Chapter 99 – Powerful Enemy

When the girl saw the blood spewing out from the hole she couldn’t help but emit a sharp shriek. On the other hand, the Night Hunting Lion let out one last howl before falling down to her surprise.

“GO DIE!” Chen Xiang hurled a lightning fast fist that had a huge white tiger’s head on its end. Seemingly endless amounts of Slaughter Qi covered his body. That death seeking fist hammered onto the Night Hunting Lion’s giant head as it burst with a thunderous sound that was followed by the trembling of the ground beneath it.

The [White Tiger Divine Fists] carried seemingly endless amounts of Slaughter Qi and obliterated any Life Qi from the Night Hunting Lion which erased any functions of life that was still present in it. In laymen’s terms, the Night Hunting Lion was dead.

Chen Xiang released flames onto the corpses littered on the ground and cremated them before coldly turning to glare at the trembling azure gown girl.

The Night Hunting Lion’s body fell and heavily hit the ground. The charming face of that azure gowned girl suddenly twisted, “What did you just do?”

“I killed this beast!” Chen Xiang coldly replied. “Your Beast Martial Sect was actually doing these kinds of things in the Extreme Martial Province. I will definitely report this matter to the Extreme Martial Sect!”

“You… you are an Extreme Martial Sect Disciple?” That azure gowned girl’s eyebrows twitched while she asked this in a vicious tone.

“Yes!” Chen Xiang replied.

“My Little Black only ate a few mortals yet your Extreme Martial Sect is going to interfere? For us this kind of thing is extremely common! Those few mortal lives… Even ten thousand of them would not be comparable with my Little Black! Yet you actually killed Little Black for the sake of these mortals! I… I’m going to kill you!” The azure gowned girl’s face had turned blue and her entire body was trembling from anger.

Chen Xiang brow wrinkled, to his surprise the Beast Martial Sect Disciples often did such things, this made him even more angry!

“Humph! Don’t you know this is the Extreme Martial Province? When I report this matter to the Extreme Martial Sect just wait to see what happens to your Beast Martial Sect!” Chen Xiang said.

“You will not be able to go back!” From far away a husky voice came. A black silhouette flashed into sight and appeared in front of the azure gowned girl. It was a middle aged woman with a plain appearance wearing a black robe.

A True Martial Realm Expert! Chen Xiang clenched his fists, he had not expected there would be such an expert hiding around here. In the next moment, he was able to tell that the black robed woman was either the azure gowned girl’s mother or her teacher.

What made Chen Xiang frightened was that the black robed woman actually had a snake with a red skull twining around her arm. It was a flat headed snake with black scales, and this was a rare spirit beast called the Soul Tracking Snake! Its strength was around the True Martial Realm and its poison was even more terrifying.

“Teacher… Teacher, he killed my Little Black! I want his fate to be worse than death… I want to mow on his flesh bit by bit!” The azure gowned girl said with hatred, ruthlessly glaring towards Chen Xiang.

“If you go back and inform the Extreme Martial Sect it will indeed become a disaster for us, but now you will not be able to return.” Just as she finished speaking, the black robed woman transformed into a black shadow and appeared behind Chen Xiang’s back and blasted out a palm.

In that moment, Chen Xiang could feel the Five Zhang Six Fu within his body tighten while his meridians threatened to burst. A mouthful of blood gushed out from his mouth as his body flew towards the azure gowned girl.

[TLN: Five Zhang Six Fu: Basically internal organs, however they are divided into yin and yang according to Chinese medicine, Five Zhang (YIN) Heart, Liver, Spleen, Lung, Kidney while Six Fu (YANG) Small Intestine, Large Intestine, Gall Bladder, Urinary Bladder, Stomach and Sānjiaō]

The azure gown girl drew her long sword and fiercely stabbed towards the incoming Chen Xiang. The blow penetrated his chest thoroughly, all the way through his back!

Chen Xiang looked up only to see the azure gowned girl’s ferocious eyes. She fiercely pulled out her long sword and proceeded to vigorously kick him in his abdomen making Chen Xiang fly onto the ground.

