escape immediately.”

Chen Xiang nodded his head, he had already completed the task at this point. Now he only thought of going to take a look and nothing more.

After leaving Guanlong City, Chen Xiang entered into a patch of jungle. Like everyone else, he did not walk on the road because he knew that there existed some good herbs in the Perishing Dragon Mountains. He thought of taking a slight detour to see if he could chance upon some good herbs.

Soon after entering inside the mountain forest, Chen Xiang discovered a set of demon beast footprints. From observing the footprints, he concluded that the overall mass of the demon beast was definitely not small which made him somewhat curious. He had not hunted or killed demon beasts after leaving the Extreme Martial Sect. Besides, he also knew that demon beasts were good at finding spirit herbs, if he tracked it down then maybe something good would be waiting for him.

Chen Xiang followed the footprints as more than three hour passed. The sky had turned dark, but he could still clearly see everything inside the forest.

And in the distance he saw a black lion as tall as human!

When Chen Xiang had been residing in the Inner Courtyard Regular Hall, he read a book about demon beasts. This black lion was a very ferocious Grade-10 demon beast, and also had a great chance to evolve into a spirit beast, it was called the Night Hunting Lion!

“Who is it?” A cold and tender shout resounded. Chen Xiang saw the Night Hunting Lion from the top of a tree before jumping down. A girl had been sitting on the Night Hunting Lion’s back and looked around with a ruthless and arrogant gaze.

At this moment, Chen Xiang went into hiding behind the tree. He was greatly startled because he just saw what the Night Hunting Lion was eating a moment ago… It turned out to be some humans!

“Beast Martial Sect’s disciples… No one had ever thought that they were using human corpses for feeding their demon beasts!” Chen Xiang secretly thought. Although he was far away, he could still see the civilian attire on the human corpse.

It was easy for a martial arts sect’s disciple to casually kidnap some civilians, however Chen Xiang saw dozens of human bodies just a moment ago!

Chen Xiang clenched his fists tightly. He was an Extreme Martial Sect’s disciple and they were responsible for protecting the Extreme Martial Province. Yet now their civilians were actually being grabbed by Beast Martial Sect Disciples for the food of their demon beasts, how could he not be furious?

If this matter were to spread out, it would make all the citizens throughout the entire Extreme Martial Sect furious beyond belief!

Chen Xiang went out and walked towards the Night Hunting Lion with a cold look on his face. As he coldly glared at the girl sitting on the back of the Night Hunting Lion he thought this girl was extremely hideous despite her pretty appearance!

“Who is it? Quickly show yourself or I’ll treat you just like these mortals and make you food for Little Black!” The girl loudly shouted before taking out a long sword.


Seeing the Night Hunting Lion chewing on human flesh Chen Xiang felt anger seeping through his veins and into his heart. True Qi gushed out from beneath his feet and he instantly leapt right next to the Night Hunting Lion. Like lighting his finger shot out. That fingertip was surging and was coated in invisible Universal True Qi, which directly penetrated the Night Hunting Lion’s skull!

In that one blow of his, Chen Xiang not only casted the [Profound Aura Finger] but did so with Universal True Qi. Blood madly gushed out from the little hole that had been punchered by his finger on the stark head of the Night Hunting Lion.

TLN: We have used Peerless Martial Sect instead of Peerless Sect 无双门 to have more better flow


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