Just a moment ago, Chen Xiang had been struck by the palm blow from the True Martial Realm black robed woman. He had been seriously injured and lost all of his strength. Just now did he truly realize how powerful True Martial Realm martial artists were. Their True Qi was much more vigorous than the 10th Level Mortal Martial Realm martial artists.

The azure gown girl saw Chen Xiang could not move and proceeded to take out a small knife before walking towards Chen Xiang. “I want to mow your flesh bit by bit.”

The black robed woman did not take any action. Coldly looking on, she seemed very sure that Chen Xiang could not escape.

Chen Xiang hated himself very much in his heart, he hated his own incompetence and the lack of strength. He vowed to himself that he would definitely kill the azure gown girl in front of him and the black robed woman who injured him!

“I’ll… remember both of you! Until you’re dead this father will not rest!” Chen Xiang suddenly roared. The black robed woman immediately responded as the snake on her arms flew out. But just before it reached Chen Xiang’s body a large amount of water suddenly appeared in front it as it crashed into the wall of water.

In that instant Chen Xiang casted [Water Wall] from the [Black Tortoise Divine Exercise]. The vigorous Black Tortoise True Qi transformed into a large amount of water which was currently spurting out and blocking the snake.

After having done all this, the ground beneath Chen Xiang turned into a pool water, after which Chen Xiang disappeared below, and that pool of water vanished!

“Teacher… what kind of martial skill is this? What should we do?” the azure gown girl was shocked and angrily asked.

“Rest assured. When the time comes, we’ll refuse to acknowledge these acts. That brat is just a little disciple of the Inner Sect while I’m a True Disciple of the Beast Martial Sect who’s reached the True Martial Realm! The Extreme Martial Sect will never believe that brat’s words.” The black robed woman sneered while stroking the red headed snake on her arm.

What Chen Xiang displayed this time was a type of skill inside the [Black Tortoise Divine Exercise] called [Water Escape]. It was a very mystical martial skill and allowed a shoal of water to suddenly emerge out of the earth. The caster would then be carried by a whirlpool and enter into that water shoal as the whirlpool carried the caster deep into the ground. It would drill past the surface to create a passage deep below the ground and carry the caster by a river stream to a place far away allowing the caster to escape.

Just as Chen Xiang released all of his Black Tortoise True Qi, he congratulated himself for learning this move. Otherwise it would have been truly very difficult for him to escape that dire situation today.

A small river was flowing on one side and Chen Xiang was lying on its shore. His whole body was drenched and he had a pale complexion. He looked lethargic as he took out a little bit of the Hell Spirit Grass and placed it in his mouth while barely conscious. He quickly recovered from his injuries and swallowed a few more healing dans.

He soon regained some of his strength and was currently leaning against a tree near the river side and was resting.

“How are you?” Bai Youyou came out of the storage ring and gently asked.

Su Meiyao came on wiped the stain off his face with concern and worry, saying “Be careful next time. After you come out do not think like it will be the same as how the Extreme Martial Sect is, being safe everyday. The True Marital Realm experts inside the Extreme Martial Sect are bound by sect’s rules otherwise they could kill you with just their fingertips!”

Chen Xiang clenched his fists, his face filled with killing intent, “I’ll become stronger and definitely kill those two women!”

“Don’t you have four True Elemental Dan? Eat them!” Bai Youoyu said.

With the two beauties showing such a large amount of concern for him, Chen Xiang felt very warm inside his heart. He secretly decided that he would never make them worry again in the future, besides he was also their only hope!

“I’m sorry, I almost died!” Chen Xiang guiltily said.

“No problem, everythings fine as long as you’re alive, just pay more attention next time!” Bai Youyou said. Her tone seemed slightly thawed compared to the usual ice cold tone.

“Eat those 700 True Qi Dans and the four True Elemental Dans of yours. With that you might be able to enter the 10th Level of the Mortal Martial Realm. However, even though you will gain the strength to resist those kinds of experts, it is still far from enough to win against that woman!” Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang nodded his head in response and continued healing himself. The two beauties upon seeing that Chen Xiang did not have any serious problems let loose a deep breath before returning inside the ring.


